Defensive Basics

Defensive Basics

We’ve discussed in the past the 3-2 and 4-1 defenses in some detail, but today I wanted to give a quick rundown of each as well as some pointers for defensive play in general. This is primarily aimed at newer teams and players, but there are plenty of experienced players that might be able to use a refresher! The 3-2 and 4-1 defenses are the most commonly played defenses in most 6-on-6 flag leagues. They are both zone defenses and allow defenders to concentrate on covering an area rather than a specific player and also allow the defender to keep their eye on the QB to read where they are looking. This is because they don’t need to watch the player they would be covering if they were in man to man defense and instead they are just keeping an eye on a zone in front of them, always looking in towards the QB. In both defenses, the first number (3 and 4) indicates how many defenders will be staying to cover short passes and the second number (2 and 1) indicate how many safeties will be covering deep passes. The 3-2 is very simple with 3 defenders covering the left, middle, and right sides of the field up to about 5 yards deep and 2 defenders covering deep passes on either half of the field split down the middle. The key thing here is distances. The left and right short defenders need to stay at about 3 to 5 yards off the line of scrimmage. Never more than 7! If you are behind the rusher bag, you are way too deep! These players really need to just do their job and respect their safeties and let them do their job. If someone runs past you and you’re one of the short defenders, let them go! Look for another receiver crossing into your zone and if there aren’t any then watch for the run. The middle short defender in 3-2 should be about 5-7 yards deep, starting a bit shorter and fading back as the play develops. Again, the key is not to go too deep! For the safeties, they need to start not too deep (you want to at least pretend you’re covering the intermediate passes), but once you decide to drop deep, do not slow down! Drop as hard and fast as you can and if the ball goes your way, run to it like you’re the receiver. That ball is as much yours as it is the receivers! In 4-1, you have 4 short defenders and one safety, but you actually sort of have 2 short and 3 safeties. In this defense, your single true safety should start somewhat deep and their job is to be near the middle of the field so they can potentially get to a deep pass anywhere on the field. The 4 short players should be divided 2 and 2 on either side of the center, but one of these players on either side is actually locking on anyone who goes deep on their side of center. These players have to be very athletic as they start in short coverage, but need to be able to go deep quickly if needed. They should essentially play man to man on any receiver that runs deep on their side of the field. The 2 other defenders of the 4 short players need to play very short. 2-5 yards off the line of scrimmage. They must remember that there are potentially only 2 of them guarding short passes across the entire field, so they must not drop at all! The advantages of the 3-2 defense are that it is simple (just cover your area, that’s it) and it does a good job of covering a lot of the field. The major disadvantage is that it is easy for the offense to outnumber defenders either short or long since you have a set number of each, so if a team runs all hooks (all receivers running 5 yard hooks) you’ll have 3 defenders trying to cover 5 receivers. The advantages of a 4-1 defense are that you potentially have a lot of coverage either short or long as needed, but the disadvantage is that you need very athletic players who can cover anyone on the other team man to man. In 4-1 you can also play “soft” locks which means the locking players will favour deep passes (meaning, they play a little deeper and don’t bite on hooks or other short routes and instead settle for making the tackle after the catch), but this starts to have the same disadvantages of a 3-2 defense. You can occasionally sprinkle in man to man defense, but I really don’t recommend doing it often unless your team is as fast or faster than the other team across the board. It’s good to use once in a while to keep a QB guessing, but man to man is very easy to beat with crossing routes and double moves if you do it too often. And that’s really one of the main things you need to do on defense: mix it up. Keep your defenses simple so that you can change what defense you are in from play to play. You should always know who your safeties, locks, and short coverage players are in 3-2 and 4-1 so you can switch in a moment. As you gain experience you can change things up (having different players lock in 4-1 or shifting coverage in 3-2), but just changing the defensive call from play to play will work wonders all by itself in the lower divisions. One final tip is that you should try to not always start where you are going to end up. What I mean by this is before the ball is snapped you should not be in the area where you are going to cover on every play. If you’re a safety, start close and drop hard at the snap. If you’re short right, float around the center and then push out at the snap. You can have your team always line up in 4-1 and then either stay in 4-1 or switch to 3-2 at the snap (or vice versa) so the QB can never be sure what defense you are actually in. Quarterback’s do a huge amount of their decision making before the ball is snapped based on where the defenders are, so surprise them once in a while and suddenly be somewhere else after the snap! If you’re interested in more articles on playing the game, let us know on our Facebook page and we’ll be sure to write more.

Predictions and Power Rankings Week 6

Predictions and Power Rankings Week 6



After another week of making picks and not doing great on my picks, I think I need to figure a better way of doing them. I got mad and had to smash my crystal ball since it obviously was defective. Just doing them quickly and not putting much thought into them didn’t help, so this week I’m flipping a coin to see if that works better. Terry is in the lead by 6 or 7 games right now with Jon in second by 1 game, me in third, and Willie way behind. This season Willie isn’t going to climb out of the basement in the last week of the season because of a forfeit again, that I can guarantee even if I have to cheat. Now let’s see who the coin picks to win. Heads will be the home team meaning tails is for visitors.


Division 1


Centurions vs Trollers

They have a stronger roster and have been balling out and scoring at will.


A-Team vs Iron Wolves

With Jon not being able to throw I can’t see how they pull this one off.


Gros Coqs vs Outlaws

Steve will pick the Gros Coqs defense apart using the size of his receivers to his advantage.


Division 2


Tannates vs Red Raiders

After last week’s miracle win, this week’s win will be a little easier as it looks like Red Raiders are looking for a sub this week.


Spritz Gang vs Marvels

Younger, faster, and more athletic.


Jagerbomb vs Nice TDs

Jagerbomb is missing their QB so it will be hard to pick them to win this week.


Red Raiders vs Thunder Buddies

Their roster is way to strong and with Steve playing QB they are almost unbeatable.


Division 3


Master Chiefs vs Pananches

Willie is the better QB and has a loaded roster.


Pananches vs Double Dippers

They have the more complete roster.


Idaho Udapimps vs Invictus G

They have less (ed’s note: fewer) players to exploit.


Division 4


Phoenix vs Revenants NA

I don’t pick my team’s games or allow the coin to do it for me.


Airborne vs Mustard Tigers

Airborne might be the better team with the better roster, but this season they have been all over the place and very disorganized.


Cyclones vs Pocket Rockets

Cyclones just don’t have the players to match up with Pocket Rockets.


Udaho Idapipmps vs Bines Low Fat

Their offense isn’t great, but that defense is top of the division so playing a team with an inexperienced QB they should get a few extra chances at it.


Division 5


Les Last Calls vs Sour Peeps

They are the more complete team with the better QB.


Heisenberg vs Lesniaks

Zack will be the difference in this game.


Fighting Armadillos vs TD Hunters

They win as long as they don’t break cap.


Vultures vs Cobra Kai

Just because of experience Vultures will win with ease.


There you have this week’s winners based on what the coin told me to do. I figure that getting 50% when I’m making my picks can’t be any worse letting a coin tell me who will win. Now I get to sit back and see if it was my lucky coin or just some random quarter that I grabbed from my change jar. Good luck to everyone.


Power Rankings


Now is where I get to pick who I want to be in my rankings and some of you get to see if the bribe you gave me was enough to crack my top 3. If it didn’t have at least three zeros, most likely it didn’t work. No really, with a few teams dealing with injuries and a few teams missing players this week a few changes were made.


Division 1

#1- Trollers

#2- Outlaws

#3- Iron Wolves


Division 2

#1- Thunder Buddies

#2- Jagerbomb

#3- Nice TDs


Division 3

#1- Master Chiefs

#2- Bines

#3- Idaho Udapimps


Division 4

#1- Pocket Rocket

#2- Bines Low Fat

#3- Phoenix


Division 5

#1- Vultures

#2- The Lesniak’s

#3- TD Hunters


I did make a few changes that were needed, and I even had to remove a team at least for now because of roster violations. We all had the same rules to play by and if you can’t stick to them then you will have to deal with the consequences of not being ranked. There you have this week’s rankings.


Final Thoughts


It is getting close to the end of the year and that can only mean playoffs are quickly approaching. Right now, there are a bunch of teams sitting with the same records in multiple divisions battling for seeding. This is great and means that there is good parity in the divisions with no one really running away with it at least not yet.

What I don’t like about this time of the season is all the snakes and rats start popping up trying to bolster their rosters to give them that edge in the playoffs. Just play with the team you have had all year and stop trying to cheat your way to a title. It’s not cool and we are only playing a game. At the end of the day if you must cheat to win a title in a recreational league then so be it, but for me that’s just not cool or fair to everyone else in your division or your team.

I come with the philosophy that we all pay to play, so I try and keep a rotation so everyone plays equally and yes sometimes I’d love it if I could go with my stronger rosters all game long to give us a better chance at winning, but that’s not me or how I play.

This week please remember that games are being played at Le Ber, not Arthur Therrien and games are starting at 9 am not 9:30. Also so you are all aware of which field is which. Field 1 will be by the bleachers, Field 2 will be beside it, Field 3 will be perpendicular either by the hill or scoreboard and the fabulous field 4 will be on the baseball field. I know I will be asked at least 3 or 4 times on Saturday, but I figured I’d tell you all now. Also, with the weather starting to get cooler, dress appropriately for it and remember that hand warmers are not allowed since they are essentially a pocket. Go out, have fun, enjoy yourself, and I hope to see you all out there on Saturday.

Word from the Mouth: Classic Kevin! edition

Word from the Mouth: Classic Kevin! edition

We are at the halfway point for most teams and now is when teams start to battle it out for those last few playoffs and teams start to look at playoff seeds and who they might end up playing. For me I think this is way too early and a complete waste of time, maybe if you wait until the last week of the season and go over all the situations to see if you win you play them, but if you lose you play that team, and maybe you take the matchup that you like better.

I happen to have read some very interesting news today about the NFL and the Pro Bowl. Growing up the Pro Bowl was great as players played the game like football players and were given a trip to Hawaii for the week. There used to be a skills competition and it was always fun to watch. Over the past few years the game has become a joke, no one plays hard, the game is no longer in Hawaii, and there is no longer a skills competition. They even tried to hype the game up by bringing in special coaches and doing a draft of players, but nothing helped. It looks like they are bringing back the skills competition and the game will now be a game of flag instead. This should make it a little more fun for the players and the fans to watch and it will also help the NFL with their push to get flag football into the Olympics in 2026 in LA.


Week 6 Recap


Division 1


Centurions vs Gros Coqs (48-33)

Early in this game it didn’t seem like either team was awake. Centurions dropped balls they normally wouldn’t and Gros Coqs weren’t running their routes fast and hard. On more than one occasion you could see Dom wasn’t happy. After both teams woke up, they started to move the ball and score some points. At half it was 20 all and Gros Coqs were starting with the ball in the second half. It didn’t take them long to march down and score to take a 7-point lead. Then on their next 2 possessions Dom threw 2 picks and with their defense not being able to get a stop it looked like the game was out of reach. Somehow Gros Coqs were only down 8 with 4:30 left all they needed was to stop centurions from scoring and they could tie it up. Gabriel was able to make a few good passes and in under 2 minutes put up another score. Dom having 2:30 left knew he needed to score quick, but on his first pass threw a pick which sealed the game.


Trollers vs Iron Wolves (42-41) OT

I like Iggy, but he made a few mistakes that really hurt his team this week. With 3 seconds left in the half was his first mistake and something you’d expect from a player in D4 or D5, instead of just taking a quick throw to Kris who had at least 15 yards of running room in front of him he tried to go for it all and ended up getting picked off leaving the Trollers with 1 shot at scoring, Marvin picked that pass off from Max to leave the score at 20-19 for Iron Wolves at half. Both teams started the second half with scores before what could have and should have been the play of the game. Kris had been playing off and soft most of the game and kept seeing the outs and hooks on the sideline and after seeing it a few times make a beautiful break on the ball and picked it off. Iggy took 2 plays to score from 7 yards out and being up 8 went for 1 and got it to make it a 9-point game and 2 scores. There was 11 minutes left so Max and Trollers had plenty of time, that was until Max was picked off by Meis a few minutes later. To reward Meis with his huge pick, Iggy threw one up to him down the sideline which was caught in stride and was walked into the endzone and after the convert Iron Wolves were up 16 points with under 8 minutes left. On their first play with the ball Max was lucky he was just out of the endzone when Carlos sacked him. Max was able to recover after that and go in for the score and get the 2-point convert. With the ball and looking to ice the game Iggy was driving the field and was on the other side of half closing in on the endzone when a pass got away from him and into the hands of JC. Trollers still had a sliver of hope. Max is being smart finding the open receiver and driving the ball. Josh hade a great catch along the sideline, but it was ruled an incomplete because his feet were not touching the ground when he controlled the ball (ed’s note: sorry, Josh, but it was the correct call). Instead of arguing and wasting time, Trollers ran back to the huddle got the play and Josh was able to make the catch on the next play. With no time left Max was able to find Lesniak for the score. On the convert to tie it Max found JC in the back of the endzone, and it seemed like a very easy catch to make with no defender around. We head to OT and Iron Wolves fail on their attempt. Now with the ball Max drops back to throw and lets it go and the ball falls incomplete, but Carlos had run into Max giving Trollers another shot at it from the 3-yard line. I will say as a defender and sometimes rusher, it was a weak call and I hated making it, but as a QB it was a call that needed to be made since Max couldn’t follow through. After the penalty Max finds Manuel for the win.


Division 2


Marvels vs Tannantes (32-37)

I can’t remember much from this game, but what I can tell you Max didn’t make it easy on himself this weekend. With the game on the line Max was driving the field looking to take the lead late. Marvels were smart not to use their timeouts and Tannantes end up using 1 of theirs while Marvel had the ball to save time just in case. Max was able to find Jeremy for the 6-yard score followed by the 1 point convert to give Marvels the lead with 19 seconds left. Vincent had 2 timeouts left, so he didn’t need to rush all that much. First 2 plays were incomplete, and Marvels had to be thinking the game was all but over. Vincent ran on third down and was able to get enough yards for a first down. With no time left everyone knew that a chuck to the endzone was coming. With the defense guarding the goal line Vincent had to just throw it and he did and from where I was it didn’t even look like it was going to reach the endzone, but somehow it did and with Haney going up and spiking it to the ground or at least what he thought was the ground, but turned out to be the hands of Vincent and he was in for the score. The game wasn’t pretty, but it was excited at the end.


Division 3


Master Chiefs vs Iron Wolves (12-41)

After picking Master Chiefs to lose their first game against Double Dippers a few of the players had said I shouldn’t pick against them and how it’s disrespectful. Then they went out and got completely dominated by a team that on paper they should walk all over of. I did notice that they switched from McSweeny to PO at QB and I have to wonder why. Of it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I was told that they didn’t have an answer for Josh who went off for 79 yards on 7 catches with 3 TDs and 3 1point converts. Alex also had a good day adding 3 catches for 67 yards and a TD and a convert as well. I really wonder how many dropped passes did Master Chiefs have or were there a lot of bad throws from PO. At the end of the day, you will have noticed that Master Chiefs were without key players to their team and maybe that’s why they lost or were they just over achieving before and now are coming back to reality? Guess we have to wait and see.


Division 4


Randoms vs Phoenix (13-20)

I want to start by saying this might have been the fastest game played in MFL history. Both QBs had long drives and used most of the time on each play. In this game a few things I have to wonder about. Randoms won the toss at the start of the game, but elected to start on defense with only 5 players. I was fine with that it just made my job as a QB so much easier to find the open receiver. Second thing that made me wonder was why wouldn’t their defense not step up since I only threw 1 deep ball all game since they were playing so soft. I can tell you that we were able to do whatever we wanted on offense against Randoms. It took until the second half for Phoenix to have an incomplete pass, though in more than one case the receiver bailed me out with a spectacular catch. In this game it also helps that the Phoenix defense got big stops and turnovers when Randoms were driving the field. The play that sticks in my head is the TD pass to Nick who was wide open, it was such a great play call that I had been setting up all game that worked perfectly (ed’s note: he said humbly). We get to play this game again in a few weeks, so let’s see what happens then.


Airborne vs Revenants (12-19)

I’m not going to make this too long, like the game was. This game combined for 10 picks, 5 from each QB. I want to point out that stats are great, but at the end of the day who cares as long as you get the W, something Marvin needs to realize. I’m not talking garbanzo beans about Marvin, it’s just the inexperience of overseeing the game as a QB. Marvin puts his team up 19-12 with just under 6 minutes left, Benoit starts to drive the field looking for the tie and with 39 seconds left he throw a pick. Now most players would end the game since Airborne only had 1 timeout left, not Marvin he wanted to play. In my head I’m thinking if Marvin throws a pick and loses the game, he will never hear the end of it, at least from me. Marvin runs on first down then throws a pick on second down leaving 24 seconds on the clock. Can Benoit now pull it off and get Airborne their first win of the season. He throws two completions for 21 yards and now on the last play of the game sits inside the red zone. Luck for Revenants that Gavin was there to pick off his third pass because if not the receiver was open. This is why you end the game with a W whenever you can.


Division 5


TD Hunters vs Heisenberg (31-20)

The Heisenberg's started strong with a 30-yard touchdown and it could have been a long game for the TD Hunters. And with 3 missed snaps in their first 8 plays, we could have thought that TD Hunters were simply going to give them the win. However, a Gabriel interception with 2 minutes left seemed to wake both teams up as 3 more touchdowns were scored before the end of the half. In the second half, the Heisenberg's came from behind to lead 20-19, but as seen before TD Hunter's found a way to regain the lead and close the door with their defense. Let's also take a moment for the good sportsmanship of Alex Morrison who took a moment after the game to offer advice to the opposing snapper. Way to go buddy!


Phoenix vs Cobra Kai (20-14)

This game was a lot closer than it should have been. Cobra Kai only had 1 player making plays and that was Stefano who had 13 catches for 116 yards and 2 TDs. The reason why this game was close is because Phoenix had too many dropped balls with a few bad throws sprinkled in. Everyone knows I don’t run and when I do, I only have 1 move but when it works it makes the defense look foolish. A pump fake 10 yards down field where you get one defender to stop completely and a second to jump three feet off the ground is classic.


That is all I have for this week in the way of recaps. Hope you all enjoyed and if you want me to mention something about your games send it on over just like TD Hunters have been. Thanks.


Players of the Week


Man, oh man, this week in certain divisions a lot of players balled out and made my picks very difficult and in other divisions the choice was easy since only a few players balled out. After looking over everyone’s stats in all the divisions these are the players I ended up picking.


Division 1

Offense- JC played 2 games and caught 14 balls for 157 yards, 5 TDs and 1 2point convert.

Defense- Yvan Desjardins had 6 total tackles to go along with his 2 picks.


Division 2

Offense- Vincent Anctil had 4 catches for 86 yards, 3 TDs and 1 1point convert.

Defense- Mario D’amico had 2 tackles and 1 pick which he ran back for 6 points.


Division 3

Offense- Alex Belisle-Springer made 3 catches for 67 yards, 1 TD and 1 1point convert.

Defense- David Michaud had 3 tackles, 3 picks and ran one of them back for 6 points.


Division 4

Offense- David Michaud caught 5 passes for 46 yards and 3 TDs.

Defense- Gavin Drohan had 4 total tackles and picked off 3 passes.


Division 5

Offense- Stefano Scalzo grabbed 13 balls for 116 yards and 2 TDs.

Defense- Gabriel Hernandez made 3 tackles and had a pick they returned for a TD.


For the first time ever, if my memory serves me correctly, we had one player win in two different positions. So, a big shout out to David who made it look very easy this past weekend. Now everyone playing in multiple divisions has something to stride for. Will we have another player make it in two different divisions before the last 5 weeks are played out? Guess we will have to see. Congratulations to all of this week’s winners and better luck next week to all that missed out.

Predictions and Power Rankings Week 5

Predictions and Power Rankings Week 5



Last week was by far my worst week of the season. After getting a decent lead in the picks I have allowed Terry to pass me and Jon to tie me, but I’m still ahead of Willie who at this point doesn’t really care since he is a second half guy and the Dolphins have already won 2 games this season, which is at least 1 more than most predicted and his boy Tua is playing good (ed’s note: well) and seems to know how to throw a deep ball all of a sudden.

This week I plan on making a comeback and either taking the lead back from Terry or at least separating from Jon and gaining a little ground up on Terry. If I fall lower in the rankings and let Willie catch me, I will then start flipping a coin and going with those picks because that would be madness to lose to Willie. I should ask Terry what that is like. Here are my picks in bold like always.


Division 1


Centurions vs Gros Coqs

I’m going to go with the team that has a D4 stud on the team and everyone knows he shouldn’t be playing in that division. It also helps that they are a very good team as well.


A-Team vs Trollers

I’m taking Trollers because I’m not sure who will be playing QB for A-Team this week. I can’t see Dave doing it after getting hurt last week. Hope youre okay buddy, but the thing is I can also see him trying to come out and play even with a messed-up ankle and dealing with the pain.


Trollers vs Iron Wolves

They are the stronger team with the more complete roster plus Max is killing it this season.


Division 2


Thunder Buddies vs Red Raiders

I think Thunder Buddies are the better team, but just not this week with all the players they will be missing, even with Marvin subbing for them.


Tannantes vs Marvels

They seem to be playing really well and are a very strong team and with the way Max has been lighting it up don’t be surprised to see them score 40 plus points in this game.


Spritz Gang vs Nice TDs

With Dave not being there at QB for Nice TDs means Kris should be filling in and that means they lose a good receiver, but I also think it means that Kris will lose his cool once or twice in this game because of bad routes being run or dropped passes. I also think with Mario replacing an Injured Pat the replacement will make a big impact in the game.


Division 3


Master Chiefs vs Double Dippers

With no Willie at QB and Double Dippers having a really good team don’t be surprised to see them pull it off in a close game, Leon will make less (ed’s note: fewer) mistakes than Ryan and that will be the difference.


Panaches vs Idaho Udapimps

Brady will make up the stats he missed last week and blow out Panaches this week. They are the stronger team.


Master Chiefs vs Iron Wolves

No Willie, no problem at least in this game. Master Chiefs have a stronger roster and even with Ryan at QB their defense will get them an extra drive or two to pull this one out.


Bines vs RawSauce

Bines are a really good team and it also helps that RawSauce is all over the place this season.


Division 4


Udaho Idapimps vs Mustard Tigers

Their QB has loads more experience and even with Udaho being more athletic, Brian should still be able to pick them apart, plus Tyler is going to be all over Justin all game long.


Phoenix vs Randoms NA

I don’t pick my team’s games.


Bines Low Fat vs Drama Club

Bines defense is really strong and will give Simon trouble all game long.


Revenants vs Airborne

Only because Marvin should be able to run and then on defense should get at least a pick or two with one being returned for a TD.


Division 5


TD Hunters vs Heisenberg

I like the players from Heisenberg, but I just think that the Tin man finds a way to get it done like he has all season long in close games.


Phoenix vs Cobra Kai NA

I don’t pick my team’s games.


Lesniaks vs Mimosa Crew

I would have taken Mimosa Crew, but this season they cant seem to find a way to score and I know Lesniak will lead his team to at least two or three scores.


Fighting Armadillos vs Vultures

I have played both teams and I just feel that Armadillos are a bit too strong and will win this one by 2 scores.


There you have this weeks picks. I had a few hard picks to make, but I think this week will be better than last week. I mean, it can’t get much worse.


Power Rankings


Now is where you get to see what I think of your team and where I have you in the pecking order. Last week we had a few big things that have made an impact in this weeks rankings.


Division 1

#1- Outlaws

#2- Trollers

#3- Gros Coqs


Division 2

#1- Jagerbomb

#2- Thunder Buddies

#3- Nice TDs


Division 3

#1- Bines

#2- Master Chiefs

#3- Idaho Udapimps


Division 4

#1- Pocket Rocket

#2- Bines Low Fat

#3- Phoenix


Division 5

#1- Fighting Armadillos

#2- Vultures

#3- The Lesniaks


I think with all that happened last week I only removed 2 or 3 teams from my ranking, but I did flip flop a bunch of teams around. As the season has gone along teams are slowly pulling away from one another and doing my rankings are getting easier by the week at least in some of the divisions. Then you have teams that play without half their team or a star gets hurt and it makes you wonder what that team will look like moving forward. Guess we will all have to wait and see.


Final Thoughts


Earlier today I had a lot to end this article with, then I got called away for work and totally lost my train of thought waiting for the police to show up at work for an incident.

That brought me to another point with the police. Last week I was given a ticket for driving in the carpool lane, while taking Nick to school. Carpool lane shows a sign for taxi, electric vehicles or 3, which I assume is 3 passengers. This brings me to my question, does your pet that is considered part of your family count in the 3 passengers especially if he is wearing a harness and buckled in. On Tuesday night I spoke to a police officer and when I asked him about what constitutes as a passenger to allow you to travel in carpool lane, he says he wasn’t sure, but felt that it would need to be 3 people who have a valid drivers license since the carpool lane is to eliminate vehicles from the road and a person who doesn’t have a drivers license wouldn’t be driving anyways so it shouldn’t entitle you to use that lane. (ed’s note: this is the ramblings of a madman).

It looks like the last week at Le Ber for most teams, though there will still be a few games once in a while at Arthur Therrien, but not many and that will make most people happy. That’s all I have to wrap up this week so please remember we are all out playing a game for fun, so go have some and try not to kill anyone.

Word from the Mouth: Vultures on Pocket Rockets! edition

Word from the Mouth: Vultures on Pocket Rockets! edition

We only have a few more weeks of playing at Arthur Therrien before we head back to Le Ber for the remainder of the season and the playoffs. If it were up to me, I would just finish the season off at Arthur Therrien. Yes, I know parking sucks, but you can always go back behind the school and walk by the baseball fields to get to where we play, but more importantly the later in the year we play at Le Ber the worse it will be next season. Arthur Therrien is already ruined, and it makes it a lot easier for next season to only need to fix up one field before the season starts.

Last year we ended up having to go finish the season at Rosemount High school, but it wasn’t ideal for most players.

Let’s all remember that we play at a public park and smoking anything inside the fenced area is forbidden. I would also say drinking alcohol is as well, but not 100% sure on that.

By now you must have noticed the number of garbage cans around the field. I know not everyone knows, but you put your garbage in them and not on the grass or benches.

Last thing before I get to my recaps of this week’s games. Please remember to take all your personal belongings with you when you leave. I have a bunch of things that I pick up and bring with me for the remainder of the season before I get rid of them since I’m not collecting everyone’s else’s crap. This week I found a grey sweater and Spritz Gang gave me a pair of cleats they found lying around. It will be tough to play without them unless you’re me and have 12 other pairs just sitting at home.


Week 5 Recap


Division 1


Outlaws vs Trollers (48-44)


First half was loaded with offense by both sides and neither QB made any real mistakes, except for 1 throw from Steve. Outlaws were up 24-20 with under a minute left in the half and they had just force the Trollers to punt. Steve had plenty of time to get down the field and widen the gap. On first down he gains 14 yards on a pass to Smuda and on their second play the ball falls incomplete and now with under 30 seconds Steve throws a pass towards the sideline and muscle man Haney steps in front of it and scrambles down the sideline for 6 points and gives his team a 26-24 lead going into half.  Second half starts and Outlaws are able to score on all 4 of their possessions, but aren’t able to get any converts, which still left Trollers with a chance. The problem was how the Trollers started the second half with two straight drives throwing picks and that is what ended up costing them the game.


Division 2


Spritz Gang vs Red Raiders (26-37)

This game was a little bit chirpy at first, but once both teams were warned about it, they settled down. I expected this game to be way more physical than it was. At one point Dilan made the softest tackle I have ever seen him make. Mario catches the ball, Dilan goes down on his knee and pulls the flag and it looked so gentle that I was in shock and I asked Dilan about it, and he goes I respect Mario and I’m tired of everyone crying with how I make tackles. It looked like Red Raiders were in control of this game and having a 22-7 lead with a minute left in the half, so it looked like it was going to stay that way, but JS had other plans as he marched Spritz Gang all the way down for the score with help from a penalty stopping the clock and using his 3 timeouts. At half it was 22-13 for Red Raiders. Spritz Gang got the ball to start the second half and were able to score, but failed on their convert attempt. At this point it looked like it was going to be closer than most thought. Mike led Red Raiders on scoring drives the entire second half and JS did the same until he ran out of time on the last drive. Second half no one was stopped, and it really came down to converts. Red Raiders made a few 2 point converts and Spritz Gang only managed to get a few 1 point converts. It also helped that early in the game Carlos managed to sack JS for a safety, which could have been the deciding factor of the game.


Division 3


Idaho Udapimps vs Bines (28-49)

Idaho was missing a few players this week, but were able to get a few good subs to fill in and help out. I want to say that Idaho looked good for a team that had a few guys still up from the night before or at least they did in the first half. Kris was at QB for Idaho and looked good with the players he had and he was able to pick and choose where he wanted to go without much trouble. David for Bines looked good as well except for on the back-to-back drives where he tried to throw deep, and the ball hung up a little bit too much and it allowed both Jerome and Jason to make plays on the ball. At half it looked like it was going to come down to who had the ball last. Then the second half began with Idaho up 28-21 and that’s when the game completely turned around. Idaho was exhausted and looked out of it and Bines looked like they just woke up and scored every time they had the ball in the second half. Idaho called the game with just over 3 minutes left after Bines scored again to make it a 49-28 game.


Division 4


Phoenix vs Pocket Rockets (12-26)

This game was closer than the stat sheet will tell you. It looks like Pocket Rockets were able to do what they wanted to Phoenix and that was true until they got to the red zone. For the first time all season, Phoenix had their full squad and it will take some time to adjust to having everyone back. PO did a fabulous job of not forcing deep plays and using his receiver’s height over the defenders. PO played an almost perfect game, and he was able to get away with a few bad balls that should have been picked off and at least 2 of them would have been returned for 6 and made it a completely different game. Pocket Rockets did a very good job of making every tackle right away and limiting yards after catch, which was the key to them stopping Phoenix multiple times. Phil was nearly unstoppable, and Alexis was a beast and really shouldn’t be allowed to play in D4, but he does fit the cap after other players had their cap adjusted. It’s fine because I do think Pocket Rockets are beatable and I’m sure we will get this match up again in the playoffs.


Division 5


Phoenix vs Vultures (20-33)

This was a game played between two of the top teams in the division and was close right up to the very end. Both teams open the game with scoring drives before settling in and some defense getting played. All Game Khalil gave Phil trouble as he collected 7 sacks on the day. Other than Khalil being in his face all day, Phil didn’t have much trouble with the defense Phoenix was playing. Riley had a field day going up the middle most of the game. Right before half Vultures were able to score and then get the 2 point convert after a contact penalty which was weak considering the ball had already been tipped and the receiver was already falling when he got hit. Second half rolled around, and we had more of the same back and forth. Vultures scored then Phoenix did, but they missed their convert, so the score was 20-21 Vultures. Vultures then scored to make it a 27-20 game with just under 2:30 left. This is where I threw a pass when I thought I had already been sacked on and it was picked off by Sarah, which led to Vultures scoring again to go up 33-20 and like that the game was over, though with questions waiting to be answered if this game will stand or not.


Les Last Calls vs TD Hunters (40-19)

This was a Football 101 class. Les Last Calls were ready from the first throw and did everything they needed to do to walk on TD Hunters. Guillaume did a good job to avoid the rusher's pressure and took advantage of an inexperienced defense to reach Sebastian for two 45 yards touchdown on the first two drives. In the second half, TD Hunters defense seemed to adjust, but the damage was done. Les Last Calls were just better. TD Hunters is a good team, but that doesn’t matter if you don't show up.


There you have it this week’s recaps. In case none of you have noticed for the last few weeks I have been given feedback on what has happened in only one teams games and have added it to my article. Just a reminder that if something happened in your game that was the key to victory or you want to tell me a little about what has happened in your game you can sent it over to me and I’ll be more than glad to add it into my article. You can send it by email to kevinkousaie247@gmail, or on messenger at Kevin Kousaie. I’m not hard to find if you look for all of two seconds. Also, get them to me by Monday night or it’s too late.


Players of the Week


It’s that time of the week where I get to decide who balled out and who did enough to make it on my list. I know that Jon hates picking his player of the week from games that are blowouts and I do to, but because I base mine purely on stats, I let them make my list. What I hate is when a player balls out against a team of subs. When you end up playing a bunch of subs most of them haven’t played together before so there is no chemistry, so if you balled out against subs and don’t make my list you now know why.


Division 1

Offense- Hate to do this and make his head bigger, but this week Marvin Steinberg made 14 catches for 133 yards and 4 TDs so I didn’t have much choice but to put his name up here.

Defense- Dom Lefort made 1 tackle and had 2 picks.


Division 2

Offense- Felix Fontaine-Larouche caught 9 passes for 186 yards and 3 TDs.

Defense- Thomas Iribarren made 1 tackle and had 1 pick which he took to the house for 6 points.


Division 3

Offense- Leon Holder was 19 of 35 for 191 yards, 6 TDs, 1 1point convert and ran 2 times for 8 yards.

Defense- Michael Tola Denis made 2 tackles and both were sacks.


Division 4

Offense- Thomas Znoj grabbed 11 balls for 106 yards, 4 TDs and 2 1point converts.

Defense- Xavier Prud’Homme made 4 tackles and 3 were sacks.


Division 5

Offense- Riley Casey in his 2 games caught 13 passes for 151 yards, 5 TDs and 1 1point convert.

Defense- Sebastien Lucas Alzate made 0 tackles had 2 picks and picked off a 1 point convert and returned it for a 1point.


There you have it my players of the week for week 5. Only 6 weeks left to show me you have what it takes to make my list and get entered into the draw for a bag of goodies.

Congratulations to everyone who made it this week and better luck to everyone who didn’t make it. Play hard, ball out, and your name might be up here next week.

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