Word from the Mouth: Safety to Break the Shutout edition!

Word from the Mouth: Safety to Break the Shutout edition!

Last night again the NFL tried to screw the Saints over, 15 seconds. I know it’s only 15 seconds, but let’s see how you and your team like to get screwed at the end of a half when you are trying to score. I’m glad the NFL is back, but they need to get better officials. That is like in most sports leagues where refs end up playing a role in games. I play in 3 different leagues and refs always make mistakes and I have learned to deal with it. On Sunday morning I was rushing and the QB ran around a ref and pushed him into me where I needed to avoid the ref. At halftime I asked the ref why there was no penalty on that and he said that he wasn’t pushed and he was moving out of the way. I then asked what would have happened if I ran into him and knocked him over. The answer was that I would have been penalized. Now if that isn’t some BS then I don’t know what is. So everyone needs to take it easy on the refs, we all miss things.


Week 4 Recap


Division 1

Trollers vs Revolucion (14-43)

I’m not going to make any excuses in this one, Trollers sucked. They couldn’t catch or tackle. Revolucion played a good game from start to finish. Trollers need to revamp the defense or it will be a long season for them. Revolucion needs to keep doing what they are doing and they will be fine.


Henchmen vs Bitter Boys (26-21)

Every week Henchmen have a new roster and it makes it difficult to predict how their game will go (ed’s note: We have had the same roster each week! We had one sub this week…). Bitter Boys were without Guillaume this week again. I want to see Bitter Boys come and play a game with their full roster. I think they would have beaten the Trollers last week and they could have beaten Henchmen this week as well. I wasn’t there to see what happened, but I heard that Mario wanted to pull his team off the field at one point and end the game. I’m sure there was a call made or not made that affected the game. (ed’s note: It was a pass interference call, and in my obviously biased opinion it was a good call and both refs saw it and threw the flag, it just happened to be on a long pass)


Outlaws vs 4Simbas (41-6)

So what is there to say about this game it was a blowout. Steve wasn’t there so Rob drove almost two hours to come and fill in. He might not have thrown in a while, but he didn’t miss a beat. What is more shocking is how Jeremy made Adam and Remy look on a few plays. Yes he was sacked 5 times between the 2 of them, he did have a few nice scrambles to buy extra time. Where was Ben filming when you need a top 10 play?


Division 2  

Nice TDs vs Petit Phoques (37-13)

This wasn’t close at all. I was hoping to get a possible preview of the finals. If this is how it is going to go everyone is fighting for second place. Demario shouldn’t be allowed to throw anymore in the division he makes the team too strong. They need to be forced to go back to Kris. I’m not sure why Petit Phoques made the switch at QBs, Vince should have stayed in you need to take some lumps before you can get better. 


Joey’s Haters vs Centurions (19-25)

When you go up 13-0 at half you should be able to win the game. When you are unable to do that you know that the team has problems. Centurions are a very solid team with a little experience. Joey’s Haters have way more experience so they should have been able to pull it out. Joey’s Haters have now gone onto my overrated team list. So much promise yet so much disappointment.


D#Nasty vs Iron Wolves (38-2)

D#nasty looked great in this one they were unstoppable. I’m not sure what is going on with Iron Wolves this season they have really stunk it up. I will give Ian a shootout for breaking the goose egg with a safety with 2:25 left in the game. Iron Wolves need to learn how to catch the ball again way too many drops. Max is now playing QB for D#Nasty and looked decent with time he will get better and that could be a scary thing.


Raccoons vs Space Apes (12-27)

So I don’t know how this happened, but it did. How can you win a game when you QB throws 5 picks? Space Apes were able to do it. Raccoons have a great defense and I can see them getting that amount of picks, but you still lost. Seb was supposed to come back play QB and elevate the offense to a help win a championship. The defense is doing their job now it’s your turn. Seb step it up. Space Apes if you can control the turnovers you might end up going places.


Centurions vs Old School (27-18)

So let’s start by saying that Dahic wasn’t there, but they did have JS fill in from Bitter Boys. That’s a good replacement skill wise. What Old School was missing was Dahic on defense. He takes up so much area that it’s difficult to go deep. Centurions QB Guillaume played OK for the first half before he had to leave for work. Then Francis filled in. That is where I figured Old School would take advantage of the young QB and end up winning the game. Nope didn’t happen and Francis was able to keep the win. 


Raccoons vs Dawgs (19-25)

I thought that this game was an automatic forfeit because of eligible players, I was wrong. Dave played good for Dawgs, he had a few new toys to play with. From what I’m hearing Josh might be joining them and help them out (ed’s note: that is the Dawgs roster for the season, except Griffin who was a sub). Max did what he normally does and catch everything. Raccoons were tired from playing the game before, but they were able to keep it close and had a shot to win it at the end. They just couldn’t make it happen. If Dawgs get to keep the players they had this weekend they will be OK moving forward. Raccoons are good, but just need to be more consistent.


Division 3  

Mustard Tiger vs Beautes (38-12)

So let me start by saying Mustard Tigers might be for real this season. I also want to know why Beautes made a switch at QB. John went out and outperformed what he did last week when he was named player of the week. I have no clue what to say. Beautes you need to find one player to be QB and stick to that person don’t do what you did last season that is unless you want another long season again.


Gold Rush vs Beautes (19-6)

So this one was an interesting game due to a sub throwing a pass and the other team being awarded 6 points on the play. Last season the league went over this and before the season all the captains were reminded of this. If you can’t abide by the rules then thing like this are going to happen. Brian you should know this since you ref from time to time. If you want to try and get away with something then you need to know what you can and can’t do. Even without being awarded the free 6 points Gold Rush still would have won the game. Now you know and knowing is half the battle. 


Professional Punters vs Thunder Buddies (6-45)

So this wasn’t never going to be a close game. Professional Punters just don’t have the players to match up and stop Thunder Buddies. I will give them credit for playing hard right up until the end. Remember keep you heads up and keep playing hard anything can happen at any time.


Picks & Why


Division 1

Outlaws vs Revolucion 

I have to go and give this one to Outlaws. I think they have a better roster from top to bottom. I also think that they will do something the Trollers didn’t. That would be catch the ball and play defense. This could end up being a close game, but I don’t see it ending up that way.


Bitter Boys vs 4Simbas

I really wasn’t sure who to pick in this one. 4Simbas are younger and faster than most of Bitter Boys. I also wasn’t sure if Guillaume will be there or not. So that is why I picked them to win. If Guillaume is there along with Pat then flip my pick.


Trollers vs Henchmen NA

I don’t pick my teams games, never have never will. There are a few question marks in this one. Who is playing for Henchmen? Will the Trollers be able to catch a ball this week? Also can they play defense? We will find out one of these questions before the game and need to wait until the game is over to find out about the others.


Division 2

Petit Phoques vs Centurions

I just think that the Petit Phoques will rebound after last week plus I think they have too many playmakers on defense not to get short fields to work with. I think that this could be the game of the week in the division and should come down to QB play. So I wrote the above out and then had a change of heart and have decided that Centurions also have a great defense and a QB with a little more experience so I flipped my pick.


D#Nasty vs Dawgs 

D#Nasty will win and win convincingly. I just don’t know who else will be playing for Dawgs to pick them to win over an established team that wins a lot of games.


Joey’s Haters vs Petit Phoques

What can I say, Petit Phoques are a better team. I am also becoming one of Joey’s Haters haters. They don’t match up well and other than at QB and snapper have no advantages anywhere else. Petit Phoques are going to be able to do whatever they want in this game. 


Nice TDs vs Space Apes

They are too strong and won’t be stopped. Terry will need to have his best game of the season if Space Apes want a chance. Demario will run all over this team. Just watch and see.


Raccoons vs Old School 

Both teams are in a funk and need to get back to winning and this week it will be Old School. Dahic should be back and he always plays great on defense against these guys. On offense he will need to spread the ball around and keep the Raccoons defense guessing.


Deep Threat vs Iron Wolves

So Deep Threats will win if Svetna is there, if not Iron Wolves will slowly march down the field and score wasting time and eating up clock. JC needs to be smart with the ball and take what the defense gives him. 


Division 3

Thunder Buddies vs Gold Rush

Thunder Buddies have too many good players to lose this one. They will eliminate Travis from the offense and force someone else to beat them. Which Gold Rush doesn’t have.


Professional Punters vs Mustard Tigers 

Professional Punters just don’t match up well in this one. Brian will be able to do whatever he wants in this one. Mustard Tigers by at least 3 scores.


Beautes vs Professional Punters

I think Brian is going to run all over Professional Punter this week. Matt is going to have his hands full trying to chase Brian all day. Brian is going to run on almost every other play just to give his team a chance.


Power Rankings  

Division 1

#1- Outlaws

#2- Henchmen 

#3- Revolucion


Division 2

#1- Nice TDs

#2- Deep Threats 

#3- Petits Phoques


Division 3

#1- Gold Rush 

#2- Thunder Buddies 

#3- Mustard Tigers 


How things have change after last week. Trollers got dropped from my top 3 and they should be. When you can’t score or stop anyone you haven’t earned a top 3 spot. In division 2 I just flipped 2 and 3. I was going to put Centurions up as my 3 team, but that will have to wait until after they beat Petits Phoques this week. Division 3 is the same. This week we have 1 and 2 playing so there might be a change next week. We are now starting to see which teams start to separate themselves from the rest. The top teams are the top teams for a reason. They play well on both sides of the ball.


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Now it is time for me to pick 1 player from each division who put up some great numbers and helped their team win.

Division 1

- Marvin (Revolucion) He went out and killed the Trollers with 6 catches 100 yards, 3 TDs and a 1 point convert on offense. On defense he was just as good 2 tackles and 1 pick, it should have been 2 but his face got in the way on the first play of the game.

Division 2  

- Guillaume (Centurions) So he played 2 games over the weekend, he is up here for his first game against Joey’s Haters. He brought his team back from a 13-0 deficit. With 4 TDs and 226 yards with no picks. 

Division 3

- Brian (Mustard Tigers) It was a near perfect day for this guy. He went 21 for 26 with 6 TDs, no picks, 188 yards, oh and he converted on two 1 point converts. 

All 3 of the players chosen are well deserving of a Bottle of alcohol from our sponsor Les Spiritueux Iberville, but we can only have 1 winner and the winner is Guillaume from Centurions. He balled out and now he has to deal with me asking him tough questions. 

Q - Was last season the first time you played QB and how have you adjusted to it? 

A - I already played QB touch and flag football in high school. Last season I had to adjust with the size of the field and the speed of the rusher. Also, I learned not to throw blindly against the opposing defenses.

Q - You guys have a top defense in the division, how does that help you out on offense? Do you take more chances knowing that or do you not even thinking about it at all?

A - It keeps me composed knowing my defense can always make big time plays for our team. I don't take more chances on offense because of it. Our goal is to move the chains and control the tempo of the game.

Q - Are you guys going to win it all this season after making it to the finals last season? Who is standing between you and the title?

A - Of course we got it all to make it to the final once again and win it this time!!! We quickly built a chemistry last season on our very first season. The teams that are retrograding us from the title are those of Division 1 who think we are not of their level.

Q – If you could add any player from the league who would it be and why?

A – Not really, we are pretty happy with our team as it is. We got unique skillset at every position. The only guy I can think of is Dahic so we can put him on the bench.

Q – What is something that the rest of the league doesn’t know about you that they should?

A – No comment 


Final Thoughts 

Another week down and another great article from me, The Mouth. I have been in this league for years now and I keep winning Best Smack Talker every year it is starting to get boring. I have explained to people that it’s not smack talk, it’s the truth. I could go off and start telling lies, but I was raised better than that. I talk to keep myself amused and focused in the game. Football is 90% mental and 10% physical. I know when I step on the field that there is no way anyone can get in my head. I have players in other leagues I play that hate playing me and the reason why is that they are weak minded. So moving forward I’m going to do a lot more talking and will watch as teams and players crumble (ed’s note: Well, might as well talk since you and your team can’t catch). So get ready, the new and improved me is coming and you either better get prepared or don’t show up, everything is on the table. Good luck to everyone this week, play hard, have fun, and be safe.   

Word from the Mouth: The Commish Makes the List edition!

Word from the Mouth: The Commish Makes the List edition!

Hello everyone and welcome back. This week is the best week of the year for football fans. The NFL is back and lets all hope the cheating Patriots don’t win again (ed’s note: I’m a Browns fan, but the Pats have never done anything that literally every over team does). We all know that once Brady leaves all those Patriot fans are going to jump onto another team faster than Antonio Brown filing a grievance about a helmet. I love the game of football, doesn’t matter what level, and yes that includes the CFL. Everyone has a preference and that is ok, just don’t be a bandwagon, jumper those fans suck. So now that I have cleared that up told all of you the NFL starts this week, Jon has decided to move the games to Sunday since he prefers to watch college which plays Saturdays. Jon is right about one thing: in college the guys play way harder than they do in the pros. All these guys holding out, demanding trades, threatening to retire all while under a contract which they signed. They should play or the team should hold onto them and not let them go. This is just my thoughts on the matter. (ed’s note: very glad we got that cleared up)


Week 3 Recap


Division 1

Trollers vs Bitter Boys (39-31)

So this was a game where the Trollers were in control of for the first half. They slowly but surely allowed Bitter Boys to crawl back into it during the second half. I’m not taking anything away from Bitter Boys in this one. Trollers played like crap in the second half against a team that was down their two best players. I’m sure that if they were there then the Trollers would have lost the game.


Revolucion vs 4Simbas (32-12)

So the new and very improved Revolucion team went out and beat a 4Simbas team that had just come back to the league and were without a few or their players. The question is with Revolucion can they beat a team that is complete.


Henchmen vs Revolucion (53-31)

Henchmen went out and beat up on a team that had just played a game and only found out the night before that they were playing two games. This is what everyone expected out of Henchmen last season and maybe finally they have figured it out as a team. This was a tough matchup for Revolucion which shows me they are so close to getting over that hump, after a few more hard games we will see what they are all about. 


Division 2 

Old School vs D#Nasty (38-17)

It looks like Dahic has found himself after the way he played QB last season. He went out there and played a great game with 4 TDs and no picks. I had picked D#Nasty to win this game and figured it was going to be an easy game for them. Kevin struggled to find open guys and when he did they didn’t always pull it in. Old School is a good team same as D#Nasty, over last season and the first few weeks of this season they haven’t always played up to their potential.


Iron Wolves vs Nice TDs (13-38)

I told Jon to change the game time if they wanted a chance to win, he didn’t listen and he got smoked. Demario is too good to throw in this division. Iron Wolves did a bad job of tackling in this one. There are a few player that think by dipping it gives them an advantage it does that is unless the defense knows what to do to stop it. I could say it but I would much rather show you. Iron Wolves are no longer a dominating team they are a middle of the pack team at best. With the addition of Demario playing QB Nice TDs look to be the front runner for the title.


Joey’s Haters vs Deep Threats (20-38)

Out of all the games this weekend I figured that Joey and his Haters would have been able to matchup and beat Deep Threats. I guess I was wrong. JC has become a very reliable QB. Gone are the days of chucking it up and allowing Svetna to go get it. My guess is that when that was done they didn’t win many games now he works the entire field and they are winning. I’m not sure what the plan moving forward is for Joey’s Haters, but they will need to figure it out and fast. They have too much experience to go down in flames the way they have so far. 


Space Apes vs Deep Threats (18-19)

This game was a defensive game as both teams struggled to do much on offense. JC was under constant pressure and was forced to throw fast and that lead to turnovers. Charles might not have thrown any picks, but he did hold the ball longer than expected and took sacks. I hope that this is the only time I need to say this all season: converts are key. You win or lose by converts. Find one or two plays that work and run those all day. Six TDs were scored in this one and only 1 convert was good.


Petit Phoques vs Dawgs (25-0)

So really Dawgs won the game, due to not having the required 4 player minimum that win was turned into a loss. I know it sucks, but you need to make sure your team shows up.


Division 3

Beautes vs Mustard Tigers (0-34)

When you have a running QB and he isn’t able to run he better be able to throw. That wasn’t the case this week for Beautes. Brian couldn’t run and well couldn’t really throw as well so it made for a long game for them. Before the game Mustard Tigers were worried about Brian running all over them since they have a hard time stopping the QB from running, guess they figured that out this week. It was a complete team effort from Mustard Tigers to pull out the win. For Les Beautes, Brian needs to do a better job of involving his whole team. Just because plays work for another QB doesn’t mean they will work for you and your team. Figure out what works for you and your team.


Thunder Buddies vs Professional Punters (38-20)

Thunder Buddies jump out to a big lead early and never really looked back. I was surprised by how many points Professional Punters were able to score. They did a good job of moving the ball except those picks will kill you. I know Terry is last season’s MVP, but if he wants to win it again this season he will need to learn how to release the ball better. He had guys open deep all game and since he releases the ball at an awkward angle the ball sails and the defense can get under it. Fix that little problem and you guys should be able to roll all the way to the finals.


Picks & Why 

Division 1

Trollers vs Revolucion NA

So I never pick games that my team is in since I don’t want to seem any more arrogant than I already do. This game will be a big test for both teams. Trollers will look to win a game against a full squad and Revolucion will look to rebound after a hard loss last week. This could be a very close game and it could end up getting out of hand. Be there at 9:30 to find out.

Henchmen vs Bitter Boys 

I think with the roster that showed up last week they would be able to beat just about anyone. I can see this being a very good matchup across the board player wise. I just wonder if Bitter Boys can keep up with the speed of Henchmen. That is why Henchmen will win the game.

Outlaws vs 4Simbas

I know that last season Outlaws lost to them but that won’t happen again this week. The Outlaws are a better team than they were last year. They will need to be able to get in the heads of 4Simbas and make them lose focus once that happens it’s over for them.


Division 2

Nice TDs vs Petit Phoques

This was a hard choice to make. Both teams are filled with division 1 players and both are really good teams. I have to go with Nice TDs since Demario is a better QB than Vince. Both teams play solid defense and can score at will so it should be an interesting game to watch.

Joey’s Haters vs Centurions 

So this one was a coin toss. Joey’s Haters have better players, Centurions have played together and are more of a team. I think either team can walk in and win this game so I chose the players over the team. I will say that if Joey’s Haters lose they will be placed on the same level as Barracudas were last fall. Great players, shitty team.

D#Nasty vs Iron Wolves 

Sorry Iron Wolves, D#Nasty is a better team all around except maybe at center. Mauricio is the one guy that keeps Iron Wolves moving up the field. I feel that if both teams are complete D#Nasty wins, maybe not easily, but they win. When you take into account players missing and who is subbing then anything can happen. I’m still sticking to D#Nasty to rebound and win.

Raccoons vs Space Apes

I have to go with Raccoons since I think the defense might be a little better. This game will come down to QB play. Seb needs to be there for Raccoons or they won’t stand much of a chance. Charles is solid at QB, he just needs to find a way to convert on converts. In tight games Raccoons defense always seems to step up and make a few plays.

Centurions vs Old School 

After last week old School seems to have found their groove. It’s not that I don’t like Centurions I just think that it is their second game of the day plus Old School will be looking to send a message to them after last seasons defeat in the playoffs. This might end up being the best game of the week in the division. Also every time I pick against Old School they prove me wrong so why fight it?

Raccoons vs Dawgs 

I would have love to pick the Dawgs to win I just can’t since I have no clue if the team will show up. I also think that Raccoons defense is going to give Dave trouble all day long. Either by Alexandre rushing or by guys jumping routes. Dave can’t depend on Max all game but he will.


Division 3 

Beautes vs Mustard Tigers 

This is a game that just happened this weekend, so why go against what just happened? I do think that it will end up being a closer game than last time, but the same team will walk away with the win.

Gold Rush vs Beautes 

I have to go Gold Rush all the way on this one. The only thing I’m not sold on for Gold Rush is the QB. I’m still not sure who it will be. I think that Travis is the best player on either team and if he has someone throwing him the ball they will win. If Gold Rush doesn’t have a QB this week then it will be a long game with few points.

Thunder Buddies vs Professional Punters

So just like the first game this is a rematch from last week. I had to go with Thunder Buddies as they should be able to walk all over them this week and hopefully work out a few kinks. Thunder Buddies have too many weapons to be stoped. I see this as a run away.


Power Rankings  

Division 1

#1- Outlaws

#2- Henchmen 

#3- Trollers  

Division 2

#1- Nice TDs

#2- Petits Phoques

#3- Deep Threats

Division 3

#1- Gold Rush 

#2- Thunder Buddies 

#3- Mustard Tigers 

Those are my ranking for this week. As you can see there was a little movement made by a few teams. All the number 1’s stayed on top where they should be. This week we have a lot of matchups that could affect the standings so next week expect to see some different teams up on my board.


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Now it is time for me to pick 1 player from each division who put up some great numbers and helped their team win. 

Division 1

- Jon (Henchmen) went 19 for 23 for 249 yards 7 TDs and was able to convert on 5 extra points. He ran the ball once for 6 yards and on defense which he normally doesn’t play he made 2 tackles. (ed’s note: What is happening?)

Division 2 

- Demario (Nice TDs) did a little of everything. 13 for 17 for 180 yards 4 TDs, 1 INT. He ran for 24 yards and 1 TD. On Defense he had 2 tackles to go along with 2 picks which he took 1 back for 6. 

Division 3

- John (Mustard Tigers) So since John has decided to play with Mustard Tigers he has been a beast. This week he went out and caught 7 balls for 61 Yards and 2 TDs. On defense he was able to get 2 tackles to go along with 1 pick. 

All 3 of the players chosen are well deserving of a Bottle of alcohol from our sponsor Les Spiritueux Iberville, but we can only have 1 winner and the winner is John from Mustard Tigers. 

Q - So what made you stop playing with Revolucion? Was it Raph cause that would be enough to drive anyone away.

A – I didn’t leave the Revolution as much as Brian Mustard needed some core players to make a team.  I couldn’t continue to play two games a week as I had other commitments and many on the Revolution were moving around.  The Revolution was in flux so I stayed with Brian to build a team.

Q – What do you find different about playing in Division 3 rather than in Division 1?

A – The biggest difference in Division 3 is that most teams have a few players who are newer to the game.  It is as much about building and developing a team (as players learn the game) as it is about executing plays.  I probably offer my opinion more than I should.  You can ask my teammates.

Q – What do you have set as goals for the season for you individually and as a team? What will it take for you to reach you goals?

A – I don’t have any real goals as an individual as football is such a team game and it is about match-ups. So if you go for personal stats it can be at the expense of the team (everyone wants the ball but the QB has to make the best read).  Our team goal is to win the final this year-we lost the semi-final on the last play last year.  We have improved each season (the first season we barely won anything) and now we are playing as a team as everyone gets experience-It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Q - How have you become such a beast this last season and a bit? New diet, new workout regimen, what’s the trick? If half the young guys could play as hard as you do then maybe we can get a lot tighter games.

A - I am not sure about being a beast…  But recovering from an operation from a torn meniscus and also a tear in my shoulder took longer than I wanted.  It is easier to play at 85% than with those injuries or recovering from them.  Physiotherapy does help as boring as it is. Also BIXING around instead of driving helps.

Q – You’re a huge Als fan right. If you were the GM and could bring anyone on to the team past or present who would it be and why?

A –   I am a huge Als fan yes.  There have been many greats over the years.  My first choice would be the Calvillo/Cahoon combination.  If I had to pick a current player it is John Bowman on D.  These players are true champions on and off the field.  They win and win with class and are great people too which is often missing with professional athletes.


Final Thoughts 

So here we are the end of another great article written by the best looking guy in the league. I’m super excited by the time this comes out my team will be in the process of beating down the Bears and who doesn’t like to see their team win. The weather has been starting to cool off so not only should you play safe and have fun, but now you might want to start bundling up so you don’t get sick. Have fun out there on Saturday and if you have any question you know where to find me. 

Word from the Mouth: Week 2 In The Books

Word from the Mouth: Week 2 In The Books

Another week went by and what a beautiful day it was. We had lovely weather and no Jon. We will continue to do flag checks every week along with pocket checks. You guys need to be aware that a shirt not tucked into your shorts and covering your flags makes you touch and also prevents you from getting a holding call against you. Most of you have been around for a while and need to let your less experienced players know this. I know it might sound like a dumb rule, but it is one we all need to follow. We had a few really good games this week and we should have a few more this weekend. We are back to using 3 fields again so that means that games start at 9:30 like always, but will be done by 3:30. We are also looking into a way to fix up the field a little so that the middle isn’t so torn up. I’ll keep you all posted on that. 


Week 2 Recap 

Division 1 

Bitter Boys vs Revolucion (28-58)

Last week Revolucion got smoked and this week they did the smoking. This game was one sided from the start and not very fun to watch. Bitter Boys dropped a few balls that they should have caught. They also need to find a solid rusher as that would make a big difference for them as a team. New captain Gabe had found a new person to play QB for them this season, but that guy bailed before the season started and after his week 1 performance Raph is claiming to be hurt and is taking the rest of the season off (ed’s note: maybe). So Gabe did what he needed to and brought in Michael Roy (Div 2 QB of the Year, Top Rookie, & league MVP) to come fill in. What a job he did with 9 TD passes. This now gives Revolucion a legitimate chance at winning, that is if they can keep it up.



Outlaws vs Trollers (33-46)

This game was closer than what the score will tell you. It was a fight for both teams. I want to point out that Smuda wasn’t there so in my opinion the win doesn’t mean as much. Carmelo did a nice job of replacing him, but he ain’t Smuda. Outlaws couldn’t figure a way to stop the Trollers offense. JC went off with a spectacular game and 4 TDs. Ben was able to get behind the defense all day. I also will point out that Josh should have ended the game with 3 picks, that might have made the game more lopsided, except all day he wasn’t able to hold on to the ball whether it was on offense or defense. These teams will meet again and I expect it to be another tight game.


Division 2   

Raccoons vs Petit Phoques (15-16) OT

I want to say that Raccoons were without their starting QB Seb, but Phillipe did a good job of filling in. Raccoons were outplayed in this game and the only thing that saved them was the outstanding defense they played. Speaking of defense this game was won on a pick 1 in Overtime. I think that Petit Phoques will be a very difficult team to matchup against since most of them are division 1 players. I really feel that the league needs to step in and make a rule as to how many of them can be on the field at once (ed’s note: we are literally making this rule! We discussed it at the committee meeting!). Yes I understand that Vince is throwing and is new at the position, but when you look at the players he has all he needs to do is throw it 1 yard to almost anyone on the roster and they can score from anywhere. Jon look into and enforce a new rule, we all know how you’re not a fan of the young guys.


D#Nasty vs Centurions (25-14)

I said it last week that they were coming for revenge and it looks like they got it. I know a season win isn’t the same as a win in the playoffs, but you need to win in the season to get into the playoffs. That was a big win for D#Nasty since a loss would have put them at 0-2 on the season. So for how good Centurions defense was last season they weren’t able to get a stop with 2 minutes left in the game right after they took the lead. The pick 6 on last play doesn’t mean anything except stats as the game was already over at that point.



Joey’s Haters vs Space apes (19-25)

Joey and his handpicked players should have walked all over Space Apes from what it looks like on paper, but they will need time to gel. Space Apes are off to a good start of the season and if Charles can play this well all season they will be a really hard team to beat. Nick seems to be rushing for them which is fine since it’s very unlikely that he will ever be called for roughing the passer, he needs to ask Terry from Space Apes for a few pointers on how to be a more efficient rusher. Terry had 4 (ed’s note: 4 what?) on Saturday and probably led to a few bad passes from Steve.


Nice TDs vs Old School (39-6)

Nice TDs put an old school beating on Old School like they stole their lunch money or something. Old School needs to find a more efficient offense. Dahic can’t run every play. They need to catch and hold on to the ball, this was a problem last season and it looks like it has carried over to this one. Nice TDs looks to be unstoppable at this point. Demario has looked too good after 2 games to be allowed to throw in division 2. He might be the best player in the entire division. Andrew did what he normally does and that is dominate. They were without Kris today so that will be another weapon for them once he is back (ed’s note: I believe he’s off the team). The thing with Nice TDs is can they keep their composure all season.


Deep Threats vs Dawgs (41-18)

This was a game that before it happened I figured that it was just going to be deep balls all game. It looks like JC might have finally realized that you don’t need to go deep on every play. He was throwing short consistently and once in a while would let it rip. This was the best game I have ever seen the Deep Threats play. It was a complete game. Dawgs were without their main man Max. Without Max being there Dave had to hold the ball an extra second or make multiple reads to find someone, Max is there and he hits him on every second play and they move the ball better. Dave did a nice job of not turning the ball over, when you are forced to punt as much as they were the score was going to get out of hand especially since you weren’t getting stops.


Division 3 

Gold Rush vs Beautes (29-27)

So I will say that Max, who is a division 1 QB, was throwing for Gold Rush which normally isn’t allowed except it was authorized by the league so that is that. I will also say that Max played horribly and he threw 3 picks and was sacked once for a safety. Travis killed it again this week with 3 TDs, 3 Picks, 3 sacks and a safety. Will anyone be able to stop him? At this point in the season he has to be the front runner for MVP. Brian is learning to play QB and should get better. A few pointers spread the ball around more and run a little less. You had 17 completions and only 3 players with catches you were a full roster. I feel like Beautes will get better with time and that Gold Rush might take a step back once their regular QB is back, I might be wrong but probably not.


Thunder Buddies vs Mustard Tigers (31-27)

Mustard Tigers got a great performance from Marilou and from Tom, so that should make Brian happy. Brian will still need to find a third player to step up if they want to start winning. Thunder Buddies will be fine once they work out a few kinks. Last year Terry was able to depend on Dave so losing him is a big loss, that was until he convinced Charles to come play with them. Charles might not be the same type of player as Dave, but in this division he is a good replacement. I’m just not sure who is calling defense for Thunder Buddies, but they will need to figure that out. This was a tough game for both teams and I can see this being a possible finals.


Picks & Why 

Division 1

Trollers vs Bitter Boys NA

After last weeks embarrassing loss Bitter Boys are going to look to rebound in a big way. Last season these teams only meet once and it was a very close game and I expect the same this week. 

Revolucion vs 4Simbas

So with the two new additions to the roster Revolucion finally looks like they will be able to compete in division 1. I think this will come down to a few plays and since I feel that Revolcuion is a calmer team they will be able to handle the adversity where it will tear 4Simba apart.

Henchmen vs Revolucion

I think Revolucion might be able to pull it off but after playing in the game right before I think they could be a little tired. I also don’t think Henchmen have a full roster yet so Jon might try and sneak a few studs onto his team.


Division 2 

Old School vs D#Nasty 

This one is simple: the roster of D#Nasty is better from top to bottom plus I think Kevin is a better QB than Dahic or at least his receivers are better.

Iron Wolves vs Nice TDs

All I have to say is Demario is better than every player on Iron Wolves. So if he wants to run he will, if he wants to pass it he’ll find the open receiver. Have fun trying to stop him. Suggestion, change the game time to 9:30 and don’t tell him then you might have a chance.

Joey’s Haters vs Deep Threats

So knowing that Max isn’t going to be there I figure it will be a long day trying to figure out how to stop Svetna. That is if he shows up. It should still be a close game. If Svetna doesn’t show up Joey’s Haters should walk all over Deep Threats.

Space Apes vs Deep Threats

Space Apes have been playing together for a while now so they know each other better and that will help them in this one. Charles will need to play well and keep the ball away from Svetna.

Petit Phoques vs Dawgs

They have way too many weapons and unless Jon is going to step in and put some restrictions on how many of the Gros Coqs are allowed on the field at once then they will walk all over Dawgs.

Division 3

Beautes vs Mustard Tigers

I feel that experience will win out in this one. I also think that Marilou will be able to stop Brian from running and force him into some bad passes. 

Thunder Buddies vs Professional Punters 

This is a perfect game for Thunder Buddies to try a few new things and see what can work for them. I also have to say with a name like Professional Punters you’re going to be punting a lot so you won’t be scoring many points. (ed’s note: I think that’s the joke…)


Power Rankings 

Division 1

#1- Outlaws

#2- Trollers 

#3- Revolucion (ed’s note: what world is this?!?)

Division 2

#1- Nice TDs

#2- Petits Phoques

#3- Space Apes 

Division 3

#1- Gold Rush 

#2- Thunder Buddies 

#3- Beautes

So those are my top 3 right now. With a few big games this week and teams taking the week off who knows where your team will be after this week. I know I’m going to get some grief from some of my Troller teammates about not being #1. Yes we beat the Outlaws, but they were without Smuda so to me that doesn’t count. 

Player of the Week sponsored by Les Spiritueux Iberville You can follow them on Facebook @spiritueuxiberville and on Insta @spiritueuxiberville Great alcohol with a great taste by one of MFL’s own Mario D’Amico. Help support a local business, go follow them and go pick up a bottle or two from the SAQ.

Now it is time for me to pick 1 player from each division who put up some great numbers and helped their team win. 

Division 1

- Michael Roy from Revolucion. In his first game with the team he went out and dominated Bitter Boys. Throwing for 9 TDs and 318 yards and he ran for 43 yards as well. 

Division 2 

- In his first game Back JC was able to do something I never thought was possible: not throwing it deep on every play. JC was almost perfect on the day going 20 of 24 for 147 yards and 5 TDs with no picks. He also contributed on defense with 3 tackles and 1 pick.

Division 3

- Travis from Gold Rush was a 1 man wrecking crew on Saturday. He had 6 catches for 99 yards, 3 TDs and 2 converts. For some people that is a great day, but oh wait, there is more. His defensive numbers are off the wall as well, 9 Tackles, 3 sacks and 3 picks.

All 3 of the players chosen are well deserving of a Bottle of alcohol from our sponsor Les Spiritueux Iberville, but we can only have 1 winner and that winner is Michael Roy from Revolucion. So Michael come see me before or after your game and as long as I remember to contact Mario on Friday I will have a bottle of Alcohol for you. You can share it with your teammates or take it home and do whatever you want with it.

Q - How was it out there playing with a bunch on new guys for the first time?

A – It was great, at the D1 level, it’s usually not hard to have instant chemistry based on the talent. The guys know how to run a route, and read the defense.

Q – Are you going to be the saviour for Revolucion and get them into the playoffs and possibly their first ever title? 

A – First and foremost, it’s a team effort. I call the plays, the WR run the routes. It’s up to all of us to be on the same page. I’d say our season is looking up. Our goal is to make the playoffs, and from there, anything can happen.

Q – I know you play in another league with a field that is wider than ours how have you adjusted to the narrower field?

A – To be transparent, I don’t notice it much. Maybe just in the end zones. Other than that, it’s not much of a difference. If anything, it’s a bit harder as there isn’t as much room on the field compared to the other league.

Q – Since you’re a QB let me ask you what is more important: arm strength, technique, or brains?

A – Well essentially, having the mind to read a defense and make adjustments is the number one factor. In all my years playing this sport, some of the best QB’s didn’t have the greatest arm of the fastest feet. Of course having those things as well will set you way apart from the rest.

Q – Since you’re the most ripped guy in the league, is it possible that you keep your shirt on its making the rest of us look bad? I almost had to go out and join a gym.

A – Lol, actually Shawn Haney is a bit more ripped than me! I take off my shirt to get some sun, that’s the reason. Otherwise I’d be shirtless for games too!!!!


Final Thoughts 

That is it for my article this week, I hope you all enjoyed it. I’m sure some of you did and others are like “what is this crap”. Just because you didn’t make my top 3 or weren’t chosen to be player of the week this should just motivate you to play harder and make more plays. Anyone who doesn’t like it just needs to suck it up a deal with it. Remember we are all out here to play and have fun. So play hard, be safe, and have fun, we all have work or go to school on Monday. Well not this week since it is labor day so everyone enjoy your long weekend.


Word from the Mouth: Week 1 Recap

Word from the Mouth: Week 1 Recap

Week 1 went off without any problems. That was expected since all the officials are top notch. Moving forward captains are needed to go to scorekeeper and let them know who is there and who isn’t along with correct jersey numbers. They will also need to have their team line up for pocket and flag checks before the game starts. As a player you are required to tuck you shirt into your shorts, if your shirt is covering the flags in any way you will be down when someone reaches for you. (ed’s note: Also note that if your shirt is not tucked in holding calls will not be called against any player grabbing the shirt!)


This is just one of those rules that we are going to start enforcing going forward. On another league note we will be adding player ratings and a hard team cap at some point. It might not be in full swing this season but it will be by next spring. Right now we only have a 1-5 rating system for the player overall, eventually I’d like to see one for offense, defense, and QB. This way when you are looking to add players you can specify look for the best player that will meet your team cap. I know we might be far from that, but we will get there. When the league first started we were only 6 teams (ed’s note: 4 teams!) in 1 division, now we are 22 teams across 3 divisions (ed’s note: and we were 26 in the spring!), oh and we have 6 teams out in our Brossard league. So you can see that we are growing and getting a better game than when we started. I hope to see us get to at least 50 teams one day, with all of you bringing 1 or 2 guys a year we can be there in no time.


Week 1 Recap 


Division 1

Outlaws vs Revolucion (55-18)

So this one wasn’t a game as La Revolucion got beat like there was no tomorrow. Revolucion was supposed to have someone new throwing for them this season then the person couldn’t commit, so they ended up going back to Raph. I have a good joke for everyone, I asked Raph after their game when they were practicing if I found them a QB would he want him and Raph asked me who and I told him Michael Roy from Red Raiders and his response was I’m better than him you need to give me more respect than that. I then had to walk away.


Henchmen vs Bitter Boys (39-28)

This game was a showcase of two players, one being Demario for Henchmen and the other being Guillaume for Bitter Boys. Everyone else played poorly. Patrick had a decent game and Kris had 2 picks. The rest of you need to step it up if you guys expect to make an impact this season. (ed’s note: sorry, what did I do wrong?)


Division 2

Petits Phoques vs D#Nasty (25-20)

Let me start by saying D#Nasty was without their starting QB. I now will say that Vincent was playing his first game as a QB. With the experience that D#Nasty has I would have expected them to win easily. Vincent did a good job for a first time thrower, except he will have to rely less on Dom and Bresse and get everyone involved if they want to keep winning. I would like to see this matchup in a few weeks once Vince is more comfortable and Kevin is there for D#Nasty.


Raccoons vs Iron Wolves (19-14)

This was a very close game and with a full roster Iron Wolves could have won. It was nice to see the newly married Seb back for Raccoons and it didn’t take long for him to get reacquainted with the team. Raccoons were missing their rusher, even with him not there Alexandre did a great job filling in, as he managed 2 sacks and constant pressure. Both teams should get better as the season goes along.


Old School vs Deep Threats (21-18)

I’m glad to see Deep Threats come back this fall season. I also heard that they are still up to the same old trick of going deep on almost every play. Old School was aware of this and took it away. Old School was missing their best player and QB Dahic this weekend, but were able to find a decent replacement in Steve from Outlaws. It was nice for Old School to get off to a good start this season since it will be a long hard fight to get back to where they want to be. Deep Threats need to learn a more balanced attack if they want to win.


Nice TDs vs Dawgs (26-18)

Dawgs look to be on their way to a respectable season. Ya, they might have lost but they played well and once everyone shows up then they should be fine. I want to say that Demario looks to be one of the top QBs in the division. I know it’s just one game, but sometimes you can tell. I also want to say that people who are trying to do the dip move better learn how to do it properly or you will be flagged for leading with your shoulder. Nice TDs was saying that it really wasn’t a challenge this game yet they only won by 8 points. 


Division 3

Professional Punters vs Beautes (20-21)

This game was long and slow or at least the first little bit of it was. Neither team was able to complete a pass so it was punt after punt. I saw this game and both QBs struggled. Professional Punters were without Matt their rusher who would have eliminated what Brian did best which was run. This game was won by a convert by the least likely of all people Manon even she was shocked that the ball came to her and she caught it. That was her only stat in the game, but the one that mattered the most.


Thunder Buddies vs Gold Rush (20-26)

Nick wasn’t there this week to throw so they brought Jon in to throw which is an obvious down grade. Terry stunk out there on Saturday as the reigning MVP should have been able to take this game over easily. I will say that Charles really made an impact in his first Division 3 game. After Charles other players need to step up. For Gold Rush Travis killed, but what else did you expect, he is the best player on the team. Out of all the teams in the division I think Gold Rush will be the surprise team this season.


Picks and Reasons Why


Division 1 

Bitter Boys vs Revolucion 

I had to go and pick Bitter Boys in this one. There are multiple reasons so here is the list why. Raph is playing QB, fancy new uniforms for Bitter Boys, Guillaume & Patrick, and last but most important Bitter Boys are the better team.


Outlaws vs Trollers NA

So I won’t pick a winner in this game for a few reasons. I will say that it will be a close game that will come down to the last few plays just like it did twice last season.


Division 2 

Petits Phoques vs Raccoons 

I just think that Petits Phoques have too many weapons on defense and Raccoons are going to turn it over too much. I also think Raccoons have never had to deal with as player like Dom before. I just hope that Vince doesn’t get too rattled by the Raccoons defense which is still one of the top in the division.


D#Nasty vs Centurions 

I only have one word as to why I picked D#Nasty to win: REVENGE. Centurions knocked them out last season and this time it’s payback. This needs to be a statement game for them after last weeks loss.


Joey’s Haters vs Space Apes

I know this is a new team, but I have seen the roster and they have way too many weapons to be stopped. This team is mostly made up of Division 1 players. I will say that having Francis does lower the teams skill way down. 


Nice TDs vs Old School

I’m not a fan of Nice TDs. I think that they are like preppy high school kids that are entitled. I picked them to win since Demario should be able to pick them apart and take over the game.


Deep Threats vs Dawgs

I don’t think that Dawgs will be able to stop Svetna. He is faster than all of them and can out jump them with ease. I would much rather see Dawgs win, but I just don’t see that happening. 


Division 3 

Gold Rush vs Beautes 

I think Gold Rush have a very solid team and I think it will take Brian a few more weeks to get decent at playing QB. That is why I chose Gold Rush.


Thunder Buddies vs Mustard Tigers

This is a match up I could see happening in the finals. That is a long ways from now so I’ll just tell you why I picked Thunder Buddies to win this game. I think that Thunder Buddies need to rebound after last weeks loss or they might find themselves in some trouble. Terry is the best player on the field in this game and he needs to show why he was last seasons MVP.


Power Rankings 

Division 1

#1- Outlaws

#2- Henchmen (ed’s note: What?!?)

#3- Trollers (ed’s note: What?!?)


Division 2

#1- Nice TDs

#2- Petits Phoques

#3- Old School


Division 3

#1- Gold Rush 

#2- Beautes 

#3- Mustad Tigers 


As you can see I put teams that won in my top 3. It is early on in the season and as weeks go by things will change as teams start to separate from one another. I do my picks by your latest performance and what you have done against other teams that are on the list. You don’t necessarily need to win by 50 to get up here, it can help, but you need to beat the better teams in a convincing manner.


Player of the Week sponsored by Les Spiritueux Iberville You can follow them on Facebook @spiritueuxiberville and on Insta @spiritueuxiberville Great alcohol with a great taste by one of MFL’s own Mario D’Amico.


In this new section which is now being sponsored by Les Spiritueux Iberville I will be picking one player from each division and then I will have some help picking the league player of the week. To be the player of the week you need to help your team win and have some good stats. You might be able to get it with just stats, but those better be some ridiculous stats that you have. I would also love to do a quick little interview with the winner either by message of maybe live on camera at the field the following week. 


Division 1 

- Demario from Henchmen this guy did it all for his team. The guy had 9 grabs for 159 yards and 4 scores, and that was on offense alone. He was also able to pick off 3 balls, ran 1 back for 6, plus had 2 tackles.

Division 2

- Nick from Old School. I picked this guy cause all anyone cares about is offense. Nick helped on offense with 8 catches 70 yards 2 score and a convert. Where Nick made a bigger impact was on defense with his 4 picks and he helped Old School win.

Division 3  

- Travis from Gold Rush was the man this week. He hauled in 6 balls for 96 yards, 2 scores, and a convert, which makes him the top receiver in the division in multiple categories. He also made a difference on defense getting 2 tackles and 1 sack which makes him tied for the season lead.


The Week 1 winner is Travis from Gold Rush. On Saturday he will be awarded his choice of alcohol that was provided by Mario over at Les Spiritueux Iberville.


Q. How does it feel to be first ever player of the league award sponsored by Les Spiritueux Iberville?

A. I am honored to be the first player of the week league wide, sponsored by Les Spiriteux Iberville. I put extra pressure on myself to perform for my friends joining their first ever flag football game.


Q. What is the difference from last season to this one goals expectations?

A. The big difference between last season and this season is sponsors. I guess we're getting to the big leagues. Seriously the difference to me would be that Division 3 feels a little closer in competition and this year I think I may have recruited some good hands out on the field. I also feel like getting last season under our belt gave us lots of experience and we're starting to learn and understand.


Q. What would you prefer more winning a title or being named MVP?

A. I would honestly prefer that my team win a title this year than any personal accomplishments. Stats and awards are nice but winning more than half your games would be a nice feeling, I imagine. Winning a title with all my friends so we can talk about our accomplishments till we're old and grey sounds more satisfying to me than just MVP for a season. Is it too much to ask for both? 


Q. Do you set season goals or are you just out to have fun?

A. Well since we've been pegged as the fun team since last season, but I think that we could change it up a bit and start winning. What's more fun than winning right? Honestly I'm just hoping to get things more fine-tuned since we struggle with the fundamentals and basics since we're all relatively new. That would make me very happy this season to say we've got the basics down 


Q. On a lighter note how is it being Katy's chauffeur? Does she treat you right if not you can always try out for the Alouettes.

A. Being Katy’s chauffeur is as just as good as it sounds. Sometimes she lets me choose which way we're getting to the park on that day. We can even engage in conversation if she permits it, but I must remain looking forward. I do not question it because she introduced me to this league. I am forever grateful for this and must repay her anyway I can.


Final Thoughts

Now that week 1 has come and gone we can all gear up for week 2 and getting out there and playing. I know a few teams had last week off so it will be the first game for some. We have a few big matchups this week that should be exciting. We will also be Jon free so it’s a good week for everyone. This past week Ben put out his top 10 which was cool. Hopefully this could become a weekly thing. I feel that this season will end up better than in seasons past with most games being competitive all the way to the end. In the early going of the league the finals were not good games, but last season we had 2 go right down to the end. Will we end up that way again this season, let’s hope so. So this week remember play hard, have fun, and be safe. 

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