Predictions and Power Rankings

Predictions and Power Rankings



Week one is always the hardest especially with a bunch of new teams that I barely know or when teams haven’t put their rosters in yet. As the season goes on I should get better at this just like most of the teams should get better as well. Let me get in front of my crystal ball and tell you who the winners are this week.


Division 1 (3-0) Last week’s record


Trollers vs Outlaws NA

Just like last week I won’t pick my game.


Henchmen vs Red Raiders

I think they will rebound after last week plus the new addition will fit better with the type of players they have. Henchmen by less than a score.


Gros Coqs vs Platoon

Just like last week they are going to walk all over them. Gros Coqs by 3 scores at least.


Division 2 (3-2) Last week’s record


Les Centurions vs Old School

They are the better team from top to bottom, excluding Dahic. Centurions by more than one score.


D#Nasty vs Nice TDs 

I’m taking Nice TDs, but they are in for a much tighter game than they were last week. Nice TDs by less than a score.


FA2 (ed’s note: Now Underdogs!) vs Bitter Boys

It might be Bitter Boys first game of the year, but they have always been a tough team to face that’s why I have them winning by at least two scores.


Les Boys 2.0 vs Honor Game

I think that after last week Honor Game will be ready to go right from the start and looking to get back on their winning ways. I have them wining in a close one by a few converts.


Deep Threats vs Joey’s Haters

I hated picking Joey’s Haters last week and I feel the same way this week. I just feel that Deep Threats will make too many bone head mistakes and lose this game by two scores.


OG Panther vs Petits Phoques

I went out on a limb with this pick. I just feel that with OG Panthers roster they should be able to complete in this one it will all come down to how Charles plays. This will be close, less than 6 points.


Division 3 (2-1) Last week’s record


Mustard Tiger vs Sriracha All Stars

This was an easy pick as they are the better team they have played together longer and, really, Josh isn’t a QB. Give me Mustard Tigers by 18 at least.


Iron Wolves vs Panaches

With both Will and Ian on the team plus Jon chewing the clock I can’t see how they lose this one (ed’s note: I’ll show you how!). Iron Wolves will win by at least 8.


Raccoons vs Ninja Turtles

They have the better team, more experience, and will be hungry to get in the win column after last week’s loss.


Iron Wolves vs Raccoons

I went with Iron Wolves for one reason and one reason only: QB play. I know what I’m getting with Jon, but as for Philippe it’s hit or miss. If I knew he could play every week like he did last week then I would take them, but I can’t, so give me Iron Wolves by 2 scores.


Division 4 (1-2) Last week’s record


Les Beautes vs Citadins

After last week how do I not pick them to win again? It’s not so much picking them to win as it is picking Beautes to lose. Give me Citadins by 3 scores just like last week.


Sofa King Good vs Flamboyant Flamingos

Sofa King Good should be good to go after playing together all winter and they should know each other and what works for them. This will be a close one, but Sofa King Good by less than score.


Flamboyant Flamingos vs Team Maynard

Flamboyant Flamingos having just played a game will be exhausted from the heat and it doesn’t help that Team Maynard is a solid team. Guillaume will lead his team to a 2 score victory this week.


Thunder Buddies vs Kill Bills

I just can’t see Thunder Buddies losing a second week in a row. Terry and Rob will figure it out and get it done. Thunder Buddies by 3 scores.


Power Rankings

Now you can all see what I think about your team and how I rank them. I know you might just assume that this is done by record, and while that has something to do with it, I also look at the roster and the team potential when I picking my teams.  Now for the rankings.


Division 1

#1) Outlaws

#2) Holy Trollers

#3) Red Raiders


Division 2

#1) Les Centurions

#2) Joey’s Haters

#3) Nice TDs


Division 3

#1) Iron Wolves

#2) Mustard Tigers

#3) Ninja Turtles


Division 4

#1) Citadins

#2) Thunder Buddies

#3) Team Maynard


That’s where everyone stands after week 1. I already know I’m going to hear Kris crying on Saturday about how they aren’t number 1 after beating a team by 64 points, or how I have a winless team at number 3 in division 3. This is how I see it, but don’t worry there is plenty of time for change. I might even bump Nice TDs to 4 just because it wasn’t cool running up the score.

Word from the Mouth: Getting Back to Normal! edition

Word from the Mouth: Getting Back to Normal! edition

Week one is in the bag and boy was it a hot one. By the end of the day I personally was wiped out. I know that people who were playing on multiple teams were making a big deal about having to play back to back games and to that I say: no one forced you to play on multiple teams and if you need a break then take a few plays off. That’s why you have or should have more than six players on your team.

When I started writing this article Sunday night the weather was calling for an 80% chance of rain on Saturday, it is now Monday and its only 40% my bet would be that by Saturday we will have another hot day so bring plenty of water, sun screen and a hat would all be very useful. (ed’s note: Hoping for warm, but overcast and dry!)


Division 1 Recap


Red Raiders vs Holy Trollers (26-39)

In the off season both teams added a player or two to improve their rosters. Trollers showed up early to warm up and Red Raiders only got there a few minutes before the game. Red Raiders came out and struggled in the beginning of the game, but got better as the game went on. The Trollers scored on every possession they had and it looks like it will be difficult for teams to slow them down. Mike didn’t play a bad game, though he had one throw that was picked. JC made a great jump on the ball so you can’t blame Mike for that one. I expect a better game between these two teams next time they meet.


Outlaws vs Henchmen (41-13)

This started as a good game for Henchmen as they were able to score on their first two possessions, but then it all fell apart for them. Jon started to miss throws, guys were dropping balls, some of the guys weren’t happy the ball wasn’t getting to them and that’s how it fell apart for them. Outlaws looked really good this week. They added Noah who is a solid player and they also had Terry rush for them. After the game I spoke to Svetna and he has been a little flakey in past season, but said he plans on being there most of if not all season long. Outlaws are going to be just fine, Henchmen I can’t say the same thing.


Red Raiders vs Gros Coqs (38-29)

Like I said before, Red Raiders needed to warm up and after their first game they were ready to go. Plus starting the season at 0-2 doesn’t look good and might hurt you down the road. I didn’t get to watch this game, but spoke to a player on Red Raiders afterwards and they said that it was a close game. It’s early in the year and we all know that Gros Coqs are a good team, so don’t worry about this loss. It was nice to see Marvin have a good game or should I say get the ball finally.


Platoon vs Gros Coqs (49-6)

I’m not going to give too much credit to Gros Coqs in this one as they were playing a brand new team that has no chemistry and no idea who is who. You have one of the top teams playing one of the weakest and this is what happens. I want to give a shout out to Etienne with his four picks, but let see him do it against an experienced QB. I didn’t speak to anyone after the game, but I wonder did they take it easy at all. Platoon needs to get it together fast if they want to win a game this year, I really doubt that will happen.


Top Performances of the Week

This is a new section where I will be picking my top three performances of the week for each division. You want to make it here then you better ball out and remember that this is my choice not anyone else’s, but I do take bribes and winning your game helps.


Division 1

#1- Stephen Harripersaud 20 for 24, 220 yards, 6 TDs and 5 1point converts

#2- JC Ferland 9 catches 86 yards 4 TD, 1 1point convert, 3 tackles and 1 pick

#3- Etienne Maille-Daviau 3 catches 49 yards 2 TDs, 1 tackle, 4 picks and a Pick 6


Division 2

#1- Kris Hope 22 for 25 183 yards 8 TDs 1 pick thrown, 2 rushes for 23 yards and 1 TD, 3 picks on defense

#2- Shawn Haney 4 catches 79 yards 1 TD, 1 tackle and 2 picks

#3- Jonathan Svetna 8 catches 103 yards 1 TD (Game winning TD with no time left) and 1 1point convert, 3 tackles and 1 pick.


Division 3

#1- Thomas Znoj 7 catches 49 yards 2 TDs, 1 tackle and 1 pick

#2- Julien Clement 2 catches 33 yards 1 TD, 3 tackles 2 picks and a pick 6

#3- Jon Evans 21 for 33 167 yards 3 TDs and 2 1point converts


Division 4

#1- Simon Biedermann 5 tackles, 4 sacks and 1 pick

#2- Simon Valiquette 6 for 10, 63 yards and 3 TDs, 2 tackles and a pick on defense

#3- Guillaume Maynard 15 for 27, 157 yards 4 TDs, Threw 2 picks, and 3 tackles on defense


This week all these players balled out and deserved to be up here, whether you agree or not. Play better and you might make my list next week.


Final Thoughts

As you may have heard or read by now, Mahomes was given a 10 year and up to 503 million dollar contract on Monday to stay with the Chiefs. I personally think that is fudgin’ nuts given the length of the contract and the money. I hope that the salary cap goes way up over the next few years or they are screwed. I know there are a lot of Cowboys fans out there, but there are more haters waiting to see Prescott get a big contract like this as well just to watch the Cowboys not get to or win a super bowl for another 25 years.

If you had to build a team to last in our league who would you pick? I have said for years now that I’d take Dom. I’m not saying he is the best player in the league, but with him you always have a chance to win.

Enough of that already and let me remind you that at no point are any players allowed in between the 3 fields that are set up and that area is for refs and scorekeepers only. The city has set up strict rules and regulations when it comes to sports and other activities because of the Coronavirus and if we don’t abide by their guidelines then they could shut us down and no one wants that.

Also please know what time you play at and get there a little early as we would like to start the games on time. Captains, it would make it really easy for the scorekeeper if you were to go in and set up your roster beforehand as this way they don’t need to bother you about it (ed’s note: you need to register on the site and then email to have your player profile connected to your user profile!). On Saturday remember to have fun be safe and enjoy yourself.  

Rules of the Game: Winter and Summer Timing

Rules of the Game: Winter and Summer Timing

Since we have a lot of new teams and players this spring and many that may only be familiar with our winter rules, I figured I’d give a quick summary of the differences between our summer season rules and winter season rules.


The biggest difference is how game timing works.


In the summer, the game clock stops on all scores, changes of possession, time outs, and accepted penalties if the non-offending team does not request to run the clock.


The first two are relatively straight forward, but just for total clarity, the game clock stops on a touchdown, safety, or turnover (punt, interception, turnover on downs) and it remains stopped until the next offensive snap on a non-convert play.


So, on a touchdown the clock remains stopped from the moment of the score, through the convert, and until the team that was scored on snaps the ball on their offensive possession.


In regards to the specifics of the play clock during the game, the play clock gets reset to 45 seconds as soon as the previous play ends. So, once you’re tackled or the ball falls incomplete, that 45 seconds is counting. As soon as the scorekeeper begins to enter a play the clock resets and runs.


Any time the game clock would stop, the play clock also stops. It then gets set to 25 seconds, but only starts running on the whistle to indicate the play is in. For example, on a convert all clocks are stopped until the ball is set for the try and the referee blows in the play, at which point the offense has 25 seconds to snap the ball. This is similarly true on changes of possession and accepted penalties.


On that note, accepted penalties also stop the game clock; however, the team accepting the penalty always has the option to ask that the game clock does not stop and if they request this then the play clock will run on the play in whistle. This is to prevent a team from gaining any advantage by taking penalties either by stopping the clock or in an attempt to run the clock.


Our winter timing rules are all due to field costs. During the winter season we only have 1 hour slotted for games and that includes the time needed to get the teams off the field and the incoming teams on the field. You may notice that leagues that play indoors have games that last on average about 50 minutes from first whistle to last whereas our summer games tend to last about 75 minutes or more. 


Summer game lengths can vary due to the number of scores, turnovers, penalties, and timeouts called (since they stop the game clock), but in general 75 minutes is usually on the low end of the length of a game. Because we are not pressed for time in the summer, our rules allow us to prevent teams from killing the clock in somewhat questionable manners, such as taking an inordinate number of penalties.


This is something that I find frustrating in indoor leagues as a team with the lead taking a penalty (particularly on offense) may hurt that drive, but it also kills another 30-45 seconds of the game as the bags are moved and the penalty is administered and that time is likely more valuable to the other team than the benefit of a 5 yard penalty. This, in essence, rewards a team for committing a penalty.


Finally for timing, teams have 3 timeouts per half and they stop the game clock until the next offensive snap. In the winter teams only have 1 timeout per half and this only resets the play clock to 25 seconds and does not stop the game clock. This is once again due to the time constraints of the cost per hour for an indoor field.


In the summer, timeouts last for 15 seconds before the next play is blown in at which point the offense has a normal play clock to snap the ball.


One last element of timing that is different between the two rulesets is that in the summer we have no “5 last plays”. Since teams can effectively control the clock much more than they can in the winter, it is unnecessary for us to have an arbitrary number of untimed downs.


The last play of a summer game is determined exactly as the first of the last 5 plays in the winter would be. That is that a play blown in after the game clock has expired will be the last play.


For some additional clarification on that, as an example, let’s say a play is blown in with 1 second on the game clock and the ball is snapped 10 seconds later. After that play is over, the referee will announce the following play will be the last play as the game clock did not expire before the previous play was blown in, but it has expired before the upcoming play is blown in.


A play is blown in once the ball and the entirety of the offense is on their side of the line of scrimmage.


The last difference between our winter league and our outdoor seasons is in overtime. In the winter, the team with the first possession must go for 1 point and the second team must go for 2 points if the first team succeeded. This is to make sure that any team scoring in OT will guarantee that the overtime will end that round. This is, once again, due to time constraints. No such restrictions exist in our outdoor leagues and teams are free to attempt to match their opponents' score in overtime.


Well, that’s it! It’s all about time and I for one am happy to be back with our longer summer games, even if we’ve started out with some very warm weather!

Word from the Mouth: Spring Ball on America's Birthday!

Word from the Mouth: Spring Ball on America's Birthday!

It’s great to be back for another season and it’s about time. We just wrapped up the winter season and it was a good one. This season we have expanded to four divisions with 30 (ed’s note: 31!) total teams which is the largest the league has been so far.

It’s great that we have grown from the first season of 6 teams, and let’s hope we can keep growing. This is going to be a long article so I’m going to jump right to it, hope you enjoy.


Season Expectations

I know at the beginning of the season everyone thinks that they are going to win the title, but let’s be realistic, only one team can win and the rest are disappointed. I’m going to tell you what I feel is going to happen with each team and what would make it a successful season for that team.


Division 1 (6 Teams)

Trollers - Like every year they feel that they are going to be fighting for the title at the end of the year. I think that they have a shot, but have a missing piece from really contending (ed’s note: maybe not anymore from what I’ve heard…). Playoffs

Red Raiders - After dominating the summer season last year in division 2 they are looking to do it again in D1. They won’t dominate, but will compete as long as Mike keeps his cool. They will either finish 4 or 5 this season and battling for that final playoff spot.

Gros Coqs - This team is tricky as they have all the talent in the world, but their attendance will be the key to their success. Playoffs   

Henchmen - They are a solid team that will start off well and die down the stretch. They will either finish 4 or 5 this season and battling for that final playoff spot.

Outlaws - Really good team with one of the top players in the division always competing for the title and looking to win a third title in a row. I just wonder if the players they picked up are as good as the players they lost. Playoffs

FA 1 - This is a new team that will struggle at the beginning of the season and by the end will have it together. First few weeks I see them being blown out and by the end they will turn a few heads. If they win 3 games I’d say it was a good season for them.


Division 2 (12 Teams)

OG Panthers - This is a team that should do well with a really good roster. They will live and die by how Charles plays at QB. They should finish in the top half of the division.

Joey’s Haters - I’m going to show the Haters a little love this week. After winning the winter season they have made a few changes and are looking to repeat. Top four, if not I think it would be a failed season.

Old School - This is pretty much the same team as years past. They are a fun team to watch and be around and they normally hangout after their game having beers. This season they will struggle as the rest of the division got stronger and they stayed the same. They should finish in the bottom half of the division.

Petits Phoques - This is the best roster in the division and they should do well. They will have to deal with a few stipulations and that might be the most difficult thing for them to deal with.

Centurions - They have had a great defense in the past and I don’t see that changing. I hope that the offense got stronger since that was their weak point last season. They should be around a 500 team.

Honor Game - This team just won the winter season in division 2. This season they won’t have the same success as the teams they are playing are way stronger. They have tons of experience and should be just fine. I see them making the playoffs.

D#Nasty - I have always liked this team from day one. They have a good roster and will compete in most or their games. After seeing them struggle in the winter I can see the same thing happening this season. They will finish in the lower half of the division.

Deep Threats - They are going to struggle all season long. Svetna is their best player, but he isn’t there every week. JC took strides last season, but this year he will regress. I can’t see them winning more than three games this season.

FA 2 - This is a new team that is being put together by the league. To start the season they will really struggle, but by seasons end they will be able to compete. It would be a good season for them if they could win three games.

Nice TDs - When you have two of the better players in the division in Kris and Andrew you will always have a chance to win. In order for this team to win they will need the other players to step up and Kris to remain calm and not lose his shit. They should make the playoffs with ease.

Les Boys - It looks like it’s most of the same players as the winter season. They will be a good team and should be able to compete for the title. They just need to play their game and not worry about anything else.

Bitter Boys - They look like a team will be in every game, but have lost a few players from seasons past. I think they will be a team fighting for a playoff spot but will come up just a little short.


Division 3 (6 Teams)


Les Panaches - Last summer this team had ups and downs all season and I can see it being more of the same this season. I can see them finishing on the cusp of the playoffs either fourth or fifth.

Mustard Tigers - I was able to see these guys practicing over the weekend, that means they are ready to go and looking to win another title. They will be a 500 team that makes the playoffs.

Raccoons - They have always been a team with a good defense. I can’t see that changing. On offense they have always struggled with the most important position QB and I think this season it will improve since the teams they are playing might be a little weaker than they are used to. If they don’t make playoffs I’d be shocked.

Sriracha All Stars - This team will struggle and it will take them a while to gel as a team. I think it will take at least half a season before they start competing in games. I can’t see them winning four games this season.

Iron Wolves - They have lost a few players and have decided to drop down a division. Jon will keep this team in every game and give them a shot at winning a title. I can see this team finishing at 7-3 and making the playoffs anything less would be a waste. 

Ninja Turtles - They will be the best team in the division with the best player. Even if Serge isn’t there they will still be able to dominate every game. At the end of the season I see them in the title game and holding up the trophy at the end.


Division 4 (7 Teams)

Thunder Buddies - With all the experience that the team has they should be the cream of the crop. This is the season that Thunder Buddies get their first title.

Citadins - I know nothing about this team so it could be hit or miss. If they have played before as a team they should be fine, if they haven’t then they might struggle that would depend on how athletic they are.

Les Beautes - They are almost the same team as Nice TDs from division 2, but with a different QB and a few other friends. They will be a respectable team that needs Brian to have a big year at QB.

Flamboyant Flamingos - This is a new team to the league that no one knows about. It looks like it’s a bunch of family members. That could make them very competitive or just here for fun.

Team Maynard - This team will be a decent team this season. Guillaume has improved. This season they might have the best rusher in the division in Matt. This team should make the playoffs barring a complete collapse.

FA 4 - This is a team put together by the league. The one good thing that they have going for them is Yann playing QB has played a few season and knows what he is doing. They might struggle on timing the first few weeks, but overall, they will be fine.

Sofa King Good- I like this team, they come out have fun and enjoy themselves. They were a few plays away from making the playoffs in the winter and this season they will make it in.



This part is difficult since it is week one and I know very little about most of the teams. I’m going to try anyways and Saturday night I’ll see how I did. My goal would be 75% for the season in each division. Since we have so many teams and games each week. I’ll make my picks short and right to the point and remember my picks are in bold.


Division 1

Trollers vs Red Raiders NA

I won’t ever pick my team’s games as it’s just not cool.

Gros Coqs vs Red Raiders

I picked them because of their size difference. Gros Coqs have always had a hard time with bigger players.

Henchmen vs Outlaws

I can’t pick against the defending champs, at least not until I have seen them play.

Gros Coqs vs FA1

Gros Coqs are going to walk all over the new team this week just because of experience.


Division 2

OG Panthers vs Joey’s Haters

I think that their roster is better and have more experience.

Old School vs Petits Phoques

If they can stop Dahic from dominating on both sides of the ball then they will win. Petits Phoques needs to find the mismatch and exploit it.

Centurions vs Honor Game

I think Centurions will struggle in this one as it’s their first game in a long time and Honor Game have been playing for the last few weeks.

D#Nasty vs Deep Threats

I had to flip flop on this one. At first I was going to go with Deep Threats with JC taking big strides last season then I decided that after the way winter went for D#Nasty they will be looking to rebound and it starts this week.

FA 2 vs Nice TDs

Just based on experience they will walk all over the new guys.

Les Boys vs Bitter Boys

In the first battle of the Boys matchup I have to go with Les Boys. Younger and more athletic.


Division 3

Les Panaches vs Mustard Tigers

Both teams are making a jump up a division and after seeing them both play last season Mustard Tigers will win since they will have it together for week 1. Plus I saw them practicing this weekend.

Raccoons vs Sriracha All Stars

It won’t be pretty, but Raccoons and their great defense will win this one.

Iron Wolves vs Ninja Turtles

One reason and one reason only, is Serge. No one on Iron Wolves will be able to stop him, plus they have a few other good players as well.


Division 4

Thunder Buddies vs Citadins

I know Thunder Buddies and what they are all about. I think Terry will be better this season as a passer and that is why they are going to win.

Les Beautes vs Flamboyant Flamingos

Last season I wasn’t impressed by Les Beautes and I don’t see that changing, at least not this week. My pick will change if Flamboyant Flamingos aren’t wearing pink shirts or eating shrimp when they show up.

Team Maynard vs FA 4

I’m picking Team Maynard for two reasons. One Guillaume grew a lot as a passer over the winter season and especially the last week. Second reason Guillaume always comes up with the best team names. (ed’s note: Kevin only delivers the harshest of sarcastic burns. Guillaume, apply cold water directly to where it hurts)


Final Thoughts

I want to start by saying thanks to everyone that has read my article. I’m glad to finally be back to playing, it has been far too long.

This season it looks like the division that will be the best is division 2 (ed’s note: define “best”) and it is also the largest division. I can’t wait to see all the new teams out there and I guess the rest of you guys as well.

Our games start at 9:30 Saturday morning and the fields will be set up and ready to go at 9 so everyone who has the first game can show up and warm up.

I want to remind everyone that we are playing a game so go out, have fun, and be safe.

See you all Saturday.

Game On!

Game On!

We don't have a firm date as of yet, but a start date for our "spring" season (though it's more of a summer season at this point) looks good for July 4th.


The winter season resumed today and it was great to be back out on the field and excitement is high to start the new season soon.


If you're interested in playing this "spring", please let us know ASAP as we are almost at capacity for the season!

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