Fall 2019 Champions!

Congratulations to all of our fall champions!


Div 1 - Outlaws


Div 2 - Les Petits Phoques


Div 3 - The Mustard Tigers


Thanks to all of our teams and players for making the 2019 fall season such a great success and I hope everyone enjoys the time off to rest up and heal up!


We'll be back again outdoors in May for the Spring 2020 season, but if you've got the itch to play before that we have our Saturday night winter league starting January 4th. All games are played at the Concordia Stinger dome with games at 6 pm and 7 pm.


We only have about 8 spots left in total (so just enough for 1 team!), so if you want to play let us know ASAP!


Award Winners




Season MVP - Michael Roy

Best QB - Michael Roy

Best Receiver - Jean-Christophe Ferland

Best Center - Kevin Kousaie

Best Defensive Player - Kris Hope

Best Tackler - Remy Nguyen

Ferrari Trophy - Félix Bergeron

Sportsmanship Award - Josh Levine

Team Sportsmanship Award - 4Simba

Levine Trophy - Mario D’Amico




Season MVP - Dahic Duhamel

Best QB - Dahic Duhamel

Best Receiver - Andrew Grant

Best Center - Maximilien Sadori

Best Defensive Player - Demario Cooper

Best Tackler - Roxane Potvin

Ferrari Trophy - Terry Babalis

Sportsmanship Award - Terry Babalis

Team Sportsmanship Award - Space Apes

Levine Trophy - Terry Babalis




Season MVP - Travis Falardeau

Best QB - Brian Mustard

Best Receiver - Alexandre Saint-Onge

Best Center - Mustafa Dikici-Montmarquette

Best Defensive Player - Benjamin Lepetit

Best Tackler - Nicolas Poitevin

Ferrari Trophy - Tyler Znoj

Sportsmanship Award - Terry Babalis

Team Sportsmanship Award - Les Beautes

Levine Trophy - Terry Babalis


Brossard Awards


Best Rookie: Roby Simard

Season MVP: Quentin Phaneuf

Best QB: Jonathan Plourde

Best Receiver: Jérémi Riendeau-Demers

Best Center: Simon Valiquette

Best Defensive Player: Quentin Phaneuf

Best Tackler: Vincent-Thierry Taillefer

Ferrari Trophy : Karen Ng Wan

Most Improved Player : Philippe Laguë

Sportsmanship Award: Nicolas Blais

Team Sportsmanship Award : KOLB 

Levine Trophy: Jonathan Plourde

Word from the Mouth: I'm Telling You For the Last Time edition!

Word from the Mouth: I'm Telling You For the Last Time edition!

Here we are the last week of the season. I hope everyone is glad we played Saturday this week and not Sunday. I was out there on Sunday playing in another league and it was horrible. You couldn’t throw deep, when you threw short the ball was taken by the wind and let mention it was next to impossible to catch the ball. This week we were able to see a few upsets, like I said last week nothing is guaranteed you play 10 games to make the playoffs and rankings don’t really mean anything, it’s the matchups that count. Sometimes you lose game on purpose to get a better first round matchup, I have seen it before, and then you lose because you came in cold.


Playoffs Recap 

Division 1

Outlaws vs Trollers (46-38)

This one looks like it was a close game and you might be right. I think that the Trollers were lucky to keep it that close though. There were a few times where the Outlaws had a chance to pull away and just couldn’t. Right before half Outlaws were up 1 score and marching and Steve threw a pick to Max in the end zone. That would have put them up 2 scores and getting the ball back to start the second half. At the start of the second half Robin was able to bat the ball out of the air and had enough time to locate the ball and return it for 6, which was as close as the Trollers would get. I felt that this was a game that Outlaws were going to win from the get go and if the Trollers were to win they needed to play a perfect game and that just didn’t happen. 


Revolucion vs Henchmen (39-31)

I had predicted Henchmen to win and I was told after the game that I picked wrong. This game seemed to be over by halftime as Revolucion jumped out to a 27-6 lead, most teams would have folded, but not Henchmen. They were able to come out in the second half and score 3 straight times to make it a 2 point game. There were still 12 minutes left in the half and plenty of time for either team to win, it was just a matter of who wanted it more. From the outcome it looks like Revolucion did as they were able to score twice and Henchmen only once. So at the beginning of the season I asked Michael if he was going to lead them all the way to the championship and he replied in the positive, and they only need one more game for that to be true.


Division 2 

Nice TDs vs Petits Phoques (26-42)

I thought that if anyone was to knock off Nice TDs, I figured it was going to be Petits Phoques if they brought their full roster. I just thought it would be a lot closer. It really hurt Nice TDs that Demario who played half the season wasn’t there for the playoffs. Kris needed to play QB and ya the guy has won titles as a QB, but he would have helped the team more as a receiver. The big thing this week for Petit Phoques was Dom played great and took what the defense gave him and the fact that the team showed up.


Centurions vs D#Nasty (14-6)

I’m not going to lie and say this was a good game. This was a game that looked like no one wanted to win. All the scoring was done in the first half. Both teams played solid defense and no one could move the ball. What made Centurions win the game was the fact they capitalized on the field position they were given. Between the 2 QBs there was 200 yards of passing offense. So you needed to take advantage of short fields. 


Deep Threats vs Old School (27-31)

This was a game I kind of expected to see Deep Threats win and was a little surprised when they didn’t. I think that Deep Threats came into it expecting the same thing and were more laid back and Old School who have been here before knows that it’s one game and played their asses off. On Old School’s first drive Dahic threw a pick to Svetna and Dahic was saying he was on the other side of the field. I said to him that Jon does what he does. Both of those guys if you hang the ball up on a deep pass they will pick it off even if they are nowhere near it. Dahic learned his lesson and JC didn’t. That was the big difference in the game. Deep Threats aren’t a new team, but they don’t have the same chemistry as Old School and knowing where your guys are going to be or how they will run routes makes all the difference. 


Spaces Apes vs Joey’s Haters (39-26)

I want to know how Steve threw for 200 more yards than Charles and still lost the game. Oh wait, I know. He threw 4 TDs to his team and 3 to Spaces Apes. If the Haters wanted any chance at winning that wasn’t going to do it. Coming out of the game I now start to wonder if Spaces Apes defense is that good or was it just a fluke. Charles played decent for Spaces Apes, but needs to eliminate the picks if they want to win this week. Coming into this game Haters felt there were the hottest team and they might have been but when those flames get put out you have to watch the rest of the playoffs from home. 


Division 3

Mustard Tigers vs Professional Punters (39-18)

Let me say it was closer than I expected it to be. Professional Punters became a respectable team by the end of the year, they will need to build on that for next season. This game was going to end with Mustard Tigers winning unless something major happened and it didn’t. So once again Owie gets a pick 6 to start the game. After that type of start you know you’re screwed. Mustard Tigers have way too much experience and knowledge of the game that they could do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted and it looks like they did. I will say that making the playoffs should be a big achievement for Professional Punters from where they were at the beginning of the season. 


Thunder Buddies vs Beautes (24-18)

I said that this game would be decided by QB play and neither Terry nor Brian played great. The big difference was that Terry was able to find lanes to run through and Thunder Buddies didn’t let Brian run (ed’s note: he was injured!). Terry will need to play better next week in the finals if they are to win (ed’s note: are you assuming they win their semi-final matchup?). In the first half it might have looked like Beautes were going to pull it off, they had the lead and were playing solid on both sides of the ball. Then the second half rolled around and they relaxed and Thunder Buddies took over like they have all season keeping it close in the first half and playing better and winning in the second half. This was a close one that was decided on the last play of the game. Beautes had the ball and were looking to tie the game and Mustafa was able to bat it away and save the win for Thunder Buddies. 


My Picks & Why 

Division 1 Finals

Outlaws vs Revolucion

I have picked the Outlaws to repeat as champs this season. There are a few reasons why and here they are. I think that there is way too much talent on the roster not to win it all. Revolucion have a good squad, but it isn’t up to compete with the Outlaws. Most of the guys from Outlaws have been here before and know how to get it done. I can’t even remember the last time Revolucion even made the playoffs. I also think that Smuda will call a smart enough defense to frustrate Michael a little bit and that will be enough to get them the win. Also I don’t think that after dominating and winning it all in division 2 last season that Michael will be able to do it again. Best of luck to both teams.


Division 2 Semifinals 

Centurions vs Petits Phoques 

This one is a hard choice to make. I think Petits Phoques might be a better team when their full roster is there, but we never know who will be there or not. The key for Centurions to win is to make Dom beat you with his arm and not his legs. Francis will need to get to him quickly and contain him he will run from side to side and see what the rest of the defense does so they need to sit in their zones and leave you alone with Dom all game. If Dom figures out how to break the rusher then Centurions might be in trouble. In order for Petits Phoques to win they need to do exactly what they did last week, get up early, frustrate the other team and catch the ball without bobbling it. I picked Centurions due to roster uncertainties from Petits Phoques.

Space Apes vs Old School

I had a hard time picking Old School to win this one since I feel that Space Apes are the better team from top to bottom. I just feel that Charles has played a few really good games but he has also played a few poor games. I also feel that this weekend Dahic is just going to do whatever it takes to win the game. I think Spaces Apes will need to get up early and play really good defense to win this game. I don’t think if it came down to last drive that Charles will be able to pull it out and if he does throw it deep and it hangs Dahic is picking it off or batting it down. 


Division 3 Finals

Mustard Tigers vs Thunder Buddies

So this is the finals that I have seen coming for a while now. At the beginning of the season I probably would have picked Thunder Buddies to win it all but after seeing how well Mustard Tigers have played it will be difficult for them to lose. This season they have faced off 3 times with Mustard Tigers winning twice in convincing fashion. Thunder Buddies will need to play solid defense and hope that Brian makes a few mistakes. On offense Terry will need to do what he does best and that is run and force the defense to focus on you and slip a player behind into an open hole. Terry will need to play lights out to win. Mustard Tigers are unique since that are able to do everything, oh wait, Brian doesn’t run. Brian gets rid of the ball quickly and makes good reads. His team will just need to catch the ball and then worry about yards afterwards. On defense they should pay very close to Terry and his running, in the past they have had trouble with a QB who can run. Best of luck to both teams.


MFL All-Star Picks 

This is where you would normally find my player of the week or power ranking sections but since this is the last article of the season I figured I’d make my All-Star picks instead. So I was debating on if I should have 7 players only which would include (1QB, 1 Center, 4 receivers/DBs and 1 Rusher) then I figured I would just do an offense and a defense with no player being on both sides of the ball. So now that you know here are my picks.

Division 1 


QB- Michael (Revolucion)

WR1- Marvin (Revolucion)

Slot1- JC (Trollers)

Center- Fred (Revolucion)

Slot2- Guillaume (4Simbas)

WR2- Guillaume (Bitter Boys)


Rusher- Felix (Bitter Boys)

Corner1- Pat (Bitter Boys)

Middle LB- Remy (Outlaws)

Corner2- Smuda (Outlaws)

Saftey1- Kris (Henchmen)

Saftey2- Ben (Trollers)


Division 2


QB- JC (Deep Threats)

WR1- Simon (Centurions)

Slot1- Andrew (Nice TDs)

Center- Max (Dawgs)

Slot2- Louis (Space Apes)

WR2- Svetna (Deep Threats)


Rusher- Daniel (Deep Threats)

Corner1- Seb (D#Nasty)

Middle LB- Nicolas (Nice TDs)

Corner2- Alexandre (Petit Phoques)

Saftey1- Dahic (Old School)

Saftey2- Demario (Nice TDs)


Division 3


QB- Brian (Mustard Tigers)

WR1- John (Mustard Tigers)

Slot1- Marilou (Mustard Tigers)

Center- Mustafa (Thunder Buddies)

Slot2- John (Mustard Tigers)

WR2- Charles (Thunder Buddies)


Rusher- Tyler (Mustard Tigers)

Corner1- Alexander (Thunder Buddies)

Middle LB- Thomas (Mustard Tigers)

Corner2- Ben (Beautes)

Saftey1- Jie (Mustard Tigers)

Saftey2- Travis (Gold Rush)


So there you have it my All-stars for the 2019 fall season. I know there is no official records kept for this, but at least you know you made it as one of my picks.


Final Thoughts 

This is my last article of the season and I hope you all enjoyed reading it. I will be back in the spring writing again so it’s only a few month away. I’m sure that everyone isn’t happy that they aren’t playing this week in the finals, you now have an extra week to start preparing for next season. Over the past 11 weeks I have seen teams take huge strides from where they were at the beginning of the season. I want to thank you all for coming out and helping make the MFL what it is today, without you players we might still be a 6 team league playing on an almost dirt field. We have taken huge leaps as a league and we hope to continue this trend for years to come. 


I would also like to remind everyone that our league get together and awards are being held on November 2nd 7pm at Station des Sports. I hope to see a lot of you out there having a good time on the last night of the season. I want to wish everyone that is still playing good luck and those who have been eliminated that you can always come out and watch the finals and cheer for the team you want to win or boo the team you want to lose. Thanks for reading each week and see you all next season.

Word from the Mouth: Did You Make the Cut? edition!

Word from the Mouth: Did You Make the Cut? edition!

We have made it to the end of the season and most of it has been entertaining to say the least. Last week we had a few games that had definite playoff implications and we had a few teams that just wanted the season to end. This article might end up being a little long so I’m just going to jump right into it. 


Week 10 Recap 

Division 1 

Outlaws vs Henchmen (26-31)

Let’s start by saying that Henchmen were without Demario again and Jon didn’t throw this week. Henchmen ended up bringing in Simon’s brother who plays for the French national team over in France. I’m not saying that it’s an upgrade, but it might not be cool. This was a close game that Outlaws feel they would have won if Jon had played QB. This was a meaningless game for the Outlaws, but you never want to lose your last game going into the playoffs.

Trollers vs 4Simba (32-12)

This was a game that both teams needed to win. If 4Simba won they would need to win their next game to make the playoffs and if Trollers won they were in. Trollers remember losing to this team a few weeks ago and weren’t going to let the happen again. Trollers jumped out to a big lead in the first half and never looked back.

4Simba vs Bitter Boys (24-25)

This game was being called the loser bowl, yes both teams were eliminated before the game started, but this turned out to be a really good game. I want to point out in the 28 years that I have been around football I have never seen a 12-11 score at halftime. You must be wondering how it happened. Bitter Boys scored twice, but were unable to convert on either score. 4Simba were able to score and get their convert and Jafar who was subbing had 2 safeties. The second half was a back and forth and with under a minute left 4Simba were able to complete a long TD pass and bring the game to 1 point. They went for a 1 point convert and failed and the Bitter Boys did the smart thing and ended the game. 4Simba left the field thinking what could have been and Bitter Boys hung around and had a few drinks. I’m sure next spring both theses team will be hungry for a chance at the title.


Division 2

Raccoons vs Nice TDs (18-19) OT

Raccoons needed this game and some help for the playoffs. They did get a little help since Demario wasn’t there again. I know that Kris filled in and he was last weeks player of the week, but they are a better team when Demario is there. Raccoons were up after half and just weren’t able to hold on to it. This one went to overtime and the Raccoons have struggled on converts all season and when they needed it most they couldn’t get one and lost for a second time this season in overtime. Raccoons are a good team with a very solid defense this year, but they had a revolving door at QB and you won’t win much when there is always a change.

Joey’s Haters vs D#Nasty (19-13)

This was a close game that Joey’s haters needed to win to get in. It did seem like no one really wanted to win this one. Both QBs kept turning the ball over and, yes, points were scored but there were times in this game that each team had a chance to pull away, but I guess they both enjoy playing tight games. Both teams are in the playoffs and maybe we get to see this matchup again next week. Joey’s Haters feel like they are the team to beat moving forward and they should be since 75% of their team are division 1 players. 

Centurions vs Deep Threats (19-14)

The winner of this game was going to lock up second place and that was about it. Deep Threats didn’t seem to have a full roster and it looked like they were just out there having fun. The same can’t be said for Centurions as it looked like they were out there trying to work out the last few kinks. I can say that Simon came out to play and put on a show as to why he should be receiver of the year.

Space Apes vs Petit Phoques (44-24)

This was the type of game that I was glad to see from Space Apes going into the playoffs. They had their spot before the game, but this was a statement game. Charles played great spreading the ball around and taking what the defense gave him. Going into the season I had very high hopes for Petit Phoques, but those hopes have slowly dwindled away week by week, they will be in the playoffs, but will need to face the top seeds all the way through. 

Centurions vs Iron Wolves (34-13)

This was a game that no one had anything to prove in it. Centurions needed to worry more about not getting hurt than they did about winning the game. Iron Wolves were just out there going through the motions. When Iron Wolves come back next season with the roster they had at the end of the year they should be able to compete now that all the new guys have a season of experience. It is a learning curve for the new guys. Look, last season no one would have predicted the Centurions who started 1-4 would have made the finals and almost won it, and look where they are now, one of the top teams in the division with no players from division 1. 

Dawgs vs Old School (14-13)

Old School had a place in the playoffs before the game and Dawgs knew they were out before the game started. I know Josh was pissed about it and he went out and scored all but 1 point for Dawgs. Even with Dahic balling out on defense when you only complete 45% of your passes for 90 yards there is very little chance you are going to win the game. I think Old School is a good team that just seems to be inconsistent during the season and somehow needs to turn it on in the playoffs. I like the way the Dawgs roster looks now, they just need their team to show up every game and they would have made it in.

Joey’s Haters vs Iron Wolves (47-30)

Here we had another meaningless game that got out of hand early. When you start the game going for it on fourth down on your 5 yard line and don’t get it you know it’s going to be a long game. At one point in the first half players were asking for a time check thinking it was the second half but it wasn’t. This game took a while since we had lots of turnovers and scoring. It wasn’t cool what Joey and the Haters did to the commissioner and Iron Wolves running up the score and then throwing him down and put him out of commission. I hope you’re ok Jon. See everyone I’m not a complete a**.


Division 3

Mustard Tigers vs Beautes (52-13)

This was never going to be a close game even with half of the roster missing for Mustard Tigers. Brian M is too good of a QB and was able to pick apart the Beautes defense all day. It didn’t help that Brian T started the game by throwing a pick 6 right off the bat. Beautes have improved from the beginning of the season but they need better QB play if they want to win next week.

Gold Rush vs Professional Punters (13-21)

So before this game both teams were aware that you win and you are in. Professional Punters jumped out to a huge halftime lead and never looked back. Both of these teams have gone in opposite directions from the beginning of the year. I figured that Professional Punters had no chance at making the playoffs and that Gold Rush was going to challenge for the title. Professional Punters kept getting better each week and Gold Rush had a new QB every other week. I still feel Travis is one of the top players in the division who just can’t do it all himself and needs some help. Guillaume might not have looked great at the beginning, but has turned it around and has steadily improved each week. 


Playoff Matchups 

Division 1

#1 Outlaws vs #4 Trollers NA

As you can see I didn’t pick a winner and don’t think I need to. Both teams have faced each other so many times that there should be no surprises other than who shows up and plays for the Outlaws, and with a 14 man roster your guess is as good as mine. This will be a one score game and the winner will be decided on the last few plays. 

#2 Revolucion vs #3 Henchmen

As you can see I have picked Henchmen to win this game. I have gone back and looked over previous meeting and each team won one game. Henchmen won by a bigger margin so that is why I’m leaning towards them. I will say that both teams seem to be able to light up the score board. The winner of this game will be the team that can actually get a stop or two. (ed’s note: 2 stops total was how many the winner got in both of our previous meetings!)


Division 2 

#1 Nice TDs vs #8 Petit Phoques 

It looks like Nice TDs are back to being the dominating team they were a few season ago. They beat Petit Phoques in their meeting during the season and I think they will be able to pull it off again. I just hope Nice TDs don’t look past Petit Phoques because they are a better team than there record is. I can also see Petit Phoques pulling off the upset if they were to play their best game. That will depend on how Dom plays.

#2 Centurions vs #7 D#Nasty

So this one is a tricky one to pick. On one hand you have Centurions who performed well all season long and are a good solid team and then you have D#Nasty who is a decent team when they all show up and come to play. I just can’t see how D#Nasty will be able to pull this one off. Centurions defense is too strong and make you earn everything you get. 

#3 Deep Threats vs #6 Old School

I like what Deep Threats have done all season, but the playoffs are a different game. Old School has been here before and Dahic will lead them into the next round. I also feel that Deep Threats will revert back to the old ways in key situations and chuck it up. Dahic will pick those balls off all day long.

#4 Space Apes vs #5 Joey’s Haters

I’m not a fan of the Haters, but they are a good team filled with division 1 players though it might have taken them some time to gel as a team, but now that they have they are a tough team to beat. Space Apes will have a chance in this one, but Charles will need to play like he did last week and the defense will need to get to Steve quickly and confuse him with different looks, take his first read away and you will get turnovers. 


Division 3

#1 Mustard Tigers vs #4 Professional Punters 

I’m not going to sugar coat this one at all. This is a complete mismatch. Professional Punters will need to play a perfect game to have any chance. Mustard Tigers are too strong of a team even when they are missing 1 or 2 players. Mustard Tigers can move the ball up and down the field with ease and have some of the top targets in the division as well as some of the best defenders as well.

#2 Thunder Buddies vs #3 Beautes

If any game is going to be an upset in the division it will be this one. This game will come down to which QB can turn the ball over less and who can run better. I also think that Thunder Buddies have a better defense and will figure out how to stop Brian and Les Beautes. It also helps that at any point Terry will be able to take this game over whether it is on offense of defense and should be the best player on the field.


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Now it is time for me to pick 1 player from each division who put up some great numbers and helped their team win.

Division 1

- Max (Trollers) so once again Max’s performance was good enough to get him up here again. The guy went 21 for 37 for 214 yards, 5 TDs and 1 pick. He also ran the ball 7 times for 51 yards. He didn’t do anything on defense as teams tend to avoid him.

Division 2

- Simon (Centurions) this guy had a great game this week dominating on both sides of the ball. On Offense he hauled in 11 passes for 114 yards plus 3 TDs. Then on defense he only made 1 tackle but was able to pick off 2 passes.

Division 3

- Guillaume (Professional Punters) he might not have had the best stats in the division this week but he did help his team get the win and into the playoffs. Guillaume went 15 for 29 for 131 with 2 TDs and 1 pick. He also was able to convert on a 1 point convert and a 2 point convert. He had no stats on defense. 


So this week just like most weeks this was a hard choice for me to make. I needed to go back and look over the stats and have decided to go ahead and give this weeks player of the week to Simon from Centurions. The guy went out and took over the game from start to finish and showed why he should be this seasons top receiver in division 2.

Q- Where do you see yourself among the top receivers in the division? Does this seasons best receiver award have your name on it?

A- I see myself as a top receiver in this division. I would love to get the best receiver award, but at the end of the day, I play flag football to have fun and I had plenty of it this season. My focus is on the championship. 

Q- Who in the division can line up in front of you and play man all game and keep you in check? (if any)

A- Nobody! I’m kidding, Andrew Grant could probably follow me easily with his speed! 

Q- Your team finished second in the standings this year, knowing how last season ended for you guys are you out to prove that it wasn’t a fluke and you guys are here to dominate for years to come?

A- Of course! We’ve been underdog since day 1. Time to get some respect. We are here to win it all and I think we have to potential to do it! 

Q- Other than you who do teams need to worry about in the playoffs and why?

A- Nice TDs probably as they are a pretty good team. 

Q- You seem to have great stats on both sides of the ball, if you could only play one side where would you play and why?

A- Defense!!! Nothing is better than a pick 6.

Q- What would be your dream matchup in the finals and why?

A- Nice TDs! We got demolished (to say the least) in our game against them this season. Everyone on our side played poorly. We would love to get a rematch in the finals and give a good show.


Final Thoughts 

Now the season is over and it might be great that you finished first in you division or had some great stats at this point, but none of that matters anymore. Playoffs are a totally different game and all that matters is helping your team win and move to the next round. The league has had a team go undefeated and get knocked out in the opening round and we have also seen teams just make the playoffs and go on and win it all. If you show up and expect to win you might end up being surprised as teams that may have struggled are coming in hungry and out to prove that the season meant nothing. 


I hope everyone is excited for this weekend and hopefully the weather will be nice unlike like last falls first round where it was raining, snowing and freezing cold. (ed’s note: looks like it should be decent!) This is going to be the last game for 8 teams so you better play hard and leave it all out there on the field or you will be wondering until next season about what else you could have done. I know we all want to have fun but at this point of the year everyone wants to win so go out play hard and let’s see how it plays out. Good luck to everyone who is playing this weekend see you all Saturday.

Word from the Mouth: Lions, Packers, Refs, oh my! edition!

Word from the Mouth: Lions, Packers, Refs, oh my! edition!

Here we are, last week of the season and still so many important games to play. This has been the goal for a while now. It used to be that half way through the season we knew who was getting in and who wasn’t, that is no longer the case. So now that website is back up and I can begin my article. I know that they wanted to clean the site up and add a few new features so I hope that the new site is up and running at 100%. I have also decided that I’m going to switch up the way I do my article this week and focus more on the playoff implications rather than all the games. 


Week 8 Recap 

Division 1 

Outlaws vs Bitter Boys (34-31)

Before the game began I spoke to JS from Bitter Boys and he mentioned how this was pretty much a playoff game for them since they needed to win out to have a shot at the playoffs. I also gave him a little of info. Even with Steve not being there and Rob filling in, the Bitter Boys were able to keep it close but couldn’t get the job done.


4Simba vs Revolucion (18-28)

This game was closer than I thought it would be. Revolucion are a solid team from top to bottom and 4Simba are still figuring it out. I want to say that Revolucion should have had 3 more scores since 4Simba were missing players at the beginning of the game and were supposed to give up points. Revolucion asked for the points not to be added and play it out without any points. That was a nice thing to do, then what they did at the end wasn’t. With under 1 minute left and being up 2 points they could have ended the game, instead they went down scored and went for 2. The funny thing about the convert is that they took 2 offside penalties and had to go for it from the 20. Yes they got it on a run.


Henchmen vs Trollers (12-34)

The Trollers finally won a game and it had been so long since their last one. For the Trollers this was a huge step to try and make it back to the playoffs, but still need to win this week. I also want to point out that the Trollers shouldn’t get too excited about the win as they beat a Henchmen team that was missing 2 players and had one with a bad ankle. I wonder if Trollers won because Henchmen were missing players or if they finally figured it out?


Division 2  

Centurions vs Nice TDs (6-37)

This was a rough game for Guillaume and he couldn’t complete a pass that didn’t go to the other team. I haven’t seen him play this poorly since the beginning of last season. Kris had good stats for Nice TDs except most of his stats went to Andrew. Nice TDs are a good team and the ball should be spread around. What is going to happen when Demario comes back if they can put up points on one of the better defenses without him?


D#Nasty vs Raccoons (21-12)

This was a great game that saw a few good plays and a few bad plays. No one killed it in the stats department. This game was all about taking what the other team gave you. It was a lot of short passes and great tackling. What really sucks for the Raccoons is their QB situations and it might end up ruining their playoff hopes. I like both theses teams and both can make some things happen if they make it in, but neither of them will be a high seed and need to play their best to have a chance.


Joey’s Haters vs Old School (26-21)

This game had some arguing between the teams after the game was over. So let me start by saying Old School was up 21 nothing at halftime and should have won the game. The second half didn’t go the same way as Joey’s Haters made what might be the comeback of the year. Near the end of the game there were words said about something not being cool or something along those lines. Then after the game Old School was complaining about Joey’s Haters having a sub to bring them to 7 players and how that their QB played on defense. So by the rules Old School should be awarded 6 points and the win. I’m not sure if this will happen, but you have to look at it like they had Rob play 1 play of defense while they waited for their player to show up who is a better defender than Rob is. I understand that rules are rules and should be enforced. You blew a 21 point lead and Rob did not affect the outcome of the game by playing 1 play of defense. (ed’s note: Old School agreed to ignore the rules violation and the win was left with the Haters. That being said, please be aware that in the future it will not be up to your opponent to enforce the rule or not as a game that should be forfeit could have implications for other teams, not just the two teams in the game itself)


Deep Threats vs Petit Phoques (42-14)

Deep Threats showed that they might have a defense to go along with their offense in this game. If I’m the Deep Threats I’d think that this game proved nothing, they played Petit Phoques who don’t have a QB. At first glance you would think that this should have been a good game then you take the QB situation into it and this happens. Coming into the season Petit Phoques were one of my favorites to win it all now I have to wonder if they will even make the playoffs. They need help at the most important position QB. 


Dawgs vs Space Apes (26-38)

Dawgs jumped out to a halftime lead and I felt that it was going to continue that way in the second half. Spaces Apes made an adjustment at half that really paid off for them as they were able to score 26 points and whenever they wanted, and they also stepped up on defense. I want to see Spaces Apes play like this every week and see how they do. I think that both QBs need to cut down on the picks. Yes a few of the picks were good plays by the defense, but some of them are just really bad decision making.


Joey’s Haters vs Nice TDs (20-13)

This was a tale of 2 halves. The first half belonged to Nice TDs as they were able to score 13 points and control the game. The second half it was all Joey’s Haters. They figured out how to stop Nice TDs and were finally able to move the ball and get it into the end zone. I don’t think that Joey’s Haters are the better team, I just think that it was a bad day for Nice TDs. 9 out of 10 times Nice TDs will walk all over Joey’s Haters. Yes Joey, I said it.


Old School vs Iron Wolves (21-9)

If you were at home checking up on the game at home on Saturday and say the score you might think you were on the wrong site checking a soccer game with a 2-0 halftime score. Iron Wolves could have won the game if Jon didn’t throw so many picks and give Old School so many extra possessions and short fields. I don’t think that Old School played their best game on Saturday, they did enough to win and that is what really counts.


Division 3

Beautes vs Thunder Buddies (32-49)

The first half was a very close game and you felt the game could go other way. Then the first ended and so did any chance of Les Beautes winning the game. After the game I spoke to Terry and he said that Thunder Buddies are a second half team. I had to let him know that if they end up playing a good team half a game won’t cut it if they want to win.


Thunder Buddies vs Professional Punters (31-24)

Another game for Thunder Buddies and another second half win. So at the beginning of the season Professional Punter couldn’t score and now they seem to almost be scoring at will. Offense is great but if you can’t stop anyone you can’t win. Guillaume out played Terry in this game and no one would have seen that coming before the game. Terry might have a better roster but Guillaume has a decent roster that seems to have gotten better as the season went along.


Playoff Breakdown 

Division 1 

- Outlaws have the first spot locked up

- Revolucion have the second spot locked up

- Henchmen have a playoff spot locked up. With a win they will finish third with a loss and a Trollers win they finish fourth.

- Trollers will lock up a spot in the playoffs if the win this weekend. With a win and a Henchmen loss they can finish third. With a win and a Henchmen win they will finish fourth. They can make it even if they loss as long as 4Simba lose their second game.

- 4Simbas are in complete control of their own playoff chances. They just need to win both of their games on Saturday. 

  • Bitter Boys have been eliminated


Division 2 

- Nice TDs have the first spot locked up win or lose

- Deep Threats have a spot locked up for the playoffs. With a win they finish second. With a loss they can fall to fourth.

- Centurions have a spot locked up for the playoffs. Win their next 2 games and finish second and if they lose both they can fall all the way to eight.

- Old School are locked into a playoff spot. With a win they can jump all the way to second spot and a loss can bump them all the way down to eight.

- Spaces Apes have a spot in the dance it’s just a matter of win and they can move up or lose and move down.

- D#Nasty are locked into a playoff spot. With a win they can jump all the way to second spot and a loss can bump them all the way down to eight.

- Joey’s Haters have 2 games this weekend and with a win in 1 of them will guarantee them a spot. Should the win both they can move up considerably. They can even make it if they lose both just as long as Raccoons or Petits Phoques lose.

- Petits Phoques will make it in with a win but from the looks of it they are in even with a loss due to the tie breaker rules. 

 - Dawgs need to win and hope for some help and hope that they have a favourable tiebreaker scenario.

- Raccoons just like Dawgs need to win and get help and hope for a scenario that is in their favour.

- Iron Wolves have been eliminated

Division 2 can have a bunch of ties for seeding and might come down to tiebreakers so this might not be 100% accurate, but it should give you an idea of what you need to do this week.


Division 3 

- Mustard Tigers have locked up the number 1 spot.

- Thunder Buddies have locked up the number 2 spot.

- Gold Rush win and they are in if they lose it will come down to a tie breaker.

- Beautes win and they are in if they lose it will come down to tiebreaker.

  • Professional Punters, if they win and Beautes win they are in. If they win and Beautes lose then it will come down to a tiebreaker. (ed’s note: I believe if they win they are in as the tie breaker will go: Beautes, Punters, Gold Rush. So, I believe the Punters vs Gold Rush game is for a playoff spot!)


Power Rankings  

Division 1

#1- Outlaws 

#2- Revolucion

#3- Henchmen 

Division 2

#1- Nice TDs

#2- Deep Threats

#3- Centurions

Division 3

#1- Mustard Tigers

#2- Thunder Buddies

#3- Beautes 


So this is my final rankings of the season and most of these teams have been the top teams all season long. I will say just because your team have been in the top 3 all season once playoffs start it’s a completely different season and it only takes 1 loss to get bumped out. Congratulations to the teams that made my final ranking and good luck in the playoffs.


Player of the Week sponsored by Les Spiritueux Iberville You can follow them on Facebook @spiritueuxiberville and on Insta @spiritueuxiberville Great alcohol with a great taste by one of MFL’s own Mario. Help support a local business, go follow them and go pick up a bottle or two from the SAQ.

Now it is time for me to pick 1 player from each division who put up some great numbers and helped their team win.

Division 1   

- Max (Trollers) He went 24 for 31 for 215 yards, 5 TDs and 0 picks. He also ran twice for 10 yards and on defense he had 2 tackles and 1 pick.

Division 2 

- Kris (Nice TDs) filling in at QB this week Kris went 22 for 29 for 199 yards, 6 TDs no picks and ran the ball 3 times for 3 yards. On defense he was able to pick off 2 passes.

Division 3 

  • Terry (Thunder Buddies) He went 23 for 34 for 181 yards. He threw 6 TDs and 2 picks. He also ran the ball 9 times for 123 yards and 1 score. He didn’t play defense so he didn’t get any stats.


This week was a hard choice for me to make. I wanted to go with my guy Max, but then felt that some players would be upset about me picking my QB. Then I was going to go and give it to Terry and he did have some really good stats, but he also had 2 picks so that knocked him out of the running. So if you guys haven’t figured it out this week’s winner is Kris. So let’s congratulate him on his win.

Q- I know that I have asked you this earlier on in the season but things might have changed. Do you prefer playing WR or QB? A few weeks ago it was WR, but after playing QB the last 2 weeks has the urge to throw come back?

A- I’d rather play WR being that's what I am, I only played QB cause there was a need, but trust me as WR I killed it in my teens and 20's and 30's and till my injuries 40's lol, but QB is better on my body that’s 4sure

Q- What are you guys as a team going to do next season once the cap is put in if you get bumped up to division 1?

A- Oh, really now we're a div1 lol. Well this might be my last run. I know I keep saying that but playing in pain all the time sucks, but I'm not sure what the boys will do guess we shall see.

Q- What do you think the outcome of the season is going to be? Who might be able to stop you in the playoffs?

A- Honestly I don't think anybody can beat us when we all show up and play

Q- So let’s say you became a free agent and could go play for any other team which team do you think you would fit best with to help bring that team a championship? Also what position would you play?

A- I’ll play on any team that has a QB that likes going deep ;) but as long as I'm with my boy Andrew aka FLASH I'm good

Q- Last question would you say you are a better player now or when you first joined the league and why?

A- I'm worse now being my injuries are piling up, especially my torn ankle ligament, but it’s all good. Love playing and the guys I play with let me be me and they’re a great group.


Final Thoughts

So here we are finally most of the playoff spots are secure its just a matter of seeding. It looks to be the most exciting in Division 2, almost every team can move up or down the other two divisions only have the last spot available. I also hope for everyone teams that the refs don’t play a huge factor in the outcome like they did on Monday night. So yes I’m a Packers fan, but I’m also a NFL fan and I will say that Detroit got screwed on 3 plays (ed’s note: Yes, they did). Yes there was a pass interference that was never called, then there were the 2 hands to the face penalties that never happened. So everyone needs to know that these are professional refs and they have more of them on the fields and have access to instant replay and they still don’t get it perfect. So take it easy on the guys in stripes on Saturday. They are out there to make the game safe and fair. This being the last week, if your team is in a playoff battle you better go out and give it your all since it might be you last game until the winter season or even next spring. Play hard, have fun, and be safe. 

Word from the Mouth: NFFL 4eva edition!

Word from the Mouth: NFFL 4eva edition!

Before getting into Kevin's article, I wanted to remind everyone that we're still trying to get at least 30 people to come out to the Alouettes tailgate and game on Friday, October 18th against the Argonauts. Tailgate is at 5 and game is at 7. Tickets will be $40 for your game ticket and tailgate access. So let me know if you and anyone you know would be interested in coming out!


We are in the final stretch of the season. We have 2 weeks left and it might not seem like a lot, but there is so much that can happen. Teams are fighting to make the playoffs and not everyone will. In division 1 the big fight is for the fourth and final spot which any of the teams can take. In division 2 it is a much tighter race where anything can happen and everyone is still able to make the playoffs and it is very difficult to guess who will be in after the next few weeks. The thing that makes this division so difficult to predict the playoff spots for is that the division is so tight and has so many good teams and anyone can win any week. Division 3 has the top 2 spots are locked in and the last 2 are up for grabs and might come down to the last game of the season between Gold Rush and Professional Punters. I can’t wait to see how this all plays out.


Week 8 Recap

Division 1

Henchmen vs 4Simbas (25-6)

This was a game that Henchmen took control of right from the start. Henchmen made 4Simbas pay for all the mistakes they made. When you throw 5 picks it’s very unlikely that you are going to win the game. The thing that surprised me about this game was that Henchmen were without their best player and still dominated.


Revolucion vs Bitter Boys (38-37)

This game was decided by 1 or 2 plays. The big one that stands out to me was an interception that went off a players foot. For me that play would have been an incomplete pass. If a player has 1 foot out of bounds and his other foot kicks the ball the play should be ruled incomplete since the player was out of bounds and the ball would be dead (ed’s note: this is the correct ruling). Bitter Boys went down and scored, but failed on the 2 point convert. So it made the game interesting and didn’t ruin the victory for Revolucion.


Trollers vs Outlaws (33-37)

This was a very close game like they always are. This game had a few plays that turned it around and help seal the victory for the Outlaws. One of those plays was a pick by Svetna when the Trollers were going in to score and take a 10 point lead. With a few minutes left Trollers took the lead and needed to play defense to keep the win, but they allowed the Outlaws to march down and score leaving 35 seconds left and plenty of time to go and score. First down Trollers get some yards and on the very next play they take a shot and the ball is underthrown and hung up in the air then Smuda picked it off and won the game (ed’s note: damn, that’s some QB harshness).


Division 2 

Space Apes vs Iron Wolves (18-7)

So space Apes won and that’s not much of a surprise. They were playing the Iron Wolves who really aren’t a great team. Space Apes need to do a better job on converts moving forward if they want to win in the playoffs. I know Iron Wolves are a newer team since they had a lot of turnover this season, but they are playing better now and still have a chance at the playoffs if they win out and get some help along the way.


D#Nasty vs Nice TDs (39-14)

So who saw this one happening, I know I didn’t. Nice TDs were without Demario and he is a big part of the team. Kris is a solid backup, but with him playing QB someone else needs to step up as a receiver which didn’t happen and it also didn’t help that Andrew screwed up his ankle last week and is still dealing with it. I don’t want to take anything away from the huge win for D#Nasty and I hope this means they have turned over a new leaf and will play this way the rest of the way and can finally make a deep run in the playoffs.


Petits Phoques vs Old School (27-26)

Old School jumped out to a big halftime lead and the way Petits Phoques had been playing I thought it was going to keep going that way. Low and behold Petits Phoques were able to turn it around with a halftime speech and a few minor adjustments. They ended up winning the second half and sealing the game with a sideline pick with very little time left on the clock. Old School did everything right in the first half and everything wrong in the second half.


Deep Threats vs Raccoons (13-12)

This was another close game that was won by a convert. The way the season started for Deep Threats it has been going downhill for them the last few weeks. JC has been making poor reads and the receivers have been bobbling balls that have turned into picks. Raccoons have had a revolving door at QB this season and need to get decent play out of whoever is playing there. Raccoons have a solid Defense so as long as they don’t turn it over and give the other team short fields they can win any game. Deep Threats almost blew it this week giving up a score with under a minute left, but luckily they stopped the convert to seal the win.


Centurions vs Dawgs (38-33)

This was a hard game for Centurions which they ended up playing against a team with a few subs. Normally they wouldn’t give up 33 points on a bad day, but today they did. Dawgs had been on a roll lately and yes the streak has come to an end, so they will need to start a new one to make the playoffs and possible a run at the title. I love Centurions defense, now it looks like they have found some offense and if they keep it up they might be able to make it back to the finals.


Division 3 

Mustard Tigers vs Thunder Buddies (38-22)

So I have 2 different takes on this game. Terry said he played poorly in the first half throwing bad picks and then in the second half started to run and did a good job of that it was just too little too late. Then later on in the night I picked my son up from his game and he asked me if they won and I said no and he goes it was because he wasn’t there. I have to believe what Terry said and the stat sheet doesn’t lie. Mustard Tigers are solid from top to bottom, their big weakness is stopping a running QB. Mustard Tigers have the smartest QB in the division, as Brian makes very few mistakes so when he does you need to capitalize on it.


Gold Rush vs Mustard Tigers (18-26)

This game was closer than Mustard Tigers would have wanted it. The last few weeks Travis has been playing QB for Gold Rush and he might be the best one on the team which is fine except he is also the best receiver on the team as well. So when you take your best receiver and move him to QB you better have a plan to get some offense going. Mustard Tigers were lucky in this one. If they had been playing a better team they probably would have lost the game. Mustard Tigers are the cream of the crop in the division and I think that next season they should try and jump up to division 2 if the league stays at 3 divisions (ed’s note: We may be 4 divisions!)


Professional Punters vs Gold Rush (14-6)

I felt going into this one that Gold Rush would be able to walk all over the Punters; I was wrong. I know Travis is learning the position and this should have been his coming out party, but it didn’t turn out that way. I was surprised by how Professional Punters played on both sides of the ball. On offense they moved the ball from time to time and other times they looked stagnant, defensively they played respectably. Both teams seem to be going in opposite directions. When they meet again in 2 weeks it might be for the last playoff spot.


Picks & Why 

Division 1

Outlaws vs Bitter Boys

This one seems like an easy pick. Yes, Outlaws are a better team and have a deeper roster. This game can and might be a trap game for Outlaws. Bitter Boys are going to play you hard right from the start so expect to get pushed around. If you can get by the first little bit of the game they will implode on the first call they don’t get that they feel they should.

Revolucion vs 4Simbas

Revolucion are a Better team than 4Simbas. They have a better QB and a few good receivers. I also think they might be more athletic, but it is very close in that area. The real reason I picked Recolucion is the QB difference. 

Trollers vs Henchmen NA  

As you know I never pick against my own team. I know that last time these two teams played it was a very close game and it will be the same this time. We have all played each other enough that we know what to expect. We all know Jon is going to work the field and eat up the clock. They also know Max will take his deep shots to JC and Ben. This is no secret to anyone its just a matter of who can stop the other team and force them to try something they aren’t use to.


Division 2 

Centurions vs Nice TDs

This is going to be Centurions biggest test of the season and we will see where they stand after this game. I picked Nice TDs just because I think they are the better team. I also know that Demario is back this week (ed’s note: I’m not sure he is!).

D#Nasty vs Raccoons 

I hope that after last weeks performance D#Nasty can keep on rolling. Both teams are unsettled at QB and both teams are solid on defense. I am giving D#Nasty my pick since they are more athletic all around than Raccoons.

Joey’s Haters vs Old School

This was an easy pick. I’m a hater so I give no love or respect to Joey and his team. No, the real reason is because Old School is a team that has played together for years and have chemistry. 

Deep Threats vs Petits Phoques  

This was a very close tossup. I have to give the edge to Deep Threats since Petits Phoques will have a hard time dealing with the height of Svetna. Also who knows who might not show up for Petit Phoques.

Dawgs vs Space Apes

So I really went out on a limb when I picked Dawgs to win. I don’t think they are the better team I just think that they will need to bring their A game if they want to make the playoffs they need this win.

Joey’s Haters vs Nice TDs

Nice TDs are a better team. I just can’t see how Joey’s Haters are going to be able to stop Nice TDs. They might be able to stop either Kris or Andrew, but not both and if they figure out how to do that either Demario will be able to run all day or other players are going to be open.

Old School vs Iron Wolves

Old School will win because they have better chemistry and a better QB. The truth of the matter is that Iron Wolves are still figuring it out with all the new players so they stand very little chance to win this one.


Division 3 

Beatues vs Thunder Buddies

I picked Thunder Buddies since they are more consistent every week. Terry needs to figure out how to mix in the run along with the pass. If Terry watched Demario play with Nice TDs it might give him a few ideas.

Thunder Buddies vs Professional Punters 

Thunder Buddies are the better team and this is a chance to try a few new thing before the playoffs. I can’t see Thunder Buddies having any problems in this one. 


Power Rankings  

Division 1

#1- Outlaws 

#2- Revolucion

#3- Henchmen 

Division 2

#1- Nice TDs

#2- Centurions

#3- Deep Threats 

Division 3

#1- Mustard Tigers

#2- Thunder Buddies

#3- Beautes 

So I made a few changes this week. I can’t see any way division 1 changes this week even though there are a few big matchups. Division 2 is where all the excitement will be this week. With so many teams in the middle of the pack and my top 2 teams playing each other who knows what might happen by this time next week. Division 3 could have a new team cracking the top 3 if a few things happen.


Player of the Week sponsored by Les Spiritueux Iberville You can follow them on Facebook @spiritueuxiberville and on Insta @spiritueuxiberville Great alcohol with a great taste by one of MFL’s own Mario. Help support a local business, go follow them and go pick up a bottle or two from the SAQ.

Now it is time for me to pick 1 player from each division who put up some great numbers and helped their team win.

Division 1   

- Shawn (Revolucion) This guy pulled in 11 balls for 101 yards, 4 scores and a 1 point convert. On defense Shawn had 4 tackles and 1 pick. 

Division 2

- Sebastian B (D#Nasty) I went with Sebastian for one reason and one reason only. He only had 2 grabs on offense for 73 yards with no scores but he did get 2 1 point converts. On defense he killed it with 3 picks and 4 tackles. (ed’s note: that’s 2 reasons…)

Division 3

  • Thomas (Mustard Tigers) Thomas was a real stud on Saturday. He managed to snag 10 balls for 118 yards and 2 TDs. On defense he had 7 tackles and 2 picks.


After going over everyones stats and look at how their team did I have decided to give Les Spiritueux Iberville player of the week to Thomas from Mustard Tigers. This week was probably my hardest pick of the season as everyone did such a good job. Great work everyone. 

Q- So what is the best part about playing on the same team as your son?  

A- Staying in touch

Q- Out of you and your son who is the better Znoj and why? 

A- Well, if you define a good ‘Znoj’ as someone who’s always on time, then it would be me. If you define a good ‘Znoj’ as someone who rocks a good beard then…

Q- What do you prefer playing Offense or Defense and which do you feel you are better at?

A- I like being offensive… and playing offense! I like the creative aspect to offense, and how our team really works to develop Brian’s vision

Q- How are you going to help your team win the title this season?

A- I like to think of myself as the ‘chauffeur’, as in, ‘I get as many people to the field as possible’. But not just that… I also bring the flags every week

Q- Are you guys, meaning Mustard Tigers, thinking about making the jump up a division for next season?

A- We were more hoping other teams will come down to us! I always thought Division 2 could be split into an A and a B, and I think we would fit nicely into a 2-B type of division. 

There has been talks about that happening in the future.

Q- Now for the important question are you going to share your bottle with the team or you going to keep it for yourself?

A- What bottle… I never received a bottle… I don’t know what you’re talking about… Look! An Elephant. 

I won’t let anyone see me give you the bottle, but they will see your picture up on the Facebook page and then you might have a few questions to answer. LOL


Final Thoughts 

I’m sitting here on my day off writing this while watching football movies and it has made me think about how great it would have been to grow up in some little hick town in the states where all they care about is football. Football has grown a lot in Canada since I was a kid and playing. City football might be dying, but high school football has really picked up. Flag football has become a huge thing recently and the way the rules are being changed it is just a matter of time before the NFL becomes the NFFL. I mean you can no longer hit a guy hard without a flag being thrown, I mean it’s a joke. Now here is a reminder about the sub rule: moving forward all subs need to come through the league and you can’t have a sub if you are already 6 or more players, that is unless your QB doesn’t play defense, then you can be 7. So with so much on the line for so many teams remember play hard, but safe and remember to have fun. Good luck to everyone fighting for a playoff spot and congratulations to teams that have already locked in a spot.

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