Championship Saturday!

Championship Saturday!

Tomorrow sees the Holy Trollers up against Les Gros Coqs and Old School battling Beers After The Game for a spot in the championship bout at 1:30 pm.


The weather calls for some wind, but the field should be dry compared to recent weeks and temperatures are relatively warm for our mid-November match ups.


With Thomas Lemay having a break out year at receiver, Les Gros Coqs look to repeat as champions, a feat which hasn't been done since their opponent the Trollers did it in the early years of the MFL.  The Holy Trollers themselves look to be back in championship form with their new editions of Max Rosenberg, Michael Lesniak, and Thibault Boudet.


Old School and Beers After The Game are both first year teams this fall, and both a looking to prove that they have championship level rosters.  Rookie Yuri Baussan has been a stand out player on the defensive side of the ball for Old School, and over on Beers After The Game Danny D'Amour has been lighting it up at QB and at his safety position.


Whoever wins their conference will offer strong competition in the finals, so it's shaping up to be an exciting Championship Saturday!

Playoff Standings

Playoff Standings

With the playoffs fast approaching, players often ask about the playoff system as well as who's in and who's out at the moment.


You can always check the current playoff picture by clicking the Playoffs tab on the Standings page, but to clarify how the playoffs work this fall here's the bullet point breakdown:

- 4 teams from each conference will make the playoffs

- The top team in each division will automatically be seeded 1 and 2

- The next 2 highest ranked teams in the conference will be seeded 3 and 4

- First tie breaker is head to head record and then it goes to total points against (not differential as some believe!)


The two scheduled playoff weeks (November 5th and 12th) work like this:

- The quaterfinals are played on November 5th and it involves the 1st seed of a conference playing the 4th seed of that conference and the 2nd seed playing the 3rd seed.

- The semifinals are played on November 12th and the intra-conference winners of the quarterfinals meet here.  These 2 games will be played concurrently.

- The finals are played immediately after the semifinals and will be an extra game added for the winners of the semifinals.


Teams not qualifying for the playoffs or being eliminated from the playoffs will still be eligible to play during the last two weeks either in a losers bracket system or simply in a pick up game format, depending on the preference and availability of players on those teams.


Good luck to all our teams in making the playoffs!

Play By Play Is Back!

Play By Play Is Back!

Everyone has been wondering what's happened to the play by play on the new site, and at long last it is back!


On the game boxscore page you'll now find a tab for the play by play next to the scoring summary tab.  Just click on that and you can see every play of the game!

Awards Winners

Awards Winners

Congratulations to all the award winners from the Spring 2016 season who can all be seen on the awards page on this site!


We had a great voter turnout and we still ended up with two ties, so the competition continues to get tighter each year.


Congrats also to Catherine Boucher for winning PotW for week 2!

Player of the Week Award

Player of the Week Award

The MFL is starting it's player of the week award this season, and the inaugural winner is Alexandre Bresse from Les Gros Coqs who had 151 receiving yards and 3 TD's on Saturday!  The player of the week winner is shown on the front page of the site for the entire week, so I guess you could say it's a pretty big deal.


If you want to nominate someone for Player of the Week in the future, just let us know who you think deserves it and we'll put them up for consideration.  So remember, if you're not winning PotW and you think you should, blame your captain for not nominating you!

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