Word from the Mouth: Week 8 - When the Commish is Away edition!

Word from the Mouth: Week 8 - When the Commish is Away edition!

(ed's note: The fall season starts on August 17th and it really helps us put the schedule together if you get me your team confirmations and schedule requests before the end of the spring season! If your team is playing in the fall and/or if you have time requests, please let us know by July 28th. The closer to the season start you confirm the less likely we can accommodate time requests!

La saison d'automne commence le 17 août et cela nous aide vraiment à établir le calendrier si vous me recevez les confirmations de votre équipe et les demandes de calendrier avant la fin du printemps! Si votre équipe joue à l'automne et / ou si vous avez du temps, veuillez nous en informer au plus tard le 28 juillet. Plus le début de la saison approche, plus vous confirmez, moins vous serez en mesure de répondre aux demandes de temps!)



You have come back to see what the mouth has to say and I’m glad that you did. Last week the weather was great, maybe a little hotter than expected, it’s still better than the rain. I’m sitting here at the pool enjoying this beautiful weather that I have for my vacation. Like McDonalds “I’m loving it”. 


Week 8 Recap


This past weekend we ended with only two games since a bunch of teams had byes. That is fine by me except the games we had were horrible games. So lets just jump right into it.


Trollers vs 4Simbas (45-6)

This game almost didn’t happen. 4Simbas showed up late and ended up being down 12 points before a snap was even taken. When the first snap happened 4Simbas were playing with only 5 players. You might be able to play a weak team with 5 players, you won’t be able to play the Trollers with 5. They did end up getting 6 players at some point, it was too late when they did have 6 guys. The truth of the matter is games like this suck. I didn’t play this week with the Trollers, I did speak to them after the game and they were just playing around trying new things. With that being said they still put up 33 points without really trying. That could mean trouble for other teams if they keep that up the rest of the way. For 4Simbas get your team together. Show up with at least 6 players and be ready to ball out. I knew nothing about you guys coming into the season, when I asked about you guys everyone was saying you are young, athletic, and should be a good team, potentially challenging for a playoff spot. At this point it doesn’t look that way, use the last few games to get ready for next season.


Bitter Boys vs Gros Coqs (14-43)

This game ended in a blowout and a blowup. This was a game that we all felt fireworks would be possible. Dom was almost perfect going 10 for 11 with 6 TDs (ed’s note: WAT?). Bitter Boys were missing JS at QB and that is never a good thing for them. There is no one on their roster that can step in and fill the void. At halftime the score was 37-8 for Gros Coqs, so they switched from Dom to Vince behind center. Vince who isn’t a QB was able to go 3 for 4 with a TD, his incomplete pass was picked off. Gros Coqs found a way to pick apart Bitter Boys defense like they were little children. This game didn’t make it to the end before it was called by both teams leaving 10 minutes on the clock when they did. We all know that Bitter Boys are physical and will get in your face. We also know that Gros Coqs aren’t going to back down from anyone. So there was an altercation between 2 players and it escalated to the point that both teams were willing to walk away and end the game before punches were thrown. Guess that was the smarter choice, since the game was so far out of hand.


GOTW (Game of the Week)

Revolucion vs Trollers

QB- In this one we have two guys that are at opposite ends of their career. Raph looks to be the downward side of his career, he no longer runs like he used to, he is no longer making the right decisions, he has stopped looking defenses off, and it is also taking a lot longer for him to make his reads. Max seems to have finally figured out how to play the position like a true game changing QB. No longer are the days of Max depending on 1 or 2 guys to make plays. He has found confidence with everyone on the roster, which wasn’t the case years ago. Max has almost all but eliminated throwing picks, so his decision making has sky rocketed. He will also take a sack rather than throw a bad pass, which shows maturity, better to take a sack than force a turnover with a bad pass. With all that said I'd have to be crazy not to give the Trollers the advantage, so that is what I am doing. (ed’s note: This is unclear. Are you indicating that you are in fact crazy and are therefore not giving the Trollers the advantage? If so, then I just won a bet!)


WR- Both teams boast solid units in this area when everyone shows up. That hasn’t been a problem for the Trollers this season, but it has been one for Revolucion as they never know who will show up. Revolucion have 5 players with at least 15 catches, 140 yards, and at least 2 TDs. Justin seems to be Raph’s favourite target close to the end zone, and he should be. He is very tall, fast, can jump, and has very good hands. Trollers have 6 guys with 18 catches, 150 yards, and at least 3 TDs. JC has been the guy on the Trollers this season. He has 100 more yards than the next closest guy on the roster and almost twice as many TDs. So when I was looking over both team stats they are close so I asked myself which five players would I want to have on the last drive of the game needing a score and I’d have to go and take the Trollers. I just think they have more speed and guys that are a little more dependable.


Defense- I have always said on defense you need a good rusher and everything else will fall in place. Right now Revolucion have the better rusher of the two teams. Eric has been doing a good job, just not like he has in the past. Revolucion are giving up just under 28 points a game. The problem is that they have only managed to get 7 sacks, pick off 8 balls, and bat 27 balls away. With the group that they have batting 27 balls away means they are close to the ball so the picks should be higher. Trollers have been struggling to get a solid rush all season long. Dave has done most of their rushing this year with Andre being a little banged up. Even with a so so rush the Trollers are only giving up 22 points a game. Trollers only have 4 sacks, but they have picked off 16 balls and batted 26 balls away. Trollers are around the ball just like Revolucion except the Trollers catch them. After seeing both teams stats I have to give the advantage to the Trollers. They have been playing with each other for so long that the experience alone puts them over the top.



Last week we had two games only. That is if you want to call those blowouts “games”. I was able to get the one game I picked right, so “yay” for me going 100% on the weekend. On the season I am 13 of 19. This week I have four games to pick from. A few game are rematches from earlier in the year, will we end up with the same outcome? Here are the games winners are in bold.


Henchmen vs 4Simbas 

Revolucion vs Trollers NA

Gros Coqs vs 4Simbas

Bitter Boys vs Outlaws


That is who I have winning and are most likely going to happen if all the teams show up with full rosters and on time. No one wants to see Henchmen getting another free win by a technicality. (ed’s note: define “no one”)


Power Rankings 

So last week I only had two teams in my top three since no one really earned the third spot. With only two games last week did anyone play well enough to get in or did someone play badly making the choice to bump up a team to third. So with no more delaying here are my top 3.


#1) Outlaws 

#2) Trollers 

#3) Gros Coqs


Yes Gros Coqs are my number 3 team and could be higher if their roster came out every week. I’m not completely sold on Gros Coqs this season, though I know I said season after season they always find a way to play once playoffs come. Outlaws and Trollers are secure in the top two spots and can be flipped and flopped anyway and no one could argue about it. (ed’s note: I bet you could)


Final Thoughts

We have made it to the final two weeks of the season. Right now we have the Outlaws secure in the playoffs. This weekend we could end up with a second one if the Trollers win. That would only leave two spots left for what looks like three teams. It could be a really good battle for those last two spots. Who is going to get in? Will it be Henchmen, Gros Coqs, or Revolucion. I would love to see Henchmen miss out especially with the free win they got two weeks ago. That is just my thoughts on the playoffs and in no way a guarantee. So with two weeks left remember play hard, be safe, and have fun.   

Word from the Mouth: Week 7 - The Commish is on Vacation edition!

Word from the Mouth: Week 7 - The Commish is on Vacation edition!

Hello everyone that is reading this, or in some of your cases having it read to you, hope you are all having a great week. I know this past weekend it was supposed to be raining and a little cooler, but it wasn’t. We ended up with the blistering heat again and everyone needs to drink plenty of fluids before, during, and after so you can stay hydrated. It’s not cool see a guy throwing up on the sideline after a long run. I know you guys are all grown men and shouldn’t need to be told, you obliviously do need to be told also remember sunscreen. That is enough of me trying to be your parent and look after all of you guys. I just don’t want anyone to get heat stroke like last year and blame a poor performance on it or not even play the game (ed's note: heat stroke is incredibly serious and I believe the MFL may have even done a PSA about it that got "lost").


Weekly Recap


Outlaws vs Trollers (27-18)

This was a battle between the two best teams in the division and it played out like that. Outlaws had a few subs playing with them and that is fine, but we need to get the sub rule cleared up. Right now you can have a sub to bring you up to seven unless you have a QB that doesn’t play defense then you can have it up to eight. I’m fine with that, but that eighth player should not be allowed to step on the field on offense (ed's note: I like the idea and we can implement it for the fall). That’s just how I see it. I just wanted to put that out there. The outcome of the game was not decided by that at all, it was decided by the Trollers not being able to stop Smuda.  He was a one man wrecking crew. He had over 100 yards receiving and came up with a huge interception when the Trollers were in the red zone and looking to score and go up. Outlaws took the ball after the turnover marched down the field and scored to go up seven. They setup to go for one called a timeout and went for two, got it, and were up nine and that was it. Not enough time for the Trollers to score twice. These two teams look to be on a collision course to play again, but this time if everything plays out properly it will be in the finals.


Revolucion vs Bitter Boys (26-54)

So Raph gets in the Hall of Fame and then plays like this. You all looked at me like I was crazy when you voted him in. This was a game that they needed to win to keep their playoff hopes alive. Raph choked and has now allowed Bitter Boys to jump them into the last playoff spot. I will say that Bitter Boys played really well, should they play like this the rest of the way they might be a force to reckoned with come playoff time. I knew Bitter Boys played a lot of tight games and it was going to take a while to get used to playing stronger teams before it started to click for them. They have it all figured out now and will rely on JS, Pat, and Guillaume the rest of the way. Oh, I also forgot about their beast of a rusher David. Bitter Boys are a good team, I can’t say the same about Revolucion as they are short a real QB who can get it done week in and week out. People think I crap on Raph all the time and that might be true, but he is inconsistent and always starts the season well then his arm gives out.


Henchmen vs Gros Coqs (25-0)

So this game was a forfeit since Gros Coqs couldn’t get there on time and once they did it was already too late as they had surrendered enough points for the game to be over. It also didn’t help that the Henchmen had all left since it was only going to be for fun at that point. I know rules are rules and need to be followed so I did have to enforce them. Jon could have allowed for the game to be rescheduled since this was a big matchup for both teams in a tight playoff battle with each other (ed's note: Wait, what? I was the one saying it shouldn't even be a forfeit and we could just wait! The refs said no!). Henchmen would rather take the easy win and get a game up then postpone to another day and play like real men (ed's note: see previous ed's note). If this game comes back as the deciding game it should really be played out. Jon man up and play don’t run and hide behind the rules (ed's note: This has to be ironic, right? I was still there when my team had half left saying "let's play!"). Play the game over. The league deserves the four best teams in the playoffs not the top three and your team by a technicality. (ed's note: maybe the Trollers won't qualify, by "technicality"...)


GOTW (Game of the Week)

Bitter Boys vs Gros Coqs

QB- We have two totally different styles here. JS is going to sit in the pocket and not move and throw quickly and hard. Dom is going to run around and buy time to find a guy open or take off and run. Both styles work for each QB, though if they tried to switch and play like the other I’d give Dom the advantage since JS doesn’t move around that well. I’m not asking them to do that so overall at times Dom running around is great, but it also gets him in trouble so with that said I will give the advantage to JS and Bitter Boys.


WR- This one is tough Bitter Boys have three guys who catch most of their passes in Mario, Pat, and Guillaume. Two of them can and will make plays consistently and Mario doesn’t drop many balls and will make a play here and there. For the Gros Coqs it will be a matter of who shows up for them. They also have three guys who catch most of the passes in Bresse, Etienne, and Vince, out of those three only one guy is a true game changer. That would be Bresse. He is also the only one of the three to average more than 8 yards a catch. The reason why this is tricky is that you never know who will show up for the Gros Coqs. Gros Coqs have a better group of receivers they are faster more athletic, they are also less reliable on showing up to games and for that reason only I have to go with Bitter Boys since I know they will all show up even with a busted knee. So advantage Bitter Boys.


Defense- I have said this for years now you need a strong rusher to get good pressure and force the QB to make bad throws or throw before he is ready. Bitter Boys have the number two guy in David who doesn’t only get sacks he also bats the ball away. He is tall fast and very disciplined. After David the Bitter Boys are alright, but nothing special. They have managed 5 picks and batted 10 balls away, they are solid tacklers and that is a good thing they make you drive down and earn your points. Gros Coqs have the worst pass rush in the division with only 1 sack on the year. Tommy missing is a huge blow to the team and something they need to address. They have managed 7 picks and batted 20 balls away. For the group that they have I would expect the picks to be higher and the batted balls to be way less. The big problem I have with the Gros Coqs is who shows up, on paper they are a way better defense, that’s on paper and you can’t win on paper unless it is fantasy football and this isn’t. I’ll go out on a limb and give the advantage to Gros Coqs. 


So this game is going to come down to how well David from Bitter Boys can keep Dom in front of him and not allow him to run. This is a matchup of student vs teacher. Bitter Boys coached a lot of the Gros Coqs so now it is time to show them what they learnt or for the teachers to pull out a few trick they didn’t teach them. It will be a long game For Bitter Boys if they can’t keep Dom from running all over the place. Guess we will have to wait and see what happens. 



So last week we had three games scheduled then one team showed up late and there was a forfeit so I am not counting that in on my picks because I feel that the game should be played at another time. So out of those two games I actually only had to pick one game since I never pick games that my team is playing in. I went zero for one which brings me to a total of 12 for 18 on the year. It is below my expectations but it will have to do. This week we only have two games to pick from and one of those games is mine so one game only.

Trollers vs 4Simba NA

Bitter Boys vs Gros Coqs


That is it for this weeks pick and I know Bitter Boys are going to complain that I didn’t pick them to win especially after such a huge win last week. They have never really seen what Gros Coqs can do when they feel slighted.


Power Rankings 

So with one and two playing each other this weekend there was going to be a chance for some movement in my top three. So here they are. 


#1) Outlaws

#2) Trollers 



I’ve come to the conclusion that no one deserves the third spot. Henchmen got a free win this week. Bitter Boys won big against Revolucion this week. Gros Coqs can’t show up with a complete team every week. Revolucion have Raph playing QB. 4Simba only have one win and aren’t close in the standings. That is why I left the third spot blank. Anyone who wants it can say it is their team, but you didn’t earn it.


Final Thoughts

I want to let you all know that moving forward players need to avoid the refs on the sideline. No talking and stay at least 5 yards away or you team will be penalized. We need the refs to be focused on the game not talking to the players. Teams will be warned during the coin toss and after that flags will begin to fly. If you don’t like it then suck it up and deal with it. Three weeks left in the season and it is very tight for two playoff spots so play hard and try and get in. Remember we are out to have fun get some exercise so play safe and have fun. It’s only a game. 

Word from the Mouth: Week 7 - No Taunting! edition!

Word from the Mouth: Week 7 - No Taunting! edition!

This week we got lucky and had nice weather for all the games which was a bit surprising since it was supposed to rain on and off all day. On Sunday we were able to have our Canada day game and HOF inductions in some nice cool weather unlike last year which was 45 degrees. I want to say congratulation to Steve and Raph for getting inducted. Steve deserved it and Raph I’ll need to see the votes and bank statements for all that voted because it’s a little suspect. Now with that is out of the way we can move on to this past week’s games.


Week 6 recap

Les Gros Coqs vs Outlaws (18-32)

This is a classic matchup that is always a good game. In the past the Outlaws have had trouble with Les Gros Coqs and this was a rematch from the fall finals which saw Gros Coqs walk away with the title. This isn’t the same Outlaws team and this team has a better defense. I was told after the game that it was a closer game than it seemed. My source told me it was 2 bad picks thrown by Dom that was the big difference in the game. Outlaws have been hit hard by the injury bug this season. They have lost Andrew for the season, last week Adam Durant dislocated his shoulder and is out for an extended period of time, and now this week they lost another player in Vince. I hope all the injured Outlaws heal up and everything is ok and nothing is too serious. I’m now starting to wonder what Steve and the Outlaws are going to do. Both these teams are going to make the playoffs and probably play each other again.


Henchmen vs Bitter Boys (32-6)

I wasn’t able to see this game live and I didn’t hear much about it afterwards. But I do know that Henchmen almost had their full roster out and were able to beat up on the Bitter Boys. Carmelo was able to help out Henchmen by playing the whole game and not being thrown out for a second week in a row. Henchmen have a very solid team when they all show up, but they are a bunch of individuals and will need to gel as a team if they want to win big games. I can see that there is some cracks that if pushed can pull the team apart. It’s good that they don’t play my team until week 10 because I plan on blowing them up in that game. Bitter Boys have had a tough season and it will only get tougher, but they have been in games and have kept them close which has to be looked at as a victory for them. 


KOLB vs Bitter Boys (0-25)

This game was a forfeit and saved Bitter Boys from the whooping they would have gotten if they had played the Trollers. I just want to say that Bitter Boys being given the automatic win isn’t really cool thing. I was under the impression that they were going to play a game against a bunch of subs. If Bitter Boys get the free win everyone else that was supposed to play KOLB should be given the same choice. Get the free win or play a team of subs and if you lose it goes down as a loss. Think about that Mr. Commissioner (ed’s note: no).


4Simba vs Revolucion (14-26)

This game should have been 32-14, but Peter got called for a taunting penalty and ball was brought back on what was a pick 6. Newly inducted hall of famer Raph had a good game throwing 4 TDs and no picks, you can’t say that too often about Raph: no picks. 4Simbas have a few good players, but need to learn the game better and figure out what works and what doesn’t. They were also missing their best player in Louis Dufour and there are rumors that he might be hurt and miss a few games. Revolucion had strong performances from Peter getting 2 picks, Brendon getting 2 TDs, oh and they feel they have the best rusher in the league in Eric who walked away with 2 sacks. That was a great team effort to get the win, but you will need to keep winning if you want to make playoffs.


GOTW (Game of the Week)

Gros Coqs vs Henchmen

Normally I break it down by positions, but it makes it a little difficult since you never know who is going to show up for both teams. Both teams have a bunch of good player listed on their rosters and if everyone shows up it should be a really good game.


QB- You have 2 different styles of play. Jon likes to slow it down and eat up time off the clock. Jon is a very boring QB to watch and play against as nothing happens fast. I’m sure if we kept records for how many times a team calls a timeout with the play clock winding down while still in the huddle Jon would be way ahead of everyone else. Jon doesn’t really run and will get rid of the ball on those short reads all day long. Dom on the other hand will scramble around and buy so much extra time that someone will become open. Dom is the best runner that has ever played in the league so when he chooses to take off have fun trying to stop him. Dom might make a few more mistakes than Jon, but he also takes more chances. Since I have to give the advantage to one team I have to go and give it to Gros Coqs.


WR- Since I’m not sure who will show up I’m going to make this section is very short. Speaking of short that is what most of the Gros Coqs receivers are (ed’s note: is this even true anymore?), yes they are athletic and fast, but you can’t teach size. Henchmen have 2 guys that tower over everyone on Les Gros Coqs so all that Jon needs to do is throw it up high. With that being said I will go and give the advantage to the Henchmen just for the size factor.


Defense- Both teams have a good defense. Gros Coqs have lost a big piece without having Tommy there rushing. A great rusher is what has separated them from being a great defense. Henchmen have the guy leading the league in picks and they also have had a solid rush from both Andrew and Carmelo. I’m going to go and give the advantage to Henchmen, but I think they will have their hands full trying to stop Gros Coqs. 


This is a rematch from a few weeks ago and was won by Les Gros Coqs and I think this will end the same way with Gros Coqs walking away victorious. 



Last week we only had 3 games in the division and they weren’t easy games to pick from, but I had to. I still managed to get 2 out of 3 to bring me to a record of 12 of 17 games right. This week we only have 3 games and I only have to pick 2 teams to win since I never pick my teams game. So here are my picks winners in bold.


Outlaws vs Trollers NA

Revolucion vs Bitter Boys

Gros Coqs vs Henchmen 


Those are who I like this week and those are the teams that should win the games. One of those games will come down to who shows ups for both teams.


Power Rankings

Now I get to put who I feel are the top 3 teams in the division and at this point it is pretty obvious which teams are the top 2 teams are. The third spot was a little harder but I ended up looking over head to head and went with the following.

#1) Trollers

#2) Outlaws 

#3) Gros Coqs


Final Thoughts

So we are nearing the playoffs and we have 3 teams at 3-3 and 1 at 2-4, so that is a total of 4 teams looking to fight for the final 2 playoff spots. I am assuming that both the Trollers and Outlaws continue to play the way they have and will lock up a playoff spot, but anything can happen. So 4 teams and 2 spots, who gets in? I could tell you now but it will be more fun to let it play out and see where it all falls. This week remember play safe, have fun, and remember playoffs are coming so you better be ready.

Hall of Fame 2019 Inductees

Hall of Fame 2019 Inductees

Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday to celebrate Canada Day with the MFL!


It was a ton of fun with our Canada vs Quebec game, competitions, and beer and BBQ!


Congrats to our competition winners:

- Terry Babalis for both the Field Goal competition and 40 yard dash

- Jason representing the Aces in the QB accuracy competition

- Vince Granata for the punting distance competition (it was Vince, right?)


And huge congratulations to our 4 new inductees into the MFL Hall of Fame:

- Silvio Ciarrocchi in the builder category
- Kevin Kousaie in the builder category

- Raphael Levy in the player category
- Stephen Harripersaud in the player category


Again, thanks to everyone for a really fun day and happy Canada Day to all the MFL players!

Canada Day Games Tomorrow! Party de la fête du Canada demain!

Canada Day Games Tomorrow! Party de la fête du Canada demain!


Because of the weather, we are moving the start time of todays Canada Day games and events to 2:30 pm!

If you're a team captain, please pass this message on to your players in case they were planning on coming out!

En raison des conditions météorologiques, nous reportons l'heure de début des parties et des événements de la fête du Canada à 14h30!

Si vous êtes capitaine d'équipe, veuillez transmettre ce message à vos joueurs au cas où ils prévoyaient de sortir!



In case you didn't know, we're having our annual Canada Day league get together tomorrow, June 30th, at Le Ber Park starting at 2:30 pm!


It's a fun day of hanging out and having a few drinks and of course having our Canada vs Quebec vs The World tournament! You're free to come out and represent any of the teams that you want, although as we've mentioned before those of Dutch descent cannot participate for obvious reasons.


We're also going to have skills competitions for passing, dashing, punting, and (new this year) field-goaling!


So come on out and celebrate Canada day in the most Canadian way possible, by playing some football!


By the way, if anyone is of Dutch descent I am of course kidding. For whoever is reading this to them, please apologize if they were offended.



Si vous ne le saviez pas, notre ligue se réunira demain pour la fête du Canada, le 30 juin, au parc Le Ber à partir de 14h30 heures!


C’est une journée amusante où l’on peut passer du temps à boire un verre et à participer à notre tournoi Canada vs Québec vs Le Monde! Vous êtes libre de représenter les équipes de votre choix, même si, comme nous l’avons déjà mentionné, celles d’origine néerlandaise ne peuvent participer pour des raisons évidentes.


Nous allons également organiser des compétitions d'habiletés pour les passes, la course, le punting et le (nouveau cette année) field goal!


Venez donc célébrer la fête du Canada de la manière la plus canadienne possible en jouant au football!


À propos, si quelqu'un est d'origine néerlandaise, je plaisante bien sûr. Pour ceux qui leur en faisaient la lecture, veuillez vous excuser, s'ils ont été offensés.

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