Predictions and Power Rankings Week 10



We are down to the last week and unless Terry completely blows it, he will be this seasons winner. Right now, Jon is the only other one who has a chance. For last place I’m now a few games up on Willie, but last season he was able to come back from 9 games in the last week to beat Terry. What Willie probably doesn’t know is that my D5 is the last game of the da, and I might have to forfeit that game if it means that I wouldn’t finish last. I’m just not sure I could do that with so much on the line as for seeding in the division, but tell me it wouldn’t be funny to see him lose because of how he didn’t finish last in the spring. Now to my picks and like always they are in bold.


Division 1


A-Team vs Centurions

They will play with more intensity and that will be the difference in this game.


Trollers vs Outlaws

I see it being very hard for Trollers to stop Smuda, Marvin and Svetna with all of them being there.


Iron Wolves vs A-Team

By the time this game gets going most of A-Team will be playing their third or fourth game of the day and with them being tired this will be the reason Iron Wolves win.


Gros Coqs vs Iron Wolves

They will be fresh for this game and Dom should be able to get by Stanley at least a few times.


Division 2


Red Raiders vs Tannantes

Red Raiders have too many weapons not to pull this one off and get into the playoffs.


Thunder Buddies vs Jagerbomb

The winner of this game gets first place and now knowing that I think Thunder Buddies do what they did last time and pull it off in a close one and this throws a wrench in the plans of everyone else in the division.


Marvel vs Spritz Gang

Without having Max under center, I think Marvels are going to struggle and Spritz Gang gets their first win of the season.

Spritz Gang vs Tannantes

After getting their first win of the season earlier in the day they have a few too many with the game off and can’t keep up with Tannantes as they run all over them.


Division 3


RawSauce vs Panaches

I wanted to go RawSauce, but I just don’t have confidence that they will all show up even with this essentially being a playoff game.


Invictus G vs RawSauce

They have a very good roster and are just figuring it out now.


Bines vs Iron Wolves

Experience and knowledge will be huge in this game and should lean towards Iron Wolves.


Idaho Udapimps vs Master Chiefs

I’m hoping that a few more players are there for Master Chiefs in this one, but I also think that Dave throwing for Idaho will take some time to adjust to.


Division 4


Mustard Tigers vs Pocket Rockets

They are by far the stronger team and shouldn’t have much of an issue playing a bunch of old men.


Mustard Tigers vs Bines Low Fat

The old guys after playing their first game won’t have the energy or the knees to play a second game.


Udaho Idapimp vs Phoenix NA

I don’t pick my team’s games.


Drama Club vs Cyclones

This game will be determined by the QB and I know what Simon brings to the table and as for Vince I’m not too sure of after 1 game.


Pocket Rockets vs Revenants

Revenants are going to have a hard time in this one especially if Pocket Rockets want to show how dominate they can be going into the playoffs.


Division 5


Sour Peeps vs Cobra Kai

They have way more experience and that should play a huge factor in this game.


Vultures vs Lesniaks

Unless Lesniaks find a stud player I can’t see them walking away with the win in this one, Vultures are going to be too fast for them.


Phoenix vs Les Last Calls NA

I don’t pick my team’s games.


TD Hunters vs Mimosa Crew

TD Hunters will win another close game with it coming down to the wire and the reason why is that Mimosa Crew will be missing players.


There you have it, my picks for this week. Hope you can all help me out in beating Willie and not finishing last. Good luck to everyone except my opponents this week.


Power Rankings

Ok, with this week’s rankings and so many teams having the same record it was hard to make my picks, but somehow, I was able to get it done. I know you might feel your team Is a top 3 team, but I might not see it that way.


Division 1

#1- Gros Coqs 

#2- A-Team

#3- Outlaws


Division 2

#1- Thunder Buddies

#2- Jagerbomb

#3- Nice TDs


Division 3

#1- Idaho Udapimps

#2- Iron Wolves

#3- Master Chiefs


Division 4

#1- Pocket Rocket

#2- Randoms

#3- Bines Low Fat


Division 5

#1- Fighting Armadillos

#2- Les Last Calls

#3- Vultures


With everything that went down last week, my rankings really did take a while to get done. I made a few changes that needed to be done and a few that were hard to make, but at the end of the day these are my rankings and that is how I see it, at least right now and I guess until next season since no one cares about rankings once playoffs start. With it being win and move on, we all know that playoff football isn’t the same as regular season football.


Final Thoughts


After 10 previous weeks we are at the last week of the season and we still have so much that needs to be decided. I can tell you that after this week more than a few teams aren’t going to be happy, either by missing the playoffs or maybe by where they are seeded and who they have to play the following week. One thing I can tell you for sure is that this is the last week we are playing at Arthur Therrien. The playoffs are all to be played at Le Ber where only a few games have been played all season.

I know that once we go to Le Ber players are going to love how the field has held up and, yes, there still are a few bumps and dips in the field, but maybe next spring I’ll try and bang those out and make it smoother, so no one (Kris) kicks a sprinkler and budgies up their ankle again. I could do that or I can hear him complain about it all next year again.

One last question for everyone. Now that Brady no longer has his family around, does he make it to 50 before retiring or does he hang it up after this season since it looks like he has fallen off that cliff? I think Brady and Wilson were walking hand and hand over that cliff together.


That is all for this week folks. Just a friendly reminder that even with this being the last week of the season and so much on the line, at the end of the day we are still playing a game, so go have fun and don’t kill anyone.



Word from the Mouth: Doing Things I Would Never Do! edition

Another week down and another week of great weather. Right now, it’s looking that way for the next two weekends as well, but today is only Monday and a lot can change between now and then (ed’s note: Tuesday as of this writing and it still looks beautiful for this Saturday at least!). A few seasons ago this past week would have been our last, but with more teams, having the extra week off between seasons, and less (ed’s note: fewer) fields being played on, we had to expand the season by 1 week.

From taking a quick glance at the standings, this week is going to be very chaotic with only a few playoff spots locked in and with all the adjustments of seeding that can take place. One thing is that it will be fun to watch and see how everything ends ups. There are so many questions that need to get answered this week, like who wins D1 since 3 teams are sitting at 5-4 and 2 at 4-4 right now.  D2 isn’t much better with 4 teams competing for 3 spots since Thunder Buddies are locked in a spot, just not sure where yet. D3 is a little different with 3 teams battling for the 5 spot and 3 teams also fighting for the 6 spot and no one being eliminated yet. D4 could turn into a complete cluster fudge with 3 teams fighting for the last spot and anyone from spot 2 to 6 can move up to second since there is a good chance a few teams are tied. D5 all the playoff spots are confirmed, it just comes down to who finishes where other than number 1 which is locked in.

If I’m not mistaken, last year we had a bunch of teams tied and as the tiebreaker we used head-to-head win % amongst all those teams and it was very complicated and everyone felt that the team with the best defense didn’t get in because they lost out on the tie breaker, so the rule was changed. The new rule is if you forfeit a game, you would be put last with all the tied teams and then we would use points against as the tie breaker. Therefore, ending games early to avoid giving up more points always pays if you know what you are doing.

That is all I have for this week before I jump into my recaps, but I’m willing to bet that Willie and Terry will be talking more about this on the podcast, so stay tuned for more.


Weekly Recap


Division 1


Centurions vs Iron Wolves (34-38)

This game looked to be in the bag, or at least getting to that point, before half until Willie tried to get something going with 21 seconds left while being up 3 points. Willie threw a pass short, and it was picked off by Gabriel who then wasted no time scoring on offense with no time left and giving Centurions a 28-25 lead. Second half was more of a defensive battle. Willie led the way for Iron Wolves with Kris and Jerome each scoring 3 times. One thing that needs to change is how fast Stanley comes in as a rusher. I can see this becoming more of an issue against QBs who move around.


Gros Coqs vs Trollers (28-18)

In what was supposed to be a tight rematch from last week’s last second win for Gros Coqs turned out to be a walk in the park. Trollers were shorthanded missing Josh, Max, and JC. Simon Blais filled in for Max at QB and played well for his first time in the league, but you could tell the timing was off and there were a few throws that should have been caught by the Trollers receivers. The game opened with Trollers getting the ball and all it took was Andrew running a 1 yard drag and a few defenders missing tackles to open up the scoring. All game long Gros Coqs were having trouble making the first tackle and I thought this would have been their downfall. Lucky for Gros Coqs, Etienne was there to watch because Etienne got hurt halfway through the first half (ed’s note: Wat?) and only being 6 players, they would have had to get an emergency sub or play 5. The last thing I can remember was Dom running around behind the line of scrimmage laughing and talking while the rusher is trying to chase him down. With Dom you want to keep him in front of you and try to let him only run towards one side and, yes, I know this is easier said than done.


Division 2


Nice TDs vs Spritz Gang (26-20)

The big difference in this game was the fact that Spritz Gang started off slow and couldn’t get any points in the first half. The second half they took long drives and scored on all 3 of their possessions. The biggest play of the game came early and it was a penalty on Jocelyn, making it a first and goal from the 1 instead of a fourth and 2 from their own end. That was able to give Nice TDs their first score of the game and they never looked back after that. Without that penalty who knows what would have happened.


Division 3


Iron Wolves vs Double Dippers (40-27)

This was a game I was looking forward to seeing until I saw it. Double Dippers have an outstanding roster, but make too many mental mistakes to be taken as a serious threat. Leon threw 2 early picks that Iron Wolves capitalized on and those points were the difference in the game. Iggy did a great job keeping Double Dippers defense guessing all game as to where he was going with the ball, but I would have liked to see Michael get more involved on the offense. Carlos is known for his rushing, but couldn’t get any sacks. He did get a deflection that was picked off by Jon if my memory services me correctly (ed’s note: it does!). Carlos showed that he can make plays on offense catching 6 balls for 48 yards. For Double Dippers their bright spot on defense came from Nico getting a pick on the convert and running it back until getting held by Iggy surrendering the 1 point for a last man back foul.


Division 4


Phoenix vs Drama Club (21-20) OT

Going into this game I was never worried about Phoenix losing this game and with that in my head it made me do things I would never do in a game where I felt it was going to be close. This is what I am talking about, we started with the ball and with it being fourth down and 7 in our zone I went for it, and we turned it over. Simon was able to score easily, but once I had loosened up after the first drive we started rolling. The biggest play in the first half game when Simon found Remi for the score right before half to make it a 14-12 game for Phoenix. Second half came and Drama Club turned it over on down quickly and Phoenix capitalized to take an 8-point lead. After both teams punted a few times Simon lead Drama Club down the field and Roxanne scored her second TD of the game, then Remi got the 2point convert to tie it with just under 6:30 left in the game. I was able to get Phoenix al; the way down inside the red zone before throwing a pass a little too high and just out of my receiver’s hands and Simon was able to pick the ball off in the endzone leaving Drama Club one play in the game. We went to OT and Drama Club started with the ball and decided to go into the sun. Simon threw a pass to Ben at the back of the endzone and it was knocked away by Rob. Knowing that I could end the game with a convert I called my play knowing it should work if my receiver gets to the spot, so I throw it into the sun not being able to see and Khalil came down with it with no defender within at least 5 yards.


Division 5


Mimosa Crew vs Phoenix (20-38)

If it wasn’t for an offensive pass interference call on the last play of the half, Mimosa Crew would have had the lead, but instead it was tied at 13. Second half is where the game took a huge turn for Phoenix. Phoenix scored onto open the second half, then Curren threw an interception to Chris which, sorry Kathleen, should have been caught. Phoenix scored a few plays later and at this point they had a 2-score lead and just to put it out of reach Brandon picked off another one of Curren’s passes and ran it back for a score. If it wasn’t for those two picks Mimosa Crew were right there.


There you have it this week’s recaps. Terry and Willie will have more for you on MFL Total Access coming out on Wednesday.


Players of the Week


With this being one of your last chances to make my list there were a few picks that were hard to make and even one that was impossible since most of the big numbers of plays came from players in higher divisions. Without wasting anymore time, here are this week’s winners.


Division 1

Offense- Kevin Smuda grabbed 8 passes for 59 yards, 4 TDs and 1 2point convert.

Defense- Nicolas Paquin made 3 tackles all 3 were sacks.


Division 2

Offense- Loic Savioz-Seguin caught 5 passes for 59 yards, 5 TDs and 1 2point convert.

Defense- JF Dalzone made 3 tackles and had 2 picks.


Division 3

Offense- Iggy was 30 of 39 for 197 yards with 6 TDs and 4 1point converts.

Defense- Simon Beaudoin made 1 tackle which was a sack and had 2 picks.


Division 4.

Offense- Robert Prud’homme was 24 of 32 for 180 yards, 5 TDs, 3 1point converts and 1 pick throwing. Rob also ran 6 times for 29 yards and 1 TD.

Defense- NA


Division 5

Offense- Sebastien Lucas Alzate caught 7 balls for 131 yards and 3 TDs

Defense- Mathieu Lucas Alzate made 5 tackles and had 1 pick which he returned for a TD.



There you have it, this week’s winners. If you think you have what it takes to make my list next week is your last chance since it’s the final week of the season. Just remember that if you’re planning on me considering you, I hope you ball out and put up some crazy numbers. There are a lot of teams still fighting for a spot in the playoffs, so you know those players are going to be giving it their all.

Predictions and Power Rankings Week 9

Predictions and Power Rankings Week 9



Another week down and another last place finish for me. Since we have started doing our picks among the Media team I have either finished first or last and that’s how it is looking again this season. I will say that this week was hard for everyone and only Willie got over 50% of his picks right and I know Jon wants to edit this and say he did, but if you look above I said over 50% not 50% like he got right. This season I have tried a few different ways with my picks and none of them have worked so instead of guessing who is going to win I will be telling you exactly who will win. Here are my picks in bold like always.


Division 1


Centurions vs Iron Wolves

Even without knowing who is QBing for them this week, after beating Outlaws last week how can I pick against them.


Gros Coqs vs Trollers

Trollers are going to go out and show last week was a fluke and dominate from start to finish.


A-Team vs Outlaws

Outlaws are the team that is more composed and will stay calm and not let little things distract them.


Division 2


Nice TDs vs Spritz Gang

They have the more athletic team and as long as Kris stays calm and doesn’t lose his muffins, they should win this game.


Red Raiders vs Jagerbomb

They have more chemistry and that will play a factor in this game, less (ed’s note: fewer) mental mistakes.


Marvels vs Thunder Buddies

They are the better team with a more complete roster, plus they need to rebound after last week.


Division 3


Invictus G vs Master Chiefs

Willie will be back and that should bolster their offense with Ryan back at receiver.


Panaches vs Bines

If their complete roster shows up, then this shouldn’t be close with Bines having the better roster.


Iron Wolves vs Double Dippers

Double Dippers have the better roster and should win this game, but they haven’t played well all season, but this week they get it right and show up.


Division 4


Drama Club vs Airborne

Ryan is the best player in this game, and he will show why.


Cyclones vs Mustard Tigers

Cyclones will have a new QB and that will cause issues with them this week.


Revenants vs Bines Low Fat

Their defense will shut Marvin and his offense down with little trouble.


Phoenix vs Drama Club NA

I don’t pick my team’s games.


Pocket Rockets vs Randoms

This will be closer than most people will think and that is because Pocket Rockets are missing a bunch of players.


Bines Low Fat vs Udaho Idapimps

Udaho doesn’t really have a QB and that will be an issue this week.


Division 5


Heisenberg vs Sour Peeps

Sour Peeps are no longer a team that you can overlook, they have a few weapons and Jocelyn has gotten much better from the start of the season.


Cobra Kai vs Fighting Armadillos

Experience is the key in this game.


Les Last Calls vs The Lesniaks

I was going to go with Lesniaks, but knowing Zack isn’t playing safety, Seb will have a field day with no one being able to stop him.


Mimosa Crew vs Phoenix NA

I don’t pick my team’s games.


There you have it this week’s winners. Even if I have to cheat and get some other refs in on it this week, I will be getting every game right, watch and see.


Power Rankings


With everything that happened this past week I had to make some changes to my list. With two weeks left I thought my rankings were pretty secure where they were then this weekend happened and you will see the results of that in the following list. 


Division 1

#1- Outlaws

#2- Gros Coqs 

#3- Trollers


Division 2

#1- Thunder Buddies

#2- Tannantes

#3- Jagerbomb


Division 3

#1- Idaho Udapimps

#2- Iron Wolves (ed’s note: again, we’re #2, but Double Dippers “have the better roster”?)

#3- Master Chiefs


Division 4

#1- Pocket Rocket

#2- Randoms

#3- Revenants


Division 5

#1- Fighting Armadillos

#2- Sour Peeps

#3- Vultures


There you have my list for this week. I know its not perfect and I had to make a few hard choices, but I feel that this is a good list. With only 2 weeks left in the season your team still has time to make it up in the rankings especially if we have another week like last week.


Final Thoughts


After years of being considered an elite QB, Russel Wilson is no longer any good. After getting traded to Denver everyone thought that they were going to be real contenders and that doesn’t seem to be happening, at least not yet. Wilson seems to have gone blind once he moved there missing easy throws, that is if he even sees them.

As you all know we have 2 weeks left in the season and we were supposed to have moved back to Le Ber to finish the season and as of right now we will be playing at least this week at Arthur Therrien with the possibility of next week as well, but we will have to wait and see on that. Last week I was at both locations and can tell you that Le Ber is in way better shape than Arthur Therrien and if it was up to me, I would finish season off at Arthur Therrien and just do playoffs at Le Ber. Right now, at Arthur Therrien the best field to play on is field 3 because it has the best grass.

I know there are still 2 weeks left in the season and most teams are still fighting for a playoff spot, but let’s not forget at the end of the day we are playing a game and its only for fun. Go out, have fun, and try not to get hurt or kill someone. Thanks for reading and see you all Saturday.

Word from the Mouth: A Crisp Foggy Morning! edition

Word from the Mouth: A Crisp Foggy Morning! edition

Let me start by saying you all get to get up Saturday morning and come play football and the fields been all set up and ready for you guys to step out and play. This is what I get to see when I arrive at the field (picture above). Getting there and seeing that all I could think of was the Fog game between Philadelphia and Chicago from 1988. I know most of you won’t remember that and some were not even born yet, but all the old guys know exactly what I’m talking about.

Some people think it might be cool to play in that fog and I can tell you that it wouldn’t be. For QBs, you can’t see more than 10 yards down field, receivers wouldn’t be able to track the ball and on defense you won’t see the ball coming and as for the refs we would have a hard time seeing flags being pulled or where to spot the player down.

This week the football world went crazy or at least the fans in Tennessee. You had the fans ripping down the goal post and parading it through the town and let’s not forget the people who were ripping up the checkered endzone as a souvenir for beating Alabama for the first time since 2006.

Then let’s talk about the NFL and how the teams in New York are both sitting at 5-1 and 4-2, more wins then they both had last season. Then you have the two teams from last years Super Bowl sitting at 3-3 each and considering both of those teams were supposed to dominate again this year it’s a bit of a surprise. Is it possible we get an all–New York Super Bowl? Yes, but it’s probably unlikely. The city of New York would love it and get to plan a parade no matter who won.


Weekly Recap


Division 1


Trollers vs Gros Coqs (46-47)

This was a very fun game to watch with both teams matching scores in the first half and Gros Coqs getting the final score in right before halftime to take a 27-21 lead. Second half we saywa little more defense with score 27 all and after a stop by the Trollers Max looked to take the lead and keep momentum, that was until Tommy stepped in front of a pass and ran it in for a score to give Gros Coqs a lead. After Haney gets 2 picks on back-to-back drives and Trollers forcing a turnover on downs, Max hits Max on a short dump off that he ran 33 yards for a TD and gives them a 12-point lead with 2 minutes left. Dom throws a 45-yard TD to Alexandre they get the convert and are now down 5, they force a quick 3 and punt, leaving 1:36 on the clock. On the second to last play of the game Josh gets two penalties, one for contact to the head and then an unsportsmanlike for arguing the call. This puts the ball on the 3-yard line and the last play of the game. Dom looks left then goes back right, but the defender gets a hand on the ball. Alexis the receiver falls as the ball hits his hands, hits his legs, pops up, and he is able to grab it and win the game.


Division 2


Red Raiders vs Marvels (44-43)

With the score going back and forth most of the game, Andrew had a chance to get a pick and maybe seal the game. For a guy who talks so much he might want to start listening. Thinking it was a convert he knocks the ball down and it was only second down. Marvels scored to take the lead. Red Raiders down 6 with the last play of the game, Dilan calls his number for a jump ball and gets up over Francis for the tie. On the convert Dilan dropped what looked like a catch and we head to overtime. In OT, Mike goes for 2 to end the game and with a reverse to Dilan throws it to Andrew who was wide open at the front cone.


Division 3


Master Chiefs vs Invictus G (38-43)

No Willie, no Problem. Or at least that was the word before the game. Ryan didn’t play poorly in this game, and he shouldn’t get all the blame, the defense was soft and allowed conversions on long yardage for first downs, it also didn’t help that they recorded zero sacks and zero picks as well. For Invictus, Karl played great relying on Louis for big plays and Dagher was the guy when they need a first down who always seemed to get just past the bags. With the score 31-37 for Invictus, Ryan took a huge sack for a loss of 11 yards by Sandra and with second down and 21 he threw a deep ball up and it was picked off by Dagher. After two incomplete passes Karl finds Louis for a 48-yard TD and it was 43-31 with 2 minutes left. Master Chiefs scored, but it was too late and all Invictus needed to do was gain a first down and the game was over. Stay tuned for the rematch this week.


Division 4


Phoenix vs Randoms (28-39)

The game started without me under center as I was coming over from another location and with Phoenix starting with the ball Rob was playing QB. After moving the ball down field, Avery who was subbing for Randoms picked the ball off and returned it for a score, not a good way to start the game. Rob from Randoms was able to punch it in right before half to make it a 14-12 game Phoenix. In the second half, in a span of a minute it became a 26-14 game for Randoms. I threw 3 picks on 3 consecutive throws and Randoms scored on all 3 of them making it seem like this game was out of reach. Felix then gives Phoenix some hope getting a pick 6 and making it a 33-28 game for Randoms. Phoenix gets Randoms into a third and eight and it looked like phoenix was going to get the ball back and have a chance to win it with around 2 minutes left or we at least thought that. There was a broken coverage and Rob found Erik wide open down the sideline for a 44-yard score and that sealed the game as Phoenix wasn’t able to score fast enough to try and get the ball back.


Division 5


Phoenix vs Sour Peeps (19-25)

Before this game began there was word that Jocelyn might not play because of sore ribs. I can tell you from watching him play that those ribs looked fine. The way the game started was just how the game played out. Phoenix went 3 and punt, then Jocelyn hits a wide-open Oliver for a big score and on both drives you could see that no one on Phoenix was focused and ready to play. There were bad routes being run and lapses on defense and this happened all day for Phoenix. Jocelyn and Sour Peeps played their game and were able to find the holes and march down and score easily. Phoenix fought back and towards the end of the game had a chance to go down and tie it up. Mental mistakes reappeared once again. With Sour Peeps calling a time out and being 20 yards down field, the offense was lined up and ready to go once the play was blown in. This should have been a free play and a good gain as well, but instead of waiting for the ball to be snapped one of the receivers jumped off side and was called for a false start, a few plays later another bad route was run and where the receiver should have gone in front of the defender decided to make his break behind the player and the ball was already out of my hands and end up in the hands of Alexia who sealed the game.


There you have this week’s recaps. If you want more, look out for Terry and Willie on MFL Total Access on Wednesday night.


Player of the Week


The end of the season is coming up fast and after another great week of football this is who I picked as my players of the week.


Division 1

Offense- Alexis Ferrand grabbed 7 passes for 38 yards and 3 TDs.

Defense- Thomas Lemay made 2 tackles and had 1 pick which he took back for 6 points.


Division 2

Offense- Vincent Dion was 20 of 36 for 270 yards, 7 TDs and 2 1point converts.

Defense- Thomas Iribarren made 3 tackles and had 2 picks.


Division 3

Offense- Karl Lavallee-Rodrigue was 21 of 36 for 300 yards and 7 TDs.

Defense- Justin Gerin-Lajoie had 2 picks, and both were taken back for 6 points.


Division 4

Offense- Marvin Steinberg was 15 of 23 for 151 yards, 3 TDs and 2 1point converts. He also ran 8 times for 77 yards and 2 TDs.

Defense- Benoit Maynard made 2 tackles, made 3 picks and ran 1 back for a TD.


Division 5

Offense- Jocelyn Ouellette was 42 of 63 for 372 yards, 8 TDs, 3 1point converts, 1 2point convert, also threw 1 pick. Jocelyn also ran 5 times for 34 yards. This was in 2 games both wins and while being hurt.

Defense- Stefano Scalzo made 3 tackles, had 3 picks and ran 2 back for TDs.  


There you have it this week’s winners. There are only two weeks left of the season so if you want a shot at making my list you don’t have much time left. Congratulations to all of this week’s winners and for those who didn’t make it, better luck next week.

Predictions and Power Rankings Week 8

Predictions and Power Rankings Week 8



Another week down and another week of Terry winning and me being stuck on the same level as Wille and that is at the bottom. After weeks of struggling with my picks and trying out different ways to make them I have decided to just pick from my gut. I know it might be too late to catch Terry, but I’m not leaving it up to a team forfeiting in week 11 to win or lose like happened last season.


Division 1


Trollers vs Gros Coqs

Gros Coqs need it more, but Trollers will come out on top because Max won’t want to fall a game back of Outlaws.


Iron Wolves vs Outlaws

Outlaws should and will walk all over Iron Wolves and it won’t be pretty when the final whistle blows.


Division 2


Red Raiders vs Marvels

Just like last time Marvels will pull this off. Every week Red Raiders is missing someone and who know who it might be this week.


Jagerbomb vs Spritz Gang

The battle between alcohol and in this case, I’m taking Jagerbomb since they are the more complete team.


Jagerbomb vs Tannantes

This should be close and I still have to take Jagerbomb because in all the games I’ve seen from Tannantes they make a late game comeback and Jagerbomb are too experienced to let that happen.


Nice TDs vs Thunder Buddies

They are the better team that won’t start arguing amongst themselves.


Division 3


Master Chiefs vs Invictus G

They are stacked and shouldn’t have much trouble winning this game.


Idaho Udapimps vs Double Dippers

I know what Idaho team will show up I can’t say the same about Double Dippers.


Bines vs Panaches

They are the stronger team with a higher talent level.


Iron Wolves vs RawSauce

Iggy gets it done this week against a team that has played poorly most of the year.


Division 4


Mustard Tigers vs Drama Club

They are the better team even being older and slower.


Airborne vs Bines Low Fat

Their defense is great when they are there, and I think figuring out a way to stop baby Maynard won’t be difficult for them.


Revenants vs Randoms

They have the better QB right now and if they can stop Marvin from running and keep the ball away from him on offense, they should be able to win.


Pocket Rockets vs Udaho Idapimp

This D3 team is too strong for the division and unless Alexis isn’t there should be at least a 2-score game.


Randoms vs Phoenix NA

I don’t pick my teams games.


Division 5


Les Last Calls vs Mimosa Crew

They are a very good team that has way more experience than Mimosa Crew.


Phoenix vs Sour Peeps NA

I don’t pick my team’s games.


Sour Peeps vs Vultures

They have the better team overall and unless Phil plays horribly, they should win this game.


Cobra Kai vs TD Hunters

I think this will be closer than most people think, but TD Hunters have played a lot of close games and found ways to win.


Fighting Armadillos vs Heisenberg

PO is killing it this season so expect more of that this week.


There you have this week’s predictions. I hope some of you have read this and will help me out with my picks this week.


Power Rankings


Now you can see what I think about your team and if they have what it takes to make my top 3. We had a few big matchups this week that could make my rankings look a little different. Here they are after 8 weeks of the season.


Division 1

#1- Outlaws

#2- Trollers

#3- Gros Coqs 


Division 2

#1- Thunder Buddies

#2- Jagerbomb

#3- Red Raiders


Division 3

#1- Idaho Udapimps

#2- Master Chiefs

#3- Iron Wolves


Division 4

#1- Pocket Rocket

#2- Bines Low Fat

#3- Randoms


Division 5

#1- Fighting Armadillos

#2- Vultures

#3- TD Hunters


This week I only had to make a few little changes to my rankings, but with the season coming to an end soon and a lot of big games left to play these rankings aren’t set and I can see a few changes being made after this week depending on what happens.


Final Thoughts


I know most of us are football fans and that’s why we play the game, but the NFL needs to get their refs on the same page. Brady getting sacked is a roughing the passer penalty, Chris jones stripping the ball from the QB and falling on top of him while he the defender has the ball is roughing the passer, Mahomes getting hit the exact same way as Brady no penalty and then at the end of the raiders game Carr getting killed no call. The refs in the NFL are bad and just like in most leagues the refs could all use a refresher course.

I feel that all our refs should at least read the rule book once before the season starts and ask questions on what they aren’t sure of, and they should at least know what yards are marked off for penalties. There have been too many times I have been in games where there have been mistakes and I’ve had to correct the ref and I know you all think I only do it when it[s in my favor, but I have done it numerous times where it has hurt my team as well.

Now with all that said, let’s remember that we are all out to have fun and enjoy ourselves, so remember it’s just a game, so relax a little.

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