Word from the Mouth: MFL Network edition!

Word from the Mouth: MFL Network edition!

Last weekend the weather really sucked for most of the games. I’m glad to see that every team showed up and didn’t forfeit because that would have really sucked for the team that did show up. I know that by the end of the day the field was really torn up in some places, no need to worry this week I will be setting up the fields a little differently so that we avoid those areas. This year we started using the field before it had recovered from last fall season, that won’t be the case next year. Jon and myself are planning on coming out a few weeks before the season is starting to fix up some of the holes and to plant grass, hopefully that will work and make the field looking great (ed’s note: and we may be getting a second field…)


Week 7 Recap

Division 1

Henchmen vs Outlaws (13-20)

The Outlaws seem to have won the game against a depleted Henchmen team. It was a really close game that almost went to overtime. Shyanne came up with a big pick in the end zone on what was the last play of the game. Jon was missing his best player and Dahic was hungover (ed’s note: and Kris was more sick than I’ve ever seen a player on the field!), if both are there and at 100% I think they win this game.


Bitter Boys vs Trollers (32-20)

Let me say that the Trollers are a disaster this season and were lucky to have beaten Bitter Boys last time. I played in this game and at no point did I feel that we were going to pull off the comeback win. Bitter Boys out played us on every level. Yes, Ben wasn’t there for the Trollers, but that wouldn’t have made a difference.

Revolucion vs Henchmen (45-43)

I’m not sure how you blow a 10 point halftime lead when you have “slow the game down Jon” playing QB. Even after blowing the lead they had with just under 2 minutes left you score and go for 2 points to tie the game and you don’t get it. All you need is a quick stop and you get ball back and a chance to win. You can’t do that and end up losing another close game. It seems like Revolucion are out to prove they are the top dog in the division.

Outlaws vs 4Simbas (12-38)

There was no defense being played by Outlaws in this game. They allowed 2 big scores to start the game on plays that were short plays. They just weren’t able to do anything on either side of the ball. 4Simbas have been playing good football since they switched over to Louis playing QB. He might not look pretty when throwing the ball, but somehow he gets the job done. I would say that if Steve was there it might have been a different game except for the way the defense played it most likely would have been the same if not worse.


Division 2 

Raccoons vs Centurions (29-18)

This ended up being a 6vs5 game. When you know you are going to have guys missing and arrange a sub not through the league you need to let that person know that you play in the rain (ed’s note: they did arrange a sub through the league and he was a no show). I was hoping to see a closer game between two of the better defenses in the division. I will give Centurions credit for keeping it as close as it was. Raccoons should have been able to march up and down all day and score on every drive. (ed’s note: My understanding is that the Raccoons agreed to play 5 v 5 in a very sportsmanlike manner)

Petits Phoques vs Iron Wolves (38-40)

Who knew that this would happen before the game started? I was shocked when I was told the score. I assumed 40-38 the other way. I then started to look into the stats and see that Iron Wolves had Mathieu from Raccoons and Meissa subbing so that really helped them out. I know that a few of Petit Phoques were away as well so that might have help contribute to them not playing like they should. I want to know what is the plan for them moving forward will it be Vince or Dom playing QB.

Deep Threats vs Nice TDs (21-33)

So Nice TDs were without their QB this week so Kris filled in at his old spot and did what was needed to get the win. I see that he had more runs then completions. I wonder how that made the rest of the team feel. Nice TDs aren’t the same team with Kris under center. Demario charges the line to force defense up on him to dump it off over the top. I know the conditions weren’t perfect on Saturday, but you need to pass the ball more. I’m not sure what has happened to Deep Threats recently. How does Svetna your best player only get 1 ball for 4 yards and no stats on defense? He needs to step up on defense and on offense you need to find ways to get the ball in his hands.

Space Apes vs D#Nasty (21-18)

When you start the game without your QB you figure that it can’t be good for you, right? That didn’t seem to be the case for Space Apes. Louis stepped in and drove the ball down the field and scored. Any decent team facing a backup QB shouldn’t allow the guy to drive in and score on his first possession. Former QB Kevin had a big day for D#Nasty with 3 scores. I asked Kevin before the game about playing QB again and he said he will be back slinging it around in the spring again. I can’t wait to see them get back on track and start to dominate again. D#Nasty had a few seconds left in the game to try and score the winning TD, which ended up being stopped by Louis the same guy who marched and score on the opening drive. What a way for a guy to start and end the game.

Centurions vs Space Apes (19-14)

This was both teams second game of the day so both were cold and tired. It was nice to see that Centurions had 6 players for this game. In this game Charles really struggled to keep the ball out of the other teams hands. He threw 5 picks, one to each player on the Centurions defense except for Stu. Stu, my guess is that he was afraid to throw in your direction since you would have it on lock down. This game was played at the worst time of the day when the weather was rotten. That’s not an excuse both and teams should have been able to play better. Next time you play each other it will be in the playoffs and I expect it to be a better game.

Dawgs vs Joey’s Haters (18-19)

Yes, Joey’s Haters won but it wasn’t a good win for you guys, where should I start. Ok so first off Dawgs didn’t have their QB or their best player. Yes you are reading that correctly, they also had a bunch of new guys trying out the league for the first time. Josh is a decent teacher when he only needs to explain things to one person, but when you have three it gets all confusing. Joey’s Haters should have walked all over Dawgs but weren’t able to. Does this make Dawgs a good team? No, it makes Joey’s Haters a bad team. I was hoping to see Dawgs continue their winning streak. 


Division 3 

Mustard Tigers vs Gold Rush (40-0)

This wasn’t really even a game. I’m not sure of exactly what happen to Gold Rush, they started the season off with so much promise. It looks like they hit the honey hole too early and couldn’t sustain it for the length of the season. Mustard Tigers are a very good team that might need to get bumped up next spring season. I personally don’t think they are that great of a team they just have so much more experience then the other teams that gives them a huge advantage. I think everyone on the team scored in this game. 

Mustard Tigers vs Professional Punter (27-0)

This was by far the best game that I have seen Professional Punters play all season or at least the first half. They might not have been able to move the ball that well, but they only surrendered 7 points in the first half. In the second half you could tell that giving everything in the first half really drained them. That is when it started to fall apart for them. I also would have liked to see the whole team out there. They ended up playing with 4 subs. I know it’s hard to play with new people every week and that is why you need to get your team out to build chemistry with them.

Thunder Buddies vs Beautes (21-19)

This was a tight game that was going back and forth. I have to know what Brain was thinking going for a 1 point convert being up 4 points. Just a heads up for next time always go for 2 in that case being up 4 or 5 makes no difference, going for 2 and being up 6 is a score to tie not take the lead. You have been around long enough you should know this. So after the game I was told that my son Nick got the game winning TD. That’s good for him, but to me the game winning TD shouldn’t happen with 5:35 left on the clock (ed’s note: father of the year). Yes it was the score that put them up but there was still plenty of time to go and score. That is just how I feel about it. 


Picks & Why 

Division 1

Henchmen vs 4Simbas 

I just had to pick against 4Simbas since I think their luck will run out this week. 4Simbas have beaten teams the last few weeks that should never have happened and that is why Henchmen will win.

Revolucion vs Bitter Boys 

Revolucion are too strong of a team this season and shouldn’t have much of a problem with Bitter Boys. I just wonder who complains first Mario about a BS call in his mind or Michael on a No Call. I will say that this will be a physical game and it will need to be kept in check or it will get out of hand.

Trollers vs Outlaws NA

These 2 teams always have close games that come down to a play here or there. That will be the case in this one as well. Both teams know each other and what they will do it becomes a case of who executes better and with fewer mistakes.

Division 2

Space Apes vs Iron Wolves

Iron Wolves won last week and might feel they have some momentum. They shouldn’t, they had subs do most of the damage. As long as Charles plays like he did in the first game this past week they will win, if he plays like he did in the second your guess is as good as mine.

D#Nasty vs Nice TDs 

I’m going with Nice TDs because they are the better team. I say that, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see D#Nasty go out and hand Nice TDs their first lost on the season. At the start of the year this would have been my pick for the title it could still end up that way. Lets see how this plays out. 

Petits Phoques vs Old School 

I just think that Old School up and down the roster are a better team. Petits Phoques are top heavy with a huge drop off after the top few players. Old School, as long as Dahic is there, have a chance in any game.

Deep Threats vs Raccoons 

I think that after the last few games they will go back to being dominant again. This game will come down to JC, how he handles a very fast rusher and a defense that will make you pay for every mistake you make. Players to step up. 

Centurions vs Dawgs

Centurions defense is better than Dawgs offense and should be able to generate a few turnovers. I also feel that their offense is better that the defense they will be facing. If they can eliminate Dave running around and Max finding open areas to get the ball in they should have no problems with Dawgs.

Division 3

Mustard Tigers vs Thunder Buddies 

I had to pick Mustard Tigers since I know that their team will show up. The last few games Thunder Buddies have missed a few player and I already know they will be down 1 this week. I want to see both teams at full strength to play a game.

Gold Rush vs Mustard Tigers 

This is a rematch from this past week that will end the same way. Maybe not the score but Mustard Tigers will be victorious. Gold Rush needs players to step up if they want any chance at winning this game.

Professional Punters vs Gold Rush

I would love to see Professional Punters pull off the victory, I just cant see how they can. Travis is going to be the best player on the field and if someone can get him the ball he should have a field day.


Power Rankings  

Division 1

#1- Revolucion

#2- Outlaws

#3- Henchmen 

Division 2

#1- Nice TDs

#2- Old School

#3- Centurions 

Division 3

#1- Mustard Tigers

#2- Thunder Buddies

#3- Beautes 

So my Rankings are pretty much the same as last week with only 1 switch happening. Out of all the divisions 1 was the hardest to pick as everyone beat up on each other. 4Simba is making a case that they should be added to the list. I will say that with 2 wins do you really deserve to be on my list, win this week and we can see if you make it. Division 2 could have a lot of movement if certain thing happen and division 3 is really a fight for that third spot at least right now.


Player of the Week sponsored by Les Spiritueux Iberville. You can follow them on Facebook @spiritueuxiberville and on Insta @spiritueuxiberville Great alcohol with a great taste by one of MFL’s own Mario. Help support a local business, go follow them and go pick up a bottle or two from the SAQ.

Now it is time for me to pick 1 player from each division who put up some great numbers and helped their team win. 

Division 1

- Marvin (Revolucion) Marvin has been playing hard all season and has wondered when he might make it as my player of the week. Well after weeks of trying has made it. Last week he caught 8 passes for 121 yards, 3 scores and a 1 point convert. He didn’t do anything on defense as teams try to avoid going his way.

Division 2

- Louis (Space Apes) Louis did it all in this game. He had to start at QB since Charles was late. He ended up going 6 for 9 for 46 yards and 1 TD. Then he switched over to receiver and pulled in 7 balls for 78 yards, 2 TDs and a 1 point convert. Then on defense he had 2 tackles and a pick to seal the game on the last play.

Division 3

- Nick (Thunder Buddies) Nick is by far the youngest player in the league and he might not get great stats every week and this week he had an average day, but was able to bring in the game winning TD. On the day he caught 3 passes for 18 yards, 1 TD and a 1 point convert. On defense he managed to make 1 tackle. 

So after going over everyones stats and look at how their team did I have decided to give Les Spiritueux Iberville player of the week to Louis from Space Apes.

Q – I know you play multiple positions. What do you prefer playing? Why and which are you best at?

A – I’ve always played receiver at the Z position, so I’d say that’s my best position. I rarely have the chance to play QB, but I really enjoy it. When I subbed a few weeks ago with 4Simba it worked well so we decided to continue this way. It helps a lot to have great receivers to distribute the ball to like we have on this team. Hopefully we can continue to be successful.

Q – I know in past season you played with most of these guys on OG Panthers and when you guys split up you didn’t come back with the guys. What made you decide to come back and play with them now?

A – I really enjoyed playing with Charles and Terry when we had OG Panthers. When we split up, they kept playing and I knew I’d probably be playing with them again. Terry kept asking me each season if I wanted to come back, but I just had personal reasons for not being able to commit. Now that I’ve come back its really fun playing with them again.

Q – Who is the best player that you have lined up against in the division? And who is the hardest player in the division that you have had to guard?

A – I think Dahic really stands out this season defensively. He covers so much ground you feel like you lost him and he still makes a play.

Hardest player to cover is Smuda, no doubt. This guy is a mismatch for pretty much everybody.

Q – What is it going to take to make this a successful season? Is the team more important than personal stats?

A – We really want to come back and make a playoff run with 4Simba. So we need to win the next few games, that’s what’s important at the moment.

Q – If the league arranged a game between 4Simba and Space apes who would win? Would you have a better day throwing or receiving?

A – 4Simba would win, but there’s talented players on Space apes for sure. I’ve had a blast throwing for 4Simba the last few weeks so I’d definitely say I’d have a better day throwing.


Final Thoughts 

Even after all these weeks you can still tell the difference between the divisions. In division 1 guys know what to do in most situations, division 2 guys are aware of some things but not all, in division 3 they have no real idea. I hope that the players in lower divisions are paying attention to situations and learning from them. 


I will say even with all the football that I have played since I was 11, I’m still learning new things. For example if a team only has 5 players and decided not to rush the QB should charge the line every play to see if the defense steps up if not he should run every second play forcing the defense to rush a player. Then the QB needs to find the guy not being covered and exploit it for as long as he can. You also need to learn when and when not to use timeouts. Using timeouts in some case is a good thing and in others it’s a bad thing, using them too early can hurt you at the end of the game. Just try and be smart when you are on the field. 


We are down to 3 weeks left in the season so remember the rule for subs they need to be approved from the league and no one that is not on the roster is able to throw the ball or your team will be giving up 6 points for every attempt. I want everyone to go out, have fun and be safe.

Word from the Mouth: Between the Fields is Lava edition!

Word from the Mouth: Between the Fields is Lava edition!

Last week we had the heat back and let’s hope we can have it for another few weeks (ed’s note: we won’t…). Maybe not so much heat, just no rain (ed’s note: looks like rain…). Playing flag in the rain sucks for everyone. We aren’t allowed fumbles, you can’t tackle anyone, and it makes the ball so much harder to catch. At least this season we will be finishing 2 weeks earlier than normal. So today I received an email about an MFL tailgate party followed by the Alouettes vs Toronto game. The tailgate will take place at 7pm on Friday October 18, 2019. If you are interested you can speak to your captain for more details or speak to Jon about it on Saturday. I also want to let everyone know that moving forward players are no longer allowed in between the fields and they will be penalized for it if they are. If you need a replacement flag speak to the ref of your game and he will give you authorization. Now let’s get in to some game coverage.


Week 6 Recap

Division 1 

Henchmen vs 4Simbas (32-19)

This game was closer than I expected especially since 4Simbas were without their QB this week. It was a good effort by Louis filling in at QB, without the experience he didn’t stand much of a chance. I will say that I was a little disappointed with the stats put up by Henchmen. When you end up with a short field all day guess that explains it. I want to know in what world can Jon and Demario have the same yards per carry? (ed’s note: In the same world where Jon has two picks in one game against the Mighty Holy Trollers!)


4Simbas vs Trollers (26-20)

Good job 4Simbas, you beat a Trollers team that people used to fear. The Trollers are nowhere near where they should be at this point in the season. The score looks close, but it really wasn’t a close game. First play of the game Trollers had a blown coverage, which almost went for 6. With under 1 minute left and only 1 timeout left Trollers were done, except 4Simbas kept playing instead of ending the game. A pick happened on the next play, breathing life back into the Trollers. They were able to get the ball into the red zone with 2 or 3 chances to tie and possible win the game. As you see from the score that didn’t happen and they lost. (BONUS DIV 1 ONLY ED'S NOTE!!!: I was asked to let everyone know that Kevin "The Mouth" Kousaie himself dropped the potential game winning TD pass at the end of the game!) (ed’s note: the offense can choose to end the game if they could run out the clock by muffing a series of snaps and 4Simba could have done that, but I’m not sure they knew!)


Trollers vs Revolucion (27-28) OT 

This was another game where it looks close, but it really wasn’t. Trollers had to fight for every yard they got. To me it looks like the old Trollers where it is a 1 or 2 man show. Max hasn’t been on since he came back from Europe. I just want him to know that in North America when we say football we don’t mean soccer. This team will only go as far as he can lead them. Revolucion played a good game from start to finish. I will also say that in OT there were a few Trollers open that should have ended up getting the pass. It’s over and done with now we will see this matchup again and by then hopefully the Trollers figure it out. 


Bitter Boys vs Outlaws (33-43)

So as you can see Outlaws won the game once again. I was talking with a few guys after the game and they mentioned that it was a rough game with players running into each other, hitting QBs. We all know that this is no contact right? We also know that when you play bitter Boys you better get ready ‘cause it will be physical game, this is just something you need to deal with. Over the weekend I watched a show with Michael Irvin and he said that you need to know your opponents and be prepared for it week in and week out. Playing a physical team hit the gym, playing a fast team work on quickness and stamina. This is what you need to do in the game of football. That is just what it is.


Division 2 

Joey’s Haters vs Raccoons (25-38)

This wasn’t a great day for Hall of Fame QB Steve. On the stat sheet it shows 4 TDs if you include the 3 he threw to the other team, in which case it was a great day. This was a very defensive game. Raccoons lost their starting QB Seb when he got his hand hit and dislocated his finger. Even after we tried to pop it back it he left to go to doctors. Hope it is ok. I thought when Seb went out that it was going to be over for them. Etienne stepped in and did a fabulous job leading them to the victory. It also helped that the the defense really stepped up. I thought Joey’s Haters might have turned the corner after last weeks win as you see that didn’t happen.


D#Nasty vs Deep Threats (32-20)

Just like a few weeks ago Deep Threats were down before the game started since they were late to the field. So at seasons start D#Nasty had Kevin at QB then his shoulder gave out and they moved onto Max and it looks like they might have moved on from Max to Alex. I guess at this point of the season you need to try anything to win right. Deep Threats had a complete game from everyone. I’m not sure of exactly what happened but JC ended up throwing 3 picks which probably cost them the game plus the free 6 they gave for being late. Come on guys show up on time and play your game.


Space Apes vs Old School (12-33)

I had the pleasure of talking with Charles after the game and he was like it’s not fair having to throw the ball against Dahic. Even when he is on the other side of the field he still ends up picking the ball off. I suggest that Dahic has to wear a chain and ball on defense just to even the playing field for the rest of the division. I don’t think Old School is a super powerful team, but they have been together for years now and it also helps that Dahic can get anywhere on the field on any play.


Iron Wolves vs Dawgs (20-26)

This was a 20-20 game at halftime and I was hoping for some more offense in the second half. That really didn’t happen. I think that with the additions of Josh and Travis this could give Dawgs a chance at making the playoffs and maybe even upsetting a team. I know that this has been a long tough season for Iron Wolves so far, they are a newer team and will take some time to gel. I just wonder will they win a game this season? I would like to point out that Jon had 2 picks on Saturday and since he can’t get the ball into the end zone he might want to take it away from the other team so they can’t either. Dawgs are on a winning streak, how long can it last?


Division 3  

Professional Punters vs Gold Rush (12-0)

So Professional Punters get into the win column and can now build off of it. I liked Gold Rushes chances to win this one, I just don’t know what happened. Gold Rush was on a streak a few games ago and now it looks as if the gold has run out and all they have left are quartz. I felt Gold Rush was a legitimate title contender and after the last few weeks it might be time to write them off. I just looked over the play by play and now see how they pulled a few subs that are good. Always help. Gold Rush needs Nick to play better under center for them to win and he needs to spread it around.


Beautes vs Gold Rush (28-9)

After the game Brian tells me to check out his stats cause he thinks he had a monster game. Going 17 of 27 for 136 yards 4 TDs, 2 picks and running 7 times for 17 yards isn’t a great day. You had a sub that caught 4 passes for 70 yards so take those off and you had a below average day. It also helps that the defense walked away with 5 picks and 2 sacks. Right now Gold Rush is a disaster, plus this was their second game of the day. I will say that you and the team are getting better, you just need to be more consistent each game.


Mustard Tigers vs Thunder Buddies (45-19)

I’m not really sure what to say about this one. Mustard Tigers came out and asserted their dominance right from the start. The last few weeks Mustard Tigers have been playing great football. This is the matchup that brings the 2 best teams in the division head to head. If this is a finals preview Thunder Buddies need to figure it out and quickly. At the start of the season Mustard Tigers told me they have a problem with a running QB, I have to assume they figured out how to stop one since Terry had 8 rushes for 1 yard. I know Terry wants to become a better passer but sometimes you just have to do whatever it takes to win the game.


Picks & Why 

Division 1

Henchmen vs Outlaws  

So I was so close to picking Henchmen in this one then I realized that Jon is playing QB and Outlaws will be able to stop the short pass and make tackles. I also don’t see Steve turning the ball over which means it will end up being a low scoring game as both QBs are about possession and clock management.

Bitter Boys vs Trollers NA

This is always a tough game between theses 2 teams and it will be that way again this week. Last time Bitter Boys lost, but were missing their best 2 players. This game will be decided by Max and how he plays and keeps his composure.

Revolucion vs Henchmen

Henchmen won last time and I see it happening again this week. Henchmen have way too many weapons to be stopped and have started to gel as a unit. I can see this coming down to the last few plays with Henchmen needing to score and getting it.

Outlaws vs 4Simbas 

This one can go either way, by either way I mean blowout or close game. Outlaws are too stacked and are too experienced to loss this one. The only thing that might save 4Simbas is that it will be Outlaws second game of the day.


Division 2

Raccoons vs Centurions 

Both teams play great defense. So I had to look at the offense to pick the winner here and since I’m not sure about Seb and that makes it hard to pick the Raccoons, so I say Centurions win by 2 scores.

Petit Phoques vs Iron Wolves

Iron Wolves are a mess right now and I had Petit Phoques possibly making it to the finals so the choice was easy. Should Iron Wolves win I would be shocked and might have to stop giving Petit Phoques any respect.

Deep Threat vs Nice TDs

Both teams are solid, after the way Deep Threat played last week I can’t pick them to win against a team that has Demario and Andrew. Both of those guys are top talent in division 1 and shouldn’t be allowed on field at the same time at least on defense.

Space Apes vs D#Nasty 

This was a really hard choice to make. I think D#Nasty is the overall better team but are unsettled at QB. Space Apes if they march the ball and don’t take too many shots they should be able to win. They will also need to get good pressure all game on whoever is playing QB for D#Nasty.

Centurions vs Space Apes 

I picked them because of the defense. They have a good rusher and cover well on the back end. I just hope Guillaume takes his time and reads the defense properly and hits the open player. This is the second game for both teams so you figure that won’t matter except Centurions have 3 hours in between games. 

Dawgs vs Joey’s Haters

This is where Dawgs winning streak ends. I feel that after all that Joey’s Haters have gone through they will finally put it together and start winning. This is a very evenly matched game that will come down to which QB makes the least mistakes and that will be Steve.


Division 3 

Mustard Tigers vs Gold Rush

So this would be a closer game if I had any confidence in Nick at QB. I think Mustard Tigers are a stronger team from top to bottom with the exception of Travis. If Gold Rush gets great QB play from Nick they might stand a chance, if not expect a long day with a lot of points from Mustard Tigers.

Mustard Tigers vs Professional Punters 

This is going to be a blowout. Mustard Tigers are good enough to be moved up to division 2, it would just be hard fought games every weekend. This is a mismatch that unless Professional Punters get a few subs don’t stand a chance.

Beautes vs Thunder Buddies 

I have to say that Thunder Buddies are a better team. If Terry has a bad game then this can go either way. If Beautes want a chance to win Brian needs to perform better than last week. I see Thunder Buddies running away with this one as they look to prove last week was a fluke.


Power Rankings  

Division 1

#1- Outlaws

#2- Henchmen

#3- Revolucion    

Division 2

#1- Nice TDs

#2- Old School

#3- Centurions 

Division 3

#1- Mustard Tigers

#2- Thunder Buddies

#3- Beautes 

So moving forward you won’t be seeing the Trollers up on this list again as I feel they stink and can’t seem to play a complete game. I would have kept Deep Threats up on my list but they don’t seem to know that they need to show up on time. Gold Rush got knocked off because of inconsistencies. Out of all the divisions I think division 2 is where anyone can make it up here. Divisions 1 & 3 are the smallest with the widest gap between teams. I know some of you might not be happy that you got bumped or that I don’t pick your team to win, that should motivate you and your team to play better. Remember we can only have 1 winner and all the other teams are losers. Get you team together and get going.  


Player of the Week sponsored by Les Spiritueux Iberville You can follow them on Facebook @spiritueuxiberville and on Insta @spiritueuxiberville Great alcohol with a great taste by one of MFL’s own Mario. Help support a local business, go follow them and go pick up a bottle or two from the SAQ.

Now it is time for me to pick 1 player from each division who put up some great numbers and helped their team win. 

Division 1

- Smuda (Outlaws) He always seems to have huge games and this week was no different. He hauled in 11 balls for 121 yards, 4 TD, 3 1-point converts. That is just offense on defense he had only 3 tackles. It was a slow game for him in that department.

Division 2

- Dahic (Old School) This week his passing and rushing numbers weren’t that fantastic, it was the defense that stood out to me. He went 17 of 30 for 118 yards, 4 TDs, 3 1-point converts, he also ran 4 times for 25 yards and 1 TD. On defense he picked off 3 balls and had 1 pass defended. 

Division 3 

- Brian (Mustard Tigers) He killed it this week completing 84% of his passes for 243 yards, 6 TDs, 3 1-point converts. Brian was also sacked twice for 9 yard loss and he was also picked off once. He did a fabulous job of spread the ball around and keeping the defense guessing.

All 3 players chosen are well deserving of a Bottle of alcohol from our sponsor Les Spiritueux Iberville but we can only have 1 winner and after getting fed back from my panel the winner is Smuda from Outlaws.

Q – How does it feel knowing that you are able to take over a game whenever you want? 

A - I appreciate the compliment, but truthfully, I don't feel I can take over a game whenever I want.  It's a team game.  Sure, you can shut me down, but then you're gonna leave Remy open for a streak down the sidelines or Eric open with a quick out and 10 yards ahead of him to run.  It's all about managing the game and taking what the defenses give you.  If there's any one player who can take over a game, it would have to be a quarterback. 

Q – I know not many teams are able to stop you, but which team seems to give you the most trouble?

A – No single team comes to mind. But if I had to choose, I would say the teams that have been around the longest such as the Trollers or Revolucion. Those teams have seen all my moves and know my strengths and weaknesses the best.  

Q – So when the Krakens folded what made you go and join the Outlaws?

A – When the Krakens first disbanded, Steve approached me with the goal of joining forces to win the championship (something neither of our teams had accomplished in a while at that point).  However, the decision on which team to play for was pretty simple.  The Outlaws were the only team to reach out to me.  The rest is history.

Q- Do you feel the Outlaws are stronger this season then last season? Are you guys going repeat this season and who is going to give you the biggest challenge?

A – I'm undecided on whether Outlaws are stronger this season compared to last. It may be too early to tell. Last year, I feel like we had great chemistry with all our teammates. But we had some player shakeups due to injuries and guys leaving on vacation in the fall. I think this year's team has the potential to be stronger, but we still have some work ahead of us to build the team chemistry. In terms of our biggest challenege, there's a few teams this year that I think can win it all. Henchman have looked very good this season. We only beat the Trollers by one completion in the finals a month ago so they're always a risk. I think the biggest challenge will be the Revolucion though.  They're hungry for a championship and Michael Roy is stud QB who surrounded himself with a lot of athletic receivers.  

Q – How does it feel wanting to be just like me? Since we have so many similarities. I was born first and you copied my name. I joined MFL, you followed, I bought a Cruze so did you, I live in west Island, you followed. What is up with that, coincidence? I think not? Now explain.

A - Nahhhhh. Those are just coincidences. If I really wanted to be like you, I'd start trash-talking and dropping passes!


Final Thoughts 

I very glad to see that we don’t have the same type of injuries to our starting QBs like they have in the NFL. We all are here in the league because we all love football. I have said that I’m not a huge CFL fan, but I will say that when teams are moving the ball it is way more exciting than the NFL. The NCAA is better to watch than the NFL since the guys try harder, games are more exciting. The problem with all these leagues is that there are so few really good matchups. Even when we get what seems to be a good matchup it ends up stinking. Our league has improved on this and we will continue to get better. Once we start to employ player ratings and team caps it will bring teams a lot closer together and eliminate the huge disparity between teams. With all that being said I want to remind everyone that we are playing for fun. So go out, have fun, and be safe. 

Word from the Mouth: Half Way Done edition!

Word from the Mouth: Half Way Done edition!

We had a few interesting games last week and a few that were a complete shit show. On Sunday I went to watch my son play football and realized that some people only care about winning and don’t care what the score is. The other team ran the score up and then tried to celebrate on the field afterwards. That’s not cool and the same should be said about teams in this league. I know everyone cares about stats, but a win is a win, doesn’t matter if it’s by 1 point or 50. There is such a thing as winning with class. I hate when my team runs up the score and I hate seeing other teams do it as well. This is how fights happen or the next time they play it becomes a very physical game in a game that is supposed to be contact free. Let’s have some class and respect your opponent enough to not let it get to that.


Week 4 Recap

Division 1

Outlaws vs Revolucion (45-27)

This was a decent game to watch that at first could have gone either way. I will say that Outlaws played a solid game from start to finish. Revolucion did nothing to help their case to be a top team in the division. Last week they caught everything and this week they couldn’t catch a cold. They dropped balls, missed tackles and didn’t run good routes. Every now and then you have a game like that and you need to just forget it and move on.


Bitter Boys vs 4Simbas (45-12)

After the game I spoke to Jeremy from 4Simbas to ask what happened and he said that he stunk up the place. He wasn’t making good reads he wasn’t able to run. 4Simbas are a young and athletic team that should have shown up early like they planned. For Bitter Boys it was their first win of the season, good job. It was more of Guillaume show with 5TDs on offense and Pat being the star on defense with 1 sack, 2 picks and 6 tackles. It was also nice to see Mario celebrate a win since his JETS are losing tonight to the Browns. Sorry Mario no QB no chance to win.


Henchmen vs Trollers (18-20)

This was a really bad game for both teams. Max back after 2 weeks off looked horrible, 5 picks with 2 to Jon that all he did on was read his eyes. Max you need to look off more. Don’t worry it wasn’t much better for Henchmen. Even with all those short fields Jon couldn’t punch it in. Henchmen ran the same 4 or 5 plays all day and were able to get first downs at will they just stalled in the red zone over and over again. I have seen enough games of Jons to know what he will do, but everyone thinks they know better so things like this happens. 


Division 2  

Petit Phoques vs Centurions (14-20)

So this one was a game on paper that you could make a case to win either way. Petit Phoques have the offense and Centurions have the defense, something was going to give and in this game it was Vince’s groin (ed’s note: zing!). He ended up pulling himself out and Dom stepped in. That didn’t matter since Centurions defense was on point and smothered everything that Petit Phoques tried. Offense will win you games, but a great defense will help you win titles.


D#Nasty vs Dawgs (0-6)

I saw this game completely and I really didn’t think it was going to end with a score like that. I have to remember that Max is QB and not Kevin and there is a down grade at both QB and receiver. Kevin is more experienced and it will take Max some time to get there. Dawgs are getting better each week. They have now won 2 games in a row, this could be the start of something. It helps that Dave has more than just Max to throw to now. Josh was a very good acquisition to the roster. Dawgs will need to have a few more games like this before they are considered to be a top team in the division, but they are on the right track.


Joey’s Haters vs Petit Phoques (32-30)

So this was another hard game for Petit Phoques. It came down to the very last play of the game. Petit Phoques are a solid team that just need to gel and figure out a rotation. They have players that can do it all so they will be fine. So Joey’s Haters finally get in the win column, good job it’s about time. This was a complete team effort except for Rob who was trying to be a 1 man show. I saw Francis caught 9 balls, the question now is how many did he drop and the pick that Steve threw was it off his hands? So congratulations on the win, now try to keep it up. 


Nice TDs vs Space Apes (41-18)

Nice TDs seem to be the cream of the crop when it comes to division 2. They have the best QB in the division, the best WR in the division and the best overall defense in the division. Teams need to stop throwing the ball anywhere near Demario he is going to pick it off 75% of the time. In order to beat Nice TDs you will need to play mistake free and control the clock you won’t match them score for score. Controlling the clock will give you a chance. If Nice TDs have one weakness it is at rusher. The game wasn’t out of hand until the second half where Space Apes needed to score quickly which is when the interceptions happened.


Raccoons vs Old School (18-19)

This game came down to the last play. Raccoons scored with 26 seconds left in the game. This normally seals the win for your team. I guess Old School had other plans. They didn’t just try for that one big scoring play they knew they had timeouts and could work the ball down the field without having to worry. Even if they needed to long throw to the end zone Dahic could do it with ease. They got the ball to the 10 yard line with a few seconds left. Raccoons batted the first pass away, they could not do the same on the last play. It went for a TD and Old School won the game without needing to attempt the convert. This is why converts are so important.


Deep Threats vs Iron Wolves (25-21)

So this wasn’t as close as the scores says. Iron Wolves scored on the last play of the game and at that point didn’t mean anything to Deep Threats. I never would have thought that Deep Threats would win a game where Svetna was used as a secondary receiver at best. The funny thing here is that Deep Threats used to only go deep and didn’t win many games and now JC is going short and they are hard to stop. Iron Wolves have a few new players that are learning the game and will take a while to fully understand it. I feel that by now everyone knows Jon is going to go short and control the clock. That is fine, but you see it isn’t working, ask JC how to throw the deep ball and maybe you can win a few games. They use to go deep and lose, now he adjusted to go short and is winning you need to do the opposite and you might win a game.


Division 3

Thunder Buddies vs Gold Rush (30-19)

This one was decided by QB play. Terry might have had his best game behind center all year and Nick completed 8 passes. I will say that Nick had a better day running the ball with 3 carries for 28 yards, and Terry 7 carries for 8 yards. I thought that this would be a tighter game than it was. I think that if Gold Rush gets better QB play they will have a chance at the end of the year. Gold Rush also needs someone not named Travis to step up and produce. 


Professional Punters vs Mustard Tigers (16-48)

This wasn’t close from the very start. There were too many bad plays by Professional Punters. You guys aren’t a great team so taking stupid penalties are going to hurt you, it also almost cost you a TD. Celebrating, taunting before you get into end zone and then again on a two point convert spiking the ball? Come on get it together. During the game Mustard Tigers were suggesting that I make Marilou my player of the week and she very well could be. She had 2 TDs and 2 converts, she also gave up rushing to play safety where her replacement had 3 sacks and 2 safeties, so I’m not sure who I will pick. Just imagine how much better your stats would have looked if you had all that as well.


Beautes vs Professional Punters (19-0)

This was not an offensive game at all. It was a game that Beautes won because Brian can run and or no one could keep up or chase him down. I still feel that Brian needs to throw the ball more and run less. When you only complete 9 passes and run 8 times it doesn’t make it fun for the rest of the team. Professional Punters need to find a go to guy and quickly. Matt is a sold rusher but they need to find some offense. Beautes have a respectable roster they just need to be more consistent. Brian have a little more faith in your guys. 


Picks & Why 

Division 1

Henchmen vs 4Simbas 

This should be a good close game. I have to go and give Henchmen the win since I feel they are more organized. Both teams are athletic and quick. Jon will find the weakness and exploit it.

4Simbas vs Trollers NA 

I think 4Simbas will come in a little tired after their first game and that will be a good thing for the Trollers. The defense wasn’t the problem last week it was the play from their QB. This game can go either way.

Trollers vs Revolucion NA

Trollers will be looking for revenge after they got smoked by them two weeks ago. Revolucion will be looking for the sweep. I don’t think that it will be the same as last time. Trollers will have their QB and Revolucion might come in a little cocky after last time they played.

Bitter Boys vs Outlaws 

Last time these two teams played they weren’t able to stop Guillaume, but I think this time they will. I can see Outlaws beating up on Bitter Boys and once they are down keep them there. I think that if Bitter Boys can keep it close for the first half they might have a chance. They can’t turn it over or else that will be the end of them.


Division 2 

Joey’s Haters vs Raccoons 

I said it last week I was a hater and I’m sticking to it. Raccoons have a great rusher and should make some problems for Steve. I just think that the chemistry is there for Raccoons and are really in need of a win and they will pull together and get the win.

D#Nasty vs Deep Threats

Deep Threats are no longer the easy win they were before. They will come out play solid defense and march the ball down your throat. Oh and if you let them, they will hit Svetna over the top. I don’t know what has happened to D#Nasty they use to be the best team that would beat you into submission. Those days are gone and this is what they are left with. Solid players that just can’t pull it together. 

Space Apes vs Old School 

Old School will win because Dahic is the best overall player on both sides of the ball. Charles will need to avoid Dahic at all cost. Space Apes need to jump on every ball that is bobbled to have a shot at winning. Both teams are similar on all levels, they both have ups and downs and that is why this was a tricky one to pick.

Iron Wolves vs Dawgs

I think Dawgs will continue to roll this week. Dave has another week of at least two solid receivers in Max and Josh. Will that be enough to beat the Wolves with a few new pups on the roster? I hope for Iron Wolves that Ian decides to show up and help out, if not Mauricio will be catching a lot of balls (ed’s note: Ian in, Mau out). I’d say Jon I’ll come help you out, but I feel like that would be cheating. Message me and we can talk. 


Division 3

Professional Punters vs Gold Rush 

Unless the Professional Punters find some offense this week they will lose this game. That is unless Matt just gets safeties all day. No, I just don’t see them having a way to stop Travis. He is the best player on either of those 2 teams and maybe even in the division.

Beautes vs Gold Rush 

They will be winning twice this week. They will force Brian to throw and they will pick the ball off. I also wonder how they will try to stop Travis from doing whatever he wants. This will be a tight game that will favor (ed’s note: “favour”. Canada.) Gold Rush.


Power Rankings  

Division 1

#1- Outlaws

#2- Trollers 

#3- Revolucion    

Division 2

#1- Nice TDs

#2- Deep Threats 

#3- Centurions 

Division 3

#1- Thunder Buddies

#2- Mustard Tigers

#3- Gold Rush 

So that is how my top 3 played out this week. I was very conflicted in division 1 as everyone has beaten everyone else and there is no clear cut number 2 or 3 team right now. I put Trollers at number 2 only because the loss was without their regular QB. I also know that Henchmen beat Revoluion, after the way they played this week I couldn’t keep them on my list. They should have easily won this week and would have ended up at number 2. Division 2 is starting to pull away. Nice TDs are the cream of the crop, Deep Threats are establishing themselves as a team to watch out for, Centurions best defense out there.  There are still some really good teams out there that can make a run for the top. Division 3 should come as no surprise to anyone.


Player of the Week sponsored by Les Spiritueux Iberville You can follow them on Facebook @spiritueuxiberville and on Insta @spiritueuxiberville Great alcohol with a great taste by one of MFL’s own Mario. Help support a local business, go follow them and go pick up a bottle or two from the SAQ.

Now it is time for me to pick 1 player from each division who put up some great numbers and helped their team win. 

Division 1

- Guillaume (Bitter Boys) So this week Guillaume was able to haul in 9 passes for 152 yards 5 TDs. Yes that is correct and not a typo. Not only did he get great stats he also helped his team get their first win of the season.

Division 2

- Rob (Joey’s Haters) Rob not only put the team on his back this week he help secure his teams first win. Rob pulled down 11 balls for 120 yards and 3 scores. On the defensive side of the ball he made 3 tackles and also included a pick.

Division 3

- So for this pick I’m going to do something new and pick 2 players from the same team. So I picked Marilou and Tyler (Mustard Tigers). Marilou killed it on offense with 3 catches for 58 yards 2 TDs and 2 1-point converts. Tyler had 2 catches for 12 yards and 1 TD. Tyler wasn’t picked because of his offense, but on defense he had 3 sacks and 2 of those were safeties.


All 4 of the players chosen are well deserving of a Bottle of alcohol from our sponsor Les Spiritueux Iberville, but we can only have 1 winner and after getting feedback from my panel the winner is Guillaume from Bitter Boys. 

Q – So what’s it really like playing with a guy as intense as Mario? How do you guys keep him calm?

A – He is indeed very intense! It motivates the group to know that Mario will give his 100% on every play. He expects a lot from himself and we try to respond and give our captain as much as we can. I can’t say that we control him. He is intense, but always respectful and I don’t ever recall him taking a penalty for that. No need for control!

Q – I have seen that you play in other leagues and was wondering if your services are for hire and what will it take to get you on to my team? Not the Trollers unless you want to then we can find you a spot. 

A – I just love playing flag football and I try to play as often as possible. There is one thing to do if you want me to play in a team: get a good quarterback. Flag football is a game of quarterback and if you don’t have a good one, you don’t win. We are well served in the Bitter Boys with JS! He does a really good job finding the open guys.

Q – Would you consider yourself the best player in the division? Who would your top 5 be?

A – There are a couple of very good players in the division. I am confident that on my good days, I can be in the top players of this league. My top 5 would probably include Smuda, JC, Benjamin, Pat St-Martin and Max.

Q – Who is the one player that you don’t want to see line up across from you since you know it will be a long day and you won’t get any balls? 

A – Having a good player in front of me motivates me to perform. Ben or JC of the Holly Trollers could definitely make my day harder. Otherwise, there are no particular player. It would be more about defensive strategies than particular players.

Q- Final Question, which NFL QB would you like to catch passes from and why?

A - I guess I would have to pick Drew Brees or Rodgers. I just love the intensity they bring to the game and it would be an honor to meet these guys and catch ball from them.  

Thank you for taking part and having a little fun. 


Final Thoughts 

We have reached the half way point of the season and it has been fun up until now, let’s keep it going for the second half. I would really like to know what the heck the GM from the Giants was thinking when he decided to bench Eli for this rookie Jones. It has only been 2 games and the Giants stink. If I had 1 month to get prepared to play them with guys from the MFL we might be able to beat them. As most of you guys saw last week when the field is wet it gets torn up pretty easily and the field conditions are going to suck the rest of the way. This is where you need to be extra cautious so you don’t pull a muscle or tear and ligaments. With that being said take it easy, have fun, and be safe. Also remember that only 4 teams from division 1 will make playoffs, 8 from division 2 and 4 from division 3. So some teams might want to start playing their asses off to get one of those spots.

Word from the Mouth: Safety to Break the Shutout edition!

Word from the Mouth: Safety to Break the Shutout edition!

Last night again the NFL tried to screw the Saints over, 15 seconds. I know it’s only 15 seconds, but let’s see how you and your team like to get screwed at the end of a half when you are trying to score. I’m glad the NFL is back, but they need to get better officials. That is like in most sports leagues where refs end up playing a role in games. I play in 3 different leagues and refs always make mistakes and I have learned to deal with it. On Sunday morning I was rushing and the QB ran around a ref and pushed him into me where I needed to avoid the ref. At halftime I asked the ref why there was no penalty on that and he said that he wasn’t pushed and he was moving out of the way. I then asked what would have happened if I ran into him and knocked him over. The answer was that I would have been penalized. Now if that isn’t some BS then I don’t know what is. So everyone needs to take it easy on the refs, we all miss things.


Week 4 Recap


Division 1

Trollers vs Revolucion (14-43)

I’m not going to make any excuses in this one, Trollers sucked. They couldn’t catch or tackle. Revolucion played a good game from start to finish. Trollers need to revamp the defense or it will be a long season for them. Revolucion needs to keep doing what they are doing and they will be fine.


Henchmen vs Bitter Boys (26-21)

Every week Henchmen have a new roster and it makes it difficult to predict how their game will go (ed’s note: We have had the same roster each week! We had one sub this week…). Bitter Boys were without Guillaume this week again. I want to see Bitter Boys come and play a game with their full roster. I think they would have beaten the Trollers last week and they could have beaten Henchmen this week as well. I wasn’t there to see what happened, but I heard that Mario wanted to pull his team off the field at one point and end the game. I’m sure there was a call made or not made that affected the game. (ed’s note: It was a pass interference call, and in my obviously biased opinion it was a good call and both refs saw it and threw the flag, it just happened to be on a long pass)


Outlaws vs 4Simbas (41-6)

So what is there to say about this game it was a blowout. Steve wasn’t there so Rob drove almost two hours to come and fill in. He might not have thrown in a while, but he didn’t miss a beat. What is more shocking is how Jeremy made Adam and Remy look on a few plays. Yes he was sacked 5 times between the 2 of them, he did have a few nice scrambles to buy extra time. Where was Ben filming when you need a top 10 play?


Division 2  

Nice TDs vs Petit Phoques (37-13)

This wasn’t close at all. I was hoping to get a possible preview of the finals. If this is how it is going to go everyone is fighting for second place. Demario shouldn’t be allowed to throw anymore in the division he makes the team too strong. They need to be forced to go back to Kris. I’m not sure why Petit Phoques made the switch at QBs, Vince should have stayed in you need to take some lumps before you can get better. 


Joey’s Haters vs Centurions (19-25)

When you go up 13-0 at half you should be able to win the game. When you are unable to do that you know that the team has problems. Centurions are a very solid team with a little experience. Joey’s Haters have way more experience so they should have been able to pull it out. Joey’s Haters have now gone onto my overrated team list. So much promise yet so much disappointment.


D#Nasty vs Iron Wolves (38-2)

D#nasty looked great in this one they were unstoppable. I’m not sure what is going on with Iron Wolves this season they have really stunk it up. I will give Ian a shootout for breaking the goose egg with a safety with 2:25 left in the game. Iron Wolves need to learn how to catch the ball again way too many drops. Max is now playing QB for D#Nasty and looked decent with time he will get better and that could be a scary thing.


Raccoons vs Space Apes (12-27)

So I don’t know how this happened, but it did. How can you win a game when you QB throws 5 picks? Space Apes were able to do it. Raccoons have a great defense and I can see them getting that amount of picks, but you still lost. Seb was supposed to come back play QB and elevate the offense to a help win a championship. The defense is doing their job now it’s your turn. Seb step it up. Space Apes if you can control the turnovers you might end up going places.


Centurions vs Old School (27-18)

So let’s start by saying that Dahic wasn’t there, but they did have JS fill in from Bitter Boys. That’s a good replacement skill wise. What Old School was missing was Dahic on defense. He takes up so much area that it’s difficult to go deep. Centurions QB Guillaume played OK for the first half before he had to leave for work. Then Francis filled in. That is where I figured Old School would take advantage of the young QB and end up winning the game. Nope didn’t happen and Francis was able to keep the win. 


Raccoons vs Dawgs (19-25)

I thought that this game was an automatic forfeit because of eligible players, I was wrong. Dave played good for Dawgs, he had a few new toys to play with. From what I’m hearing Josh might be joining them and help them out (ed’s note: that is the Dawgs roster for the season, except Griffin who was a sub). Max did what he normally does and catch everything. Raccoons were tired from playing the game before, but they were able to keep it close and had a shot to win it at the end. They just couldn’t make it happen. If Dawgs get to keep the players they had this weekend they will be OK moving forward. Raccoons are good, but just need to be more consistent.


Division 3  

Mustard Tiger vs Beautes (38-12)

So let me start by saying Mustard Tigers might be for real this season. I also want to know why Beautes made a switch at QB. John went out and outperformed what he did last week when he was named player of the week. I have no clue what to say. Beautes you need to find one player to be QB and stick to that person don’t do what you did last season that is unless you want another long season again.


Gold Rush vs Beautes (19-6)

So this one was an interesting game due to a sub throwing a pass and the other team being awarded 6 points on the play. Last season the league went over this and before the season all the captains were reminded of this. If you can’t abide by the rules then thing like this are going to happen. Brian you should know this since you ref from time to time. If you want to try and get away with something then you need to know what you can and can’t do. Even without being awarded the free 6 points Gold Rush still would have won the game. Now you know and knowing is half the battle. 


Professional Punters vs Thunder Buddies (6-45)

So this wasn’t never going to be a close game. Professional Punters just don’t have the players to match up and stop Thunder Buddies. I will give them credit for playing hard right up until the end. Remember keep you heads up and keep playing hard anything can happen at any time.


Picks & Why


Division 1

Outlaws vs Revolucion 

I have to go and give this one to Outlaws. I think they have a better roster from top to bottom. I also think that they will do something the Trollers didn’t. That would be catch the ball and play defense. This could end up being a close game, but I don’t see it ending up that way.


Bitter Boys vs 4Simbas

I really wasn’t sure who to pick in this one. 4Simbas are younger and faster than most of Bitter Boys. I also wasn’t sure if Guillaume will be there or not. So that is why I picked them to win. If Guillaume is there along with Pat then flip my pick.


Trollers vs Henchmen NA

I don’t pick my teams games, never have never will. There are a few question marks in this one. Who is playing for Henchmen? Will the Trollers be able to catch a ball this week? Also can they play defense? We will find out one of these questions before the game and need to wait until the game is over to find out about the others.


Division 2

Petit Phoques vs Centurions

I just think that the Petit Phoques will rebound after last week plus I think they have too many playmakers on defense not to get short fields to work with. I think that this could be the game of the week in the division and should come down to QB play. So I wrote the above out and then had a change of heart and have decided that Centurions also have a great defense and a QB with a little more experience so I flipped my pick.


D#Nasty vs Dawgs 

D#Nasty will win and win convincingly. I just don’t know who else will be playing for Dawgs to pick them to win over an established team that wins a lot of games.


Joey’s Haters vs Petit Phoques

What can I say, Petit Phoques are a better team. I am also becoming one of Joey’s Haters haters. They don’t match up well and other than at QB and snapper have no advantages anywhere else. Petit Phoques are going to be able to do whatever they want in this game. 


Nice TDs vs Space Apes

They are too strong and won’t be stopped. Terry will need to have his best game of the season if Space Apes want a chance. Demario will run all over this team. Just watch and see.


Raccoons vs Old School 

Both teams are in a funk and need to get back to winning and this week it will be Old School. Dahic should be back and he always plays great on defense against these guys. On offense he will need to spread the ball around and keep the Raccoons defense guessing.


Deep Threat vs Iron Wolves

So Deep Threats will win if Svetna is there, if not Iron Wolves will slowly march down the field and score wasting time and eating up clock. JC needs to be smart with the ball and take what the defense gives him. 


Division 3

Thunder Buddies vs Gold Rush

Thunder Buddies have too many good players to lose this one. They will eliminate Travis from the offense and force someone else to beat them. Which Gold Rush doesn’t have.


Professional Punters vs Mustard Tigers 

Professional Punters just don’t match up well in this one. Brian will be able to do whatever he wants in this one. Mustard Tigers by at least 3 scores.


Beautes vs Professional Punters

I think Brian is going to run all over Professional Punter this week. Matt is going to have his hands full trying to chase Brian all day. Brian is going to run on almost every other play just to give his team a chance.


Power Rankings  

Division 1

#1- Outlaws

#2- Henchmen 

#3- Revolucion


Division 2

#1- Nice TDs

#2- Deep Threats 

#3- Petits Phoques


Division 3

#1- Gold Rush 

#2- Thunder Buddies 

#3- Mustard Tigers 


How things have change after last week. Trollers got dropped from my top 3 and they should be. When you can’t score or stop anyone you haven’t earned a top 3 spot. In division 2 I just flipped 2 and 3. I was going to put Centurions up as my 3 team, but that will have to wait until after they beat Petits Phoques this week. Division 3 is the same. This week we have 1 and 2 playing so there might be a change next week. We are now starting to see which teams start to separate themselves from the rest. The top teams are the top teams for a reason. They play well on both sides of the ball.


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Now it is time for me to pick 1 player from each division who put up some great numbers and helped their team win.

Division 1

- Marvin (Revolucion) He went out and killed the Trollers with 6 catches 100 yards, 3 TDs and a 1 point convert on offense. On defense he was just as good 2 tackles and 1 pick, it should have been 2 but his face got in the way on the first play of the game.

Division 2  

- Guillaume (Centurions) So he played 2 games over the weekend, he is up here for his first game against Joey’s Haters. He brought his team back from a 13-0 deficit. With 4 TDs and 226 yards with no picks. 

Division 3

- Brian (Mustard Tigers) It was a near perfect day for this guy. He went 21 for 26 with 6 TDs, no picks, 188 yards, oh and he converted on two 1 point converts. 

All 3 of the players chosen are well deserving of a Bottle of alcohol from our sponsor Les Spiritueux Iberville, but we can only have 1 winner and the winner is Guillaume from Centurions. He balled out and now he has to deal with me asking him tough questions. 

Q - Was last season the first time you played QB and how have you adjusted to it? 

A - I already played QB touch and flag football in high school. Last season I had to adjust with the size of the field and the speed of the rusher. Also, I learned not to throw blindly against the opposing defenses.

Q - You guys have a top defense in the division, how does that help you out on offense? Do you take more chances knowing that or do you not even thinking about it at all?

A - It keeps me composed knowing my defense can always make big time plays for our team. I don't take more chances on offense because of it. Our goal is to move the chains and control the tempo of the game.

Q - Are you guys going to win it all this season after making it to the finals last season? Who is standing between you and the title?

A - Of course we got it all to make it to the final once again and win it this time!!! We quickly built a chemistry last season on our very first season. The teams that are retrograding us from the title are those of Division 1 who think we are not of their level.

Q – If you could add any player from the league who would it be and why?

A – Not really, we are pretty happy with our team as it is. We got unique skillset at every position. The only guy I can think of is Dahic so we can put him on the bench.

Q – What is something that the rest of the league doesn’t know about you that they should?

A – No comment 


Final Thoughts 

Another week down and another great article from me, The Mouth. I have been in this league for years now and I keep winning Best Smack Talker every year it is starting to get boring. I have explained to people that it’s not smack talk, it’s the truth. I could go off and start telling lies, but I was raised better than that. I talk to keep myself amused and focused in the game. Football is 90% mental and 10% physical. I know when I step on the field that there is no way anyone can get in my head. I have players in other leagues I play that hate playing me and the reason why is that they are weak minded. So moving forward I’m going to do a lot more talking and will watch as teams and players crumble (ed’s note: Well, might as well talk since you and your team can’t catch). So get ready, the new and improved me is coming and you either better get prepared or don’t show up, everything is on the table. Good luck to everyone this week, play hard, have fun, and be safe.   

Word from the Mouth: The Commish Makes the List edition!

Word from the Mouth: The Commish Makes the List edition!

Hello everyone and welcome back. This week is the best week of the year for football fans. The NFL is back and lets all hope the cheating Patriots don’t win again (ed’s note: I’m a Browns fan, but the Pats have never done anything that literally every over team does). We all know that once Brady leaves all those Patriot fans are going to jump onto another team faster than Antonio Brown filing a grievance about a helmet. I love the game of football, doesn’t matter what level, and yes that includes the CFL. Everyone has a preference and that is ok, just don’t be a bandwagon, jumper those fans suck. So now that I have cleared that up told all of you the NFL starts this week, Jon has decided to move the games to Sunday since he prefers to watch college which plays Saturdays. Jon is right about one thing: in college the guys play way harder than they do in the pros. All these guys holding out, demanding trades, threatening to retire all while under a contract which they signed. They should play or the team should hold onto them and not let them go. This is just my thoughts on the matter. (ed’s note: very glad we got that cleared up)


Week 3 Recap


Division 1

Trollers vs Bitter Boys (39-31)

So this was a game where the Trollers were in control of for the first half. They slowly but surely allowed Bitter Boys to crawl back into it during the second half. I’m not taking anything away from Bitter Boys in this one. Trollers played like crap in the second half against a team that was down their two best players. I’m sure that if they were there then the Trollers would have lost the game.


Revolucion vs 4Simbas (32-12)

So the new and very improved Revolucion team went out and beat a 4Simbas team that had just come back to the league and were without a few or their players. The question is with Revolucion can they beat a team that is complete.


Henchmen vs Revolucion (53-31)

Henchmen went out and beat up on a team that had just played a game and only found out the night before that they were playing two games. This is what everyone expected out of Henchmen last season and maybe finally they have figured it out as a team. This was a tough matchup for Revolucion which shows me they are so close to getting over that hump, after a few more hard games we will see what they are all about. 


Division 2 

Old School vs D#Nasty (38-17)

It looks like Dahic has found himself after the way he played QB last season. He went out there and played a great game with 4 TDs and no picks. I had picked D#Nasty to win this game and figured it was going to be an easy game for them. Kevin struggled to find open guys and when he did they didn’t always pull it in. Old School is a good team same as D#Nasty, over last season and the first few weeks of this season they haven’t always played up to their potential.


Iron Wolves vs Nice TDs (13-38)

I told Jon to change the game time if they wanted a chance to win, he didn’t listen and he got smoked. Demario is too good to throw in this division. Iron Wolves did a bad job of tackling in this one. There are a few player that think by dipping it gives them an advantage it does that is unless the defense knows what to do to stop it. I could say it but I would much rather show you. Iron Wolves are no longer a dominating team they are a middle of the pack team at best. With the addition of Demario playing QB Nice TDs look to be the front runner for the title.


Joey’s Haters vs Deep Threats (20-38)

Out of all the games this weekend I figured that Joey and his Haters would have been able to matchup and beat Deep Threats. I guess I was wrong. JC has become a very reliable QB. Gone are the days of chucking it up and allowing Svetna to go get it. My guess is that when that was done they didn’t win many games now he works the entire field and they are winning. I’m not sure what the plan moving forward is for Joey’s Haters, but they will need to figure it out and fast. They have too much experience to go down in flames the way they have so far. 


Space Apes vs Deep Threats (18-19)

This game was a defensive game as both teams struggled to do much on offense. JC was under constant pressure and was forced to throw fast and that lead to turnovers. Charles might not have thrown any picks, but he did hold the ball longer than expected and took sacks. I hope that this is the only time I need to say this all season: converts are key. You win or lose by converts. Find one or two plays that work and run those all day. Six TDs were scored in this one and only 1 convert was good.


Petit Phoques vs Dawgs (25-0)

So really Dawgs won the game, due to not having the required 4 player minimum that win was turned into a loss. I know it sucks, but you need to make sure your team shows up.


Division 3

Beautes vs Mustard Tigers (0-34)

When you have a running QB and he isn’t able to run he better be able to throw. That wasn’t the case this week for Beautes. Brian couldn’t run and well couldn’t really throw as well so it made for a long game for them. Before the game Mustard Tigers were worried about Brian running all over them since they have a hard time stopping the QB from running, guess they figured that out this week. It was a complete team effort from Mustard Tigers to pull out the win. For Les Beautes, Brian needs to do a better job of involving his whole team. Just because plays work for another QB doesn’t mean they will work for you and your team. Figure out what works for you and your team.


Thunder Buddies vs Professional Punters (38-20)

Thunder Buddies jump out to a big lead early and never really looked back. I was surprised by how many points Professional Punters were able to score. They did a good job of moving the ball except those picks will kill you. I know Terry is last season’s MVP, but if he wants to win it again this season he will need to learn how to release the ball better. He had guys open deep all game and since he releases the ball at an awkward angle the ball sails and the defense can get under it. Fix that little problem and you guys should be able to roll all the way to the finals.


Picks & Why 

Division 1

Trollers vs Revolucion NA

So I never pick games that my team is in since I don’t want to seem any more arrogant than I already do. This game will be a big test for both teams. Trollers will look to win a game against a full squad and Revolucion will look to rebound after a hard loss last week. This could be a very close game and it could end up getting out of hand. Be there at 9:30 to find out.

Henchmen vs Bitter Boys 

I think with the roster that showed up last week they would be able to beat just about anyone. I can see this being a very good matchup across the board player wise. I just wonder if Bitter Boys can keep up with the speed of Henchmen. That is why Henchmen will win the game.

Outlaws vs 4Simbas

I know that last season Outlaws lost to them but that won’t happen again this week. The Outlaws are a better team than they were last year. They will need to be able to get in the heads of 4Simbas and make them lose focus once that happens it’s over for them.


Division 2

Nice TDs vs Petit Phoques

This was a hard choice to make. Both teams are filled with division 1 players and both are really good teams. I have to go with Nice TDs since Demario is a better QB than Vince. Both teams play solid defense and can score at will so it should be an interesting game to watch.

Joey’s Haters vs Centurions 

So this one was a coin toss. Joey’s Haters have better players, Centurions have played together and are more of a team. I think either team can walk in and win this game so I chose the players over the team. I will say that if Joey’s Haters lose they will be placed on the same level as Barracudas were last fall. Great players, shitty team.

D#Nasty vs Iron Wolves 

Sorry Iron Wolves, D#Nasty is a better team all around except maybe at center. Mauricio is the one guy that keeps Iron Wolves moving up the field. I feel that if both teams are complete D#Nasty wins, maybe not easily, but they win. When you take into account players missing and who is subbing then anything can happen. I’m still sticking to D#Nasty to rebound and win.

Raccoons vs Space Apes

I have to go with Raccoons since I think the defense might be a little better. This game will come down to QB play. Seb needs to be there for Raccoons or they won’t stand much of a chance. Charles is solid at QB, he just needs to find a way to convert on converts. In tight games Raccoons defense always seems to step up and make a few plays.

Centurions vs Old School 

After last week old School seems to have found their groove. It’s not that I don’t like Centurions I just think that it is their second game of the day plus Old School will be looking to send a message to them after last seasons defeat in the playoffs. This might end up being the best game of the week in the division. Also every time I pick against Old School they prove me wrong so why fight it?

Raccoons vs Dawgs 

I would have love to pick the Dawgs to win I just can’t since I have no clue if the team will show up. I also think that Raccoons defense is going to give Dave trouble all day long. Either by Alexandre rushing or by guys jumping routes. Dave can’t depend on Max all game but he will.


Division 3 

Beautes vs Mustard Tigers 

This is a game that just happened this weekend, so why go against what just happened? I do think that it will end up being a closer game than last time, but the same team will walk away with the win.

Gold Rush vs Beautes 

I have to go Gold Rush all the way on this one. The only thing I’m not sold on for Gold Rush is the QB. I’m still not sure who it will be. I think that Travis is the best player on either team and if he has someone throwing him the ball they will win. If Gold Rush doesn’t have a QB this week then it will be a long game with few points.

Thunder Buddies vs Professional Punters

So just like the first game this is a rematch from last week. I had to go with Thunder Buddies as they should be able to walk all over them this week and hopefully work out a few kinks. Thunder Buddies have too many weapons to be stoped. I see this as a run away.


Power Rankings  

Division 1

#1- Outlaws

#2- Henchmen 

#3- Trollers  

Division 2

#1- Nice TDs

#2- Petits Phoques

#3- Deep Threats

Division 3

#1- Gold Rush 

#2- Thunder Buddies 

#3- Mustard Tigers 

Those are my ranking for this week. As you can see there was a little movement made by a few teams. All the number 1’s stayed on top where they should be. This week we have a lot of matchups that could affect the standings so next week expect to see some different teams up on my board.


Player of the Week sponsored by Les Spiritueux Iberville. You can follow them on Facebook @spiritueuxiberville and on Insta @spiritueuxiberville Great alcohol with a great taste by one of MFL’s own Mario D’Amico. Help support a local business, go follow them and go pick up a bottle or two from the SAQ.

Now it is time for me to pick 1 player from each division who put up some great numbers and helped their team win. 

Division 1

- Jon (Henchmen) went 19 for 23 for 249 yards 7 TDs and was able to convert on 5 extra points. He ran the ball once for 6 yards and on defense which he normally doesn’t play he made 2 tackles. (ed’s note: What is happening?)

Division 2 

- Demario (Nice TDs) did a little of everything. 13 for 17 for 180 yards 4 TDs, 1 INT. He ran for 24 yards and 1 TD. On Defense he had 2 tackles to go along with 2 picks which he took 1 back for 6. 

Division 3

- John (Mustard Tigers) So since John has decided to play with Mustard Tigers he has been a beast. This week he went out and caught 7 balls for 61 Yards and 2 TDs. On defense he was able to get 2 tackles to go along with 1 pick. 

All 3 of the players chosen are well deserving of a Bottle of alcohol from our sponsor Les Spiritueux Iberville, but we can only have 1 winner and the winner is John from Mustard Tigers. 

Q - So what made you stop playing with Revolucion? Was it Raph cause that would be enough to drive anyone away.

A – I didn’t leave the Revolution as much as Brian Mustard needed some core players to make a team.  I couldn’t continue to play two games a week as I had other commitments and many on the Revolution were moving around.  The Revolution was in flux so I stayed with Brian to build a team.

Q – What do you find different about playing in Division 3 rather than in Division 1?

A – The biggest difference in Division 3 is that most teams have a few players who are newer to the game.  It is as much about building and developing a team (as players learn the game) as it is about executing plays.  I probably offer my opinion more than I should.  You can ask my teammates.

Q – What do you have set as goals for the season for you individually and as a team? What will it take for you to reach you goals?

A – I don’t have any real goals as an individual as football is such a team game and it is about match-ups. So if you go for personal stats it can be at the expense of the team (everyone wants the ball but the QB has to make the best read).  Our team goal is to win the final this year-we lost the semi-final on the last play last year.  We have improved each season (the first season we barely won anything) and now we are playing as a team as everyone gets experience-It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Q - How have you become such a beast this last season and a bit? New diet, new workout regimen, what’s the trick? If half the young guys could play as hard as you do then maybe we can get a lot tighter games.

A - I am not sure about being a beast…  But recovering from an operation from a torn meniscus and also a tear in my shoulder took longer than I wanted.  It is easier to play at 85% than with those injuries or recovering from them.  Physiotherapy does help as boring as it is. Also BIXING around instead of driving helps.

Q – You’re a huge Als fan right. If you were the GM and could bring anyone on to the team past or present who would it be and why?

A –   I am a huge Als fan yes.  There have been many greats over the years.  My first choice would be the Calvillo/Cahoon combination.  If I had to pick a current player it is John Bowman on D.  These players are true champions on and off the field.  They win and win with class and are great people too which is often missing with professional athletes.


Final Thoughts 

So here we are the end of another great article written by the best looking guy in the league. I’m super excited by the time this comes out my team will be in the process of beating down the Bears and who doesn’t like to see their team win. The weather has been starting to cool off so not only should you play safe and have fun, but now you might want to start bundling up so you don’t get sick. Have fun out there on Saturday and if you have any question you know where to find me. 

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